1. AMGeed

    I did a stupid thing today.

    I am going to get stick for this, but I wanted to recount a silly avoidable incident that happened this morning. So I have had the wannabe traffic light grand prix boys in their hot hatches wanting a race and always denied them that pleasure. My licence is too valuable, but this morning I came...
  2. abecketts

    A "funny" thing happened on the way to the palace

    and no it's not footie related. Alongside working in the office I run a vineyard and I was daft enough to take on the chairmanship of the national trade association for vineyards. Through the post comes an invite to a Garden Party as we have a royal patron, Mrs aBecketts is in new dress...
  3. cobra7

    Window Tinting - a good thing?

    I know it all boils down to personal taste but, when looking at an older vehicle (C43 estate) what would be the general opinion of going for limo dark tint to rear windows with a slight tint to front..? In two minds at present, thinking about future resale and whether it could be a positive...
  4. developer

    Funny Thing This Property Game

    Him: I'm ringing about the flat. Me: Sorry, it's gone. Him: But I need somewhere urgently. Alarm bells ring. Me: Why's that, if you don't mind me asking? Him: I'm being evicted in 3 weeks Me: Ok, can I ask why? Him: Rent arrears. Me: But I wouldn't take you with rent arrears, and I'd...
  5. trapperjohn

    Kit car with a star or the real thing.

    Seen in Lancashire today at a Steam Fair. Not by me I had other fish to fry. Methinks kit car.
  6. D

    Are tracking and wheel alignment the same thing?

    Steerings is wobbly going around bends and has vibration at 70 mph. Got car on ramps and mechanic showed me left wheel was bit loose when he moved it manually. Tracking problem he said and also left tire had severe outer wear If I took the car to National tyres for example to get the...
  7. Somebody

    Rubber seal strip thing - whats it called/where to find it

    So, my C126 has this removable rubber molded seal-strip type thing. It clips to the plastic front vent tray/scuttle area thing, and the seal edge pressed against the bottom of the windshield glass. I assume its designed to stop dirt and stuff from running down the windshield and making its way...
  8. Satch

    Little thing make a big difference to Braodband Speed

    Over the past week my internet speed has been dropping, until last Friday it was 1-1.25Mb on an alleged 60Mb feed. My dear friends at NTL, with unusual haste, sent an "engineer" out yesterday. He fiddled around a bit, went off to the box housing the cable end, came back fiddled some more and...
  9. Sp!ke

    Anyone ever seen this sort of thing before?

    If so what causes this phenomena? This was taken by my father in law the other week from his front door. No colour enhancement, no photoshop, he said everything just turned orange for about 15 minutes.
  10. developer

    Funny thing, this car insurance

    So I ring my insurance company to change car details. From: 2008 E320 CDI (with D6) - 272ps To: 2010 E63 - 525ps £9.00 per month increase :thumb:
  11. grober

    A Good or a Bad Thing?

    News that as of today police can now act as judge jury and executioner for certain motoring offences. The new fines are part of changes giving the police powers to issue fixed-penalty notices for careless driving. Typical will be £100 and 3 points which might be for tailgating or lane...
  12. R

    The Most Embarrassing Thing

    One day, when I was drinking soup, a fly fell into the bowl, which makes me very embarrassed. So What Is The Most Embarrassing Thing That Has Ever Happened to You?
  13. Dieselman

    You can have too much of a good thing.

  14. flat6buster

    boot locker/storage thing

    I have one of those FANTASTIC book cubbies for the back of an S211 floating around in my warehouse. It has black/seriously dark grey carpet and is almost invisible from the boot but when you flip down the seatbacks it reveals this hidden, secure storage unit. I used it a lot and loved it...
  15. alistairgd

    The first thing you broke on your new MB

    7 months new and I broke something. Was rooting around in the boot, getting to know the spare wheel etc, and thought I'd remove the small black plastic carpet clips at the back, there's two, one left and one right. Little did I know the little black cap was egg shell thin and brittle as a very...
  16. A

    ML remote locking doing its own thing

    Could open the car, then got it open and boot would not close. Found 1" of water in the bottom of the wheel arch well below the trunk fuse box. Dried it all out, pulled a few relays and fuses out and hey-presto all working again. Need to find out how the water is getting in!!

    Is a rusty Mercedes a thing of the past???

    I am thinking of selling my CL600 (this is not a for sale advert)and purchasing a CLS, probably the 500. Several questions for my fellow members. Has the rust problem on Mercedes vehicles (cars) now a thing of the past?, on say a 3 to 4 year old vehicle. Is the CLS a fine vehicle to own? I...
  18. mct_cars

    Strange thing with Comand NTG 2.5

    Just noticed that on Comand NTG 2.5 you can't type a phone number while driving. Now I'm a big fan of safety, but two questions beg an answer. 1) What happens if your passenger wants to type a number. 2) Why does the 5 key have an "accessibility lump" on it. I'm assuming that blind people...
  19. W4E300

    Just the thing for that home build project

    Strewth - that's just the thing for the kids' Go-Kart... Mercedes Sl55amg R230 Engine
  20. grumpyoldgit

    Car for 16 year olds. Good thing or not?

    Just read about this in one of our local free papers and wondered if it seems like a good or bad idea on UK roads, but as I don't know any of the legislation or restrictions relating to their use I can't decide. I can see points for and against, what are your thoughts?
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