1. daveenty

    My New Toy Arrived Home

    It's a 1989 190E 2.5-16 auto, in Almandine Red and with a genuine 87,000 miles on it (nearly). I've been after something older to play about with for quite some time now, though have struggled to find something that ticked the right boxes for me. I've looked at early British stuff, lots of...
  2. jdrrco

    New toy

    Picked up the new toy yesterday. One or two issues to be sorted out by the dealer (cc'd to MB Customer Services) but rather chuffed nevertheless.
  3. Rich H

    Time for a new toy

    Hi All, After 12 years of driving manual 2 seater soft tops I thought I would go for something different. I fancied a V8 and my short list included an Audi S6 or RS4, Jaguar XF-R or XK or a C63. I didn't fancy a BMW or anything more than 5 years old. So, here I am with a black, 2013, C63...
  4. KillerHERTZ

    New Toy

    Got this Steering wheel for my PS4 over xmas, works brilliantly with Project Cars, full on force feedback (fights you back). Managed to get my Nurburgring time down to roughly half what I did in real life :D :D :D Project cars is pretty close compared to real life, you never feel the...
  5. bob6600

    Best RC 'toy'

  6. scgfull

    New Toy CLK Cabriolet

    No pictures yet, but I have just bought myself a little toy; a CLK Cabriolet 350. This is a silver with Black leather interior AMG sports model. It has a higher than average mileage and has already suffered the dreaded Balancer Shaft issue and the previous owner paid out for that, so happy...
  7. Lipsylee

    My new toy with electrical ecu problems !!!!

    Hello again all , I have just bought a clk200K 2000 plate and it was sitting for 2 years they tried starting it and the ecu was knackered so they bought a used ecu and transponder and key and his mate plugged it into a star machine and then the car was fine - but the problem I have is that...
  8. W

    New toy, get it Friday.

    Can't wait.
  9. jdrrco

    The new toy

    After a nightmare journey down the M1 this morning (Hull City & Sheffield Wednsesday at Wembley - good timing!), the wife, the dog and I picked up the new toy today: 2008 CLS 320CDi (facelift) 49,000 miles MB (fist six months) plus one private owner with full service history Over £17k of extras...
  10. D

    Not a Benz but a new toy

    I bought this last week and am mighty impressed, there's plenty wrong with it for me to fix, but it's a great fun and surprisingly practical little car, it's a 325i manual and does drive beautifully. The interesting thing is the difference between it and my 300ce, a car from the same era albeit...
  11. Jay2512

    LG 360 Camera - New toy

    Bit of a gadget man and couldn't help buy one of these the other day. Ive recently been doing 360 photo's with the phone but takes far to long. Today I stuck the new camera in the GLC and took this picture:
  12. Benzmanc

    New Toy

    Been given a new toy at work and dropped this off at Grimsby Dock :cool:
  13. J

    My new toy

    I went in to a dealer about 2 weeks ago to enquirer about buying a W205 C63, expecting to hear that will be around a 6 month wait I was surprised to find they had one in stock, in the right spec and color and some and I could pick up in a week, also managed to negotiate quite a nice discount as...
  14. F2ED W

    New Toy CLS

    So I picked up my new CLS on Saturday and I am so happy with the car. This is my second car I've owned at I absolutely love it!! It is such a difference from my C250 Coupé and feels totally different to drive. My attitude has changed behind the wheel and you just want to plod along in it and...
  15. Markjames

    Wifes new toy

    My wife has treated herself, bit of a change from a 2010 1.7 diesel Astra.
  16. Owen009

    My new toy yay!

    After having a C63 Coupe, and what a car THAT is. I've taken the next step up and purchased an E63S. I nearly purchased the CLA A45. I was blown away by it's handling/power being it's only a 2L however, for me... I would have missed that V8 snarl. So the E was the next step. And what a step...
  17. Timster

    Toy for the weekend

    Going to be a tough weekend playing, I mean working, ahead of me!
  18. andy27168

    My new Toy CLS 55 AMG

    Hi, As some of you are aware I was recently involved in a motorway pile up which marked the demise of my much loved 202 C55 AMG :( Well having been surprised by the amount the insurance paid out for the 202 and having sold some rare 202 parts I decided I would go for another AMG though I was...
  19. J

    New Toy

    The battery was going flat, the roof was a lot smoother than that earlier :-) -wyJzti8zsg
  20. Reggie-rock

    Waited 8 weeks for my meerkat toy!

    I used Compare the Market site to get the best deal on my car insurance and took 8 weeks to get my meerkat toy.
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