1. A

    Shopping trolley rash

    Now my wife understands why I don't go to the supermarket in my car:mad: She's only had it few months and some numpty has let the trolley crash into the wife's car. She said it was resting up against it when she got back to her car. She's fuming says she's going park in the corner away...
  2. A

    Trolley jack and axel stands

    Been looking round for a good deal on a combo set and this is the best one I found, if anybody else is after a set check out screwfix Never thought they did anything like that. Cheers Ben :thumb:
  3. K

    Trolley Jack

    Planning to do some minor work on the car this week. I'm looking around for a Trolley Jack or Lifting Jack. Was in Costco last sunday and they have a 2 tonne Lifting Jack for about 80 pounds . I was wondering if this would be strong enough to lift an E class 270 cdi . Or should I be looking...
  4. pmcgsmurf

    Jack Pad Adapter for 2 Post Lift & Trolley Jack W211 / W212

    Anyone using any of these rubber Jack Pad Adapters, I've seen them on ebay for £7.50 from the UK or £12 for a pair from Germany? Would need 4 for a lift so perhaps £30 is a bit much but £24 doesn't seem too bad. Was thinking they would be handy to stop any damage when lifting the vehicles up.
  5. Spinal

    Trolley Problem

    We seem to enjoy a good debate here, so I thought I would try this one. It's not politics nor football, but may spark some interesting thoughts... It's called the trolley problem. In it's basic form, imagine this scenario: Now - my first thought was (1) would be the lesser of two...
  6. Rashman

    Trolley jack advice

    Hey guys, Does a trolley jack have a life span, so to speak? Do they need servicing or parts replaced? If so, is it after a set period of time or is it after a certain amount of useage? I'm thinking rubber seals etc. I have a Clarkes trolley jack (2 or 3 tonne, I think it is). Bloody great...
  7. s4rap

    Trolley jack...

    Hi all,anyone know where's best to place a trolley jack(under the car ...I know!)when jacking up front and rear end? Car is a clk430.... Thanks.
  8. H

    Jacking point with trolley jack - W204 Estate

    Looking to get some winter wheels/tyres and self-fit to my 2013 W204 AMG Sport Plus Estate. Going to pickup a trolley jack to make the job easier, where should I be jacking given the trolley jack head won't fit the scissor jack head point properly ? Thanks in advance for any advance.
  9. X

    C220 CDI BlueEff 2010 How to use trolley jack and axle stands

    Hi guys I am having difficulty figuring out how to jack up the c220 2010 blue eff sport and put it on axle stands. Can someone guide me on how to do it. Where do i put the trolley and where do i put the axle jacks. Purpose is to do my first routine oil change by removing from sump.
  10. mercmanuk

    snap on bluepoint tool trolley

    bluepoint/snap on tool trolley good condition has two drawers top box with opening lid side shelf,that folds down side screwdriver box comes with the tools that are in the box in the picture tools are halfords/snapon. £250 collected from manchester area only due to weight 9-19mm snap...
  11. vijilants

    Aldi Trolley Jack

    Incase anyone is, 3 year warranty and quite a good height range: ALDI - Thursday Special Buys 7th February 2013
  12. C

    Trolley jacks

    I am looking at a new trolley jack. For my cars it would only be for removing one wheel at a time (axle stands mandatory of course !) but my daughters partner likes to come round to tinker with his Civic Type R when he can. I have been considering a Machine Mart aluminium lightweight low entry...
  13. M

    Trolley jack points for w212 coupe

    Bought my first trolley jack. Would like to jack up the front, then the back in order to take off and clean up the wheels. Two at a time if I'm able to. Are there front and rear central jack points clearly noticeable if I look under ? Apologies for sounding so divvey.
  14. R

    Which /what trolley jack should I buy

    I brought a set of 19" rims and tyres last year to use as a summer wheel on my W211 E55, and don,t wish to use the OEM in car jack all the time whilst changing the wheels back and fro, and need to buy a trolley jack as good weather may soon be with us, hopefully. Anyone advise to the lifting...
  15. M

    Shopping trolley damage

    Got back to my car in the car park, To find a shopping trolley parked by the back door.:devil::devil: It has dented the silver trim piece on the door molding. Are these just stuck on,and what do they cost.
  16. Rasputin

    The right shopping trolley......

    Just what I needed to do my shopping at Tesco:rolleyes: I really liked the H1 of the HUMMER SERIES :bannana:
  17. reflexboy

    The 30 minute PC trolley dash-Ends 8.15pm

    Got my brother coming round in half an hour (8.15pm) to go online and buy himself a PC with my advice:crazy: He only needs it for email and web surfing and won't be using it for media or gaming. What's the best machine for around £300 with monitor? 29 mins to go.....
  18. M

    Trolley jacks and axle stands

    Guys, Quick question about jacking points. If I want to place axle stands on the rubber supports behind the front wheels, where do I place the saddle of the trolley jack in order to lift the car? I want to raise the front of my W202. Thanks all, shr.
  19. M

    Trolley Jack

    hi all bought myself a small/cheap trolley jack and it does not lift high enough! What do they say - buy cheap buy twice!! so i am after a trolley jack like you see in the tyre change places. lif high enough and have a long handle too. Have seen one in halfords for 90 notes but; given how...
  20. C

    Trolley Jack on Rear axle ?

    This is not too technical, just a curiosity really. For doing a front / rear tyre swap on a C class, do you mechanical guys who do this on a regular basis, prefer to use the trolley jack under the diff or rear wishbone ? If so, do you recommend a piece of wood between the jack plate and the...
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