1. M

    7G Tronic Plus ATF Change & Service - E Class 2013

    I have just completed an Automatic Transmission Service on my 2013 E Class W212 (estate) 7G-Tronic Plus using the ATF 134FE Blue Oil and thought I'd share my experience. As a guide to my skill-set, I am an engineer with experience in the motor vehicle and aircraft industries, although I’ve...
  2. T

    7g tronic fluid leak advise

    I've got a s211 E320 and when I got car it had the oil seal replaced on torque converter, noticed last week it had leaked again, was coming from bell housing again, been back to garage but they say it's nothing to do with them as all they did was change seal and told dealers they wouldnt...
  3. N

    W205 9G Tronic

    Hi all, Long time lurker first time poster! I am looking at purchasing a C200 Petrol C Class AMG Line, I have been struggling to find many online reviews of the petrol apart from one youtuber who has one. His has the 7G Tronic, one of the features that seems nice is the exhaust sound in...
  4. robgosty

    2007 CLS 320 CDI 7 G Tronic or not

    Looking at a 2007 CLS 320, has a V6 engine but do they all have 7 G Tronic boxes, if not how to tell without driving, any help much appreciated
  5. S

    Speed tronic and ESP faulty

    Need some advice. I recently had a wiper stalk replaced and after that I am getting 2 messages. 1. Speedtronic visit workshop 2. ESP faulty. Garage I used tried resetting and erasing the messages but he said it is not going. Then he said probably there could be problem with steering angle...
  6. M

    W211/ 7g Tronic - Downshifting & Braking Effect- Reluctance Rings ABS

    I thought i would start a new thread to see if anyone has cured this problem with the ABS reluctance rings. My 7g gearbox was serviced and software updated a few weeks ago so its not that. When driving around town, if i take my foot off to coast and slow down, i get a light braking effect...
  7. M

    7g Tronic Service

    w211 e280 cdi sport I want to get my gearbox serviced, 7g tronic, how much should it cost and is it necessary to use an indie or can i use any reputable garage? :thumb:
  8. Robbo Cop

    7 g tronic

    Apologies if this has been covered before but I'm thinking about upgrading to a facelift W212 with the 7 G Tronic Plus box. Any advice on this gearbox? Thanks, Rob ...
  9. Peter103

    9 G Tronic Auto Box.

    Does anyone on here have the 9speed auto gearbox? What do you think, from what I've heard no one seems very impressed, some say it clunks when selecting lower gears in town, others that top is too high, I thought it was a good idea , although 9 does seem a lot, I have 7 which is fine, is 9...
  10. E

    Corroded Brake pipes on s211 with senso tronic brakes

    Hi, I've just had me Merc e class in for an MOT and it has failed on excessive corroded brake pipes! I've asked the garage to have a look provide me with a price but and I'm wondering whether it involves more work or whether there's a set procedure baring in mind it's got SBC brakes. Thanks in...
  11. kc56ugm

    New 7g tronic gearbox

    HI guys, I'm new here and new in Merc aria, I use to be an Audi lover but now change to Merc. I just bought a E220 cdi 2013 new face-lift (20.000 miles) and I find the gear box difficult and I don't know if it's have a problem or not. What's happen: in economy mode first great is changing to 2nd...
  12. S

    CLS 63 (W219) 7 G tronic issue

    Hi to the forum and my first post. Having a little issue with the box and wonder if anybody has experience of the same thing. The car is fairly new to me so not sure whats going on here. In C mode it kicks out of 2nd into neutral at a standstill. So waiting at the lights...
  13. T

    ATF for W203 C320 Cdi with 7G Tronic?

    Here's one for yer..... .....what ATF should I put in the above please? Read so many different stuff on here :dk:
  14. S

    WTB: Mercedes 9G Tronic Trans

    Hi. I am in need of the new 9G trans for a custom project. I need the trans and torque converter. If anyone has any leads on how to purchase one it would be greatly appreciated. I have already tried dealerships with no success.
  15. C240Sport97

    7G Tronic Speed Sensor

    Anyone had the above replaced on their 7G box? How much was it?
  16. Welby

    W211 E320 CDI jerking excelerating hard in 2nd gear 722.9 7g Tronic

    Hi all Looking for some help with my engine/gearbox that has only appeared since have Mercedes replace the gearbox fluid as part of the service B service. Engine/gearbox worked perfectly prior to the ATF fluid replacement. Twice in two months I've tried to take off quicker than normal, not...
  17. T

    Will the 9G Tronic go into the new C class

    Hi all When my lease is up on the coupe I'm probably going to lease a c250 bluetec AMG line w205 with a premium plus pack. I think it's amazing value for money (providing the lease deals stay the same!) Just wondering, do you think they will put the 9G tropic in this by December time?! I had a...
  18. t-dawg1

    7G tronic 722.9 gearbox Manual

    I found this interesting
  19. T

    7G Tronic cold shifting question.

    Hi, this is my first post on here and hopefully its not going to be one that ends up with me being told the gearbox in my new car is nackered :D Anyway, the car I have just bought (09 C320 CDI) seems to not change gear as smoothy when stone cold as it does once has done a couple of miles. By...
  20. S

    UK e-class and 9G tronic??

    About to order a new eclass estate, does anyone know when UK cars start being manufactured with the 9 speed box? Also it it just for e350 or the complete the range? Thanks Steve
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