1. V

    F type R - 5.0 supercharged V8 4wd

    Considering this as a potential replacement for my 204 C63. Love the new E63S but prices are silly. 205 C63 S coupe is also beautiful but again the right spec is silly money and not many with good spec for sale. So this brings us to the F, anyone drive one? Would have to be the supercharged...
  2. C

    ID m112 engine type from engine number

    Can any one ID an engine for me. Looking at getting my project w208 CLK350 on the move... I took a picture of what I believe is the engine number on the Crankcase/Bellhousing I think its a 3.7 M112 from an SL350 (V6) Its the Round bolt pattern to the bellhousing which means V6, looks...
  3. S

    Mercedes C63s VS F Type R VS BMW M6 Gran Coupe

    Hi Guys, I know these are 3 cars in different categories..but I am going to purchase one of them! Which would you take? Interested to hear peoples opinion on picking one of these 3 cars: BMW M6 Gran Coupe VS Mercedes C63s VS F Type R I have driven all 3, I love them all for different...
  4. G

    w221 Air-conditioning compressor replacement with newer type unit

    Hi I am wondering if its possible to fit the new late 2008 type compressor onto a 2007 model S500. My local guy says yes but I know the clutch is different. I also remember when you carry out the telematic update you have to tick which type of compressor is installed. Anyone have this issue?
  5. D

    Transmission type 722.6

    Hi guys, Well ownership is going well ,with lots of small jobs being completed, Rear heat shield is being repaired at present ,on drivers side and no heat near it so I've gone for penny washers and epoxy. My question is will my car have the 722.6 (330nm) gearbox or the 580nm as...
  6. BrianWSussex

    Wrong W204/5 Type Number ?

    Can anyone explain the vin and type numbers? Purchased new C250d Sept 2016 definitely a W205. Noticed recently V5C Reg doc says Type W204 under the Reg date. The door pillar tag shows correct VIN number (W205). To the left of that it says Type W204. Can anybody explain those numbers...
  7. I

    what type of turbo

    Ok does anyone know what type of turbo will be on the w169 2ltr diesel engined A class 2007. I have read some cars have what they are known as "variable Vain" which are known on other cars makes to clog up. I,m thinking this being largish engine in small body it should out perform my 2.2 diesel...
  8. ss201

    W203 n/s door mirror, folding type

    For a 2005 model, 320CDI SE Elegance. Cover, morror and indicator lens not essential as mine are fine, but the internal mechanism with motor was damaged by a passing car. Needs to be the mirror motor with the folding in option for parking, please.
  9. petey300dLWB

    307d T1 616 coolant type?

    Hi Silly question Im sure but I'm replacing some rad hoses on my 307d so I thought I'd drain and replace the coolant at the same time. And as its an ancient LHD import I cannot find the information regarding what coolant would be compatible. I'd also save cash if an aftermarket brand would be ok...
  10. CLSMark

    Front fog lights? Which type bulb??

    Can somebody confirm which bulb fits my 2010 cls Is it h7 h11 etc etc? Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. F

    C43 Leather Type

    I'm just looking to spec up a C43 and like the Nappa leather in the C63. As standard you get the half leather put then you can spec the AMG seats and leather as options. What type of leather do these two options give you? I'm finding it hard to work out from pictures. Thanks in advance!
  12. Bobby Dazzler

    AMG Type III 7.5jx17 ET37 alloy wheels - ideal for winter tyres (W203, R170)

    I bought this set of four AMG Style III alloy wheels brand new, as an additional set for my W203 C32 AMG. They are the correct 7.5jx17 ET37 (un-staggered) fitment for winter tyres. Mercedes-Benz recommends this specific (un-staggered) fitment both at the front and rear for winter tyres, even...
  13. G

    Roof Aerial Replacement - Different Type?

    Some lowlife has snapped a roof aerial off my car over the Christmas break period. These people really do get into the whole peace and goodwill set of mind, don't they. The car originally had a "fishing rod" aerial as was fitted to the pre-facelift W169, I replaced it with a facelift...
  14. OneTwoNine

    19" CLS AMG Type III wheels

    Selling the original type 3 wheels that came fitted on my CLS as I am now running 20" BBS CI-R. The wheels over all are in good condition but, could do with a refurb. Faces are silver and I've sprayed the insides matt black due to the paint flaking etc. They do have a few bits of curb rashing...
  15. N

    Mercedes A45 AMG vs Honda Civic Type R Drag Race

    Hi folks, Here is another video for the A45 drivers (you will be pleased)... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cs_Md5v_e9M This a45 is an animal from start line.
  16. GillyC63

    Plastic Nut type things

    Hi all While cleaning out the estate today I noticed 2 plastic nut type things attached to the rear interior wheel arches. One is almost flush but the drivers side one is sticking up a lot more. Does anybody know what they are/affix too? Car is a W204 estate. Many thanks in advance of anyone...
  17. S

    Type of Tyres

    tire manufacturers have special branding to indicate run-flat capability. The following is a list of the branding used by manufacturers we carry: Bridgestone: RFT Continental: SSR (SelfSupportingRunflat) Dunlop: DSST or DSST CTT or DSST RunOnFlat Firestone...
  18. G

    Your favourite termination type?

    Err, your gadget's wire termination type that is :bannana: Getting ready to introduce a small gadget for MB (and other marques) enthusiasts, and am wondering what would be the best way to do the in/out wires: it's a small box (73x43x23mm) that will have 4 wires (2-IN; 2-OUT). It's a...
  19. S

    Ceramic Torpedo Type Fuse

    Any one recommend the best place to buy Ceramic Torpedo Type Fuses? I hear copper ones are the best, but I can't seem to find them. Most of ebay ones don't look like copper... I did buy a set from ebay, but the quality is utter rubbish!
  20. F

    CLS63 oil type?

    Anyone know for sure, the oil type for my CLS63 (2007)? I'm getting mixed answers, some 0w-40 and others 5w-40, I didn't get a hand book with it. Thanks.
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