1. I

    Goodyear F1 for W216 CL600 - question re mixing tyre types

    Hi all. I need to replace tyres on 2007 W216 CL600. From reviews it seems that Goodyear Asymmetric 2s or 3s are a good option as seem to be quiet with decent fuel economy plus performance. Problem is that I can't get a full set of either on the car as they don't make all sizes* so I can go for...
  2. S

    190 EZL module types

    Hello ! I've a question in mind ! but before asking it let me explain :D as far as i know; there are two types of EZL modules used on the W201's. The old one that gets the RPM signal from ignition distributor hall sensor & the new one that gets the RPM signal from the flywheel speed sensor...
  3. B Evans

    Tyre Types

    Gents I know tyres are tyres ect but is there a recommended tyre that works well with Mercedes cars or again a case of you get what you pay for? I am looking at putting 4 Mitchelin on Cheers Ben
  4. optimusprime

    Caliper types 260e

    Is it possible to have Lucas brake parts and Teves on my Mercedes .Like Teves calipers on the front .And Lucas on the rear or vice - versa. I am having problems purchaseing the pads for both .
  5. C

    C-Class W202 Changing steering wheel types

    Hi Thinking about replacing my leather steering wheel as its ripped at the top. My current steering wheel looks like this one: I quite like the look of the Sports steering wheels like this one: I've just seen a C240 breaking here and there is a picture of the steering wheel...
  6. P

    Basic capacities and types

    I'm very new to the forum so apologies if I'm missing something obvious like a WIKI or data section on the site. Can anyone tell me the capacity and oil type for: Manual 6sp gearbox capacity (think it's GL4 but how much) Differential (75W90 GL5? is that right and how much for an oil change?)...
  7. C

    W209 CLK rear light types

    Hi all, I'm looking to update my clk rear lights to be the latest face lifted version but is there two different types? I'm sure I've seen a set on a clk with darker indicator areas than others or was it just the light I saw it in??
  8. J

    S124 central locking pump types

    I've recently aquired a nice 300D multivalve estate W124. When I first got it I had some shenanigans involving the doors locking themselves when I tried to unlock the boot (IR key not working these days). Originally I put it down to me not turning the boot key enough to the left and possibly...
  9. shorty

    m271 engine types

    Evening all Im looking at replacing my engine , it might be the best way of sorting my cars numerous engine problems Is there differant types of these engines ? I would only be using the "small block " from a replacment engine , keeping all my orignal bolt on components . I have found...
  10. DSM10000

    Flashing sidelights, is this normal with LED types?

    I have noticed that if I put the key into the ignition switch and do not turn it then after approximatley 15 seconds the dashboard lights and sidelights flicker. if I turn the key to any other position this does not happen. I am not sure if it is relevant but the sidelights are LED...
  11. P

    Remote - How to obtain, program, and the various types (E200 W124 1994)

    Remote Key - How to obtain, program, and the various types (E200 W124 1994) Hi folks, I recently acquired an old Mercedes E200 W124 (Old shape first registered 06.06.1995). The remote entry "key" is missing. The Owners' Manual states that the remote (a one button type with flip out...
  12. BTB 500

    Help - MS Office file types not recognised in IE8

    I have a new PC running Win7 64 bit, IE 8, and MS Office 2010. In IE8 if I click on a link to a .doc file (for example) I get the normal file download box, but it shows 'unknown file type' and the 'Open' option is not there (just Find application, Save, Cancel). Same for .xls, but other types...
  13. D

    Differences in w203 types

    Hi, I'm new to Mercedes Benz ownership and was just wanting to know the differences between classic, elegance and avantgarde. I've just bought an avantgarde and want to know the options each type came with. Cheers, Dan
  14. mw_C32

    Sprintbooster types...

    Marty359 has a sprintbooster for sale which was on his C32, would anyone know if this would fit my 06 ML500 (W164)? I think it would but confirmation would be appreciated....;) Cheers Mark
  15. k6nwl

    Choice of 3 types of alloys on w209

    I have photoshopped 3 types of alloys I fancy for my clk 320 I(metallic silver/gold), need help in deciding which ones would look good -
  16. A

    W203 Rear Bumper Types

    Hi, I have a W203 Coupe facelift 2004. Had it for 1 month now. I've been doing some research on fitting parking sensors and have gone through the other posts. This site is brilliant and has been helpful in helping me select my car. Much better car and experience then my last car. I've...
  17. gbjeppm

    How do people fall for these types of mail?

    I received this is my email today, and it got me thinking why anybody would/could fall for it. Would you? :D:eek: They did not even put a name!! Dear, I am Barrister James Connor, a solicitor at law and human rights adviser (http://people.africadatabase.org/en/person/11905.html). I am the...
  18. Marque

    Two types of MB dealers?

    I live in NW London and I'm trying to find a good MB dealer for future servicing and warranty work. Out of the ten closest service dealers, nine are branches of Mercedes-Benz Retail Group UK Limited, which I assume is controlled by Mercedes-Benz UK. From all that I have heard and experienced...
  19. A

    Headgasket types E300TD

    Hi!! I've got an E300TD 98 year 606 engine. I got the head gasket replaced and ever since then its normal operating temperature has gone to 90-95 instead of 80 .... I was wondering if different head gasket types are available, with different thicknesses, in this engine.. like in many other...
  20. D

    If you buy only these two types then you are exempted from road tax

    Ibiza and Polo diesel - 99g/km of CO2. Even a Smart can't beat it. That no fun isn't it with all the clatters. Oil burners the winner??? I thought a diesel is obnoxious because it belch obnoxious fume.
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