1. Ted

    R172 Audio 20 - Voice control

    Colleague at work picked up his new R172 yesterday - it's gorgeous. I'm not jealous. Not one bit. :) Small question. He doesn't seem to be able to get voice recognition working other than by using the iPhone button. (connected via bluetooth) He has the Map Pilot coming, and I know that...
  2. M

    Fortune depends on the tone of your voice

    A friend of mine, a motoring journalist, wastes no opportunity to point out how Germanic in tone (if not accent) he finds the voice of the (NTG1) sat nav lady whenever he travels in my SLK. This has tended to bemuse me somewhat, as I've always found "her" voice to be quite amenable. And yet, he...
  3. D

    MOST Voice control unit.

    For sale, MOST Voice control box. Bought as part of a retrofit lingitronic project which I never finished. Have sold the car now so surplus to requirements. Offers? Regards, DME
  4. E

    W204 Speed Limit Voice Warning

    Hi guys, This may sound like a strange request, however i have a friend who has picked up a brand new C220 Saloon (2012) He is an EXTREMELY intelligent person, and is very mechanical able however he has one question Can anybody possibly help :D Thanks Patrick
  5. Spinal

    Voice Coach?

    An(other) odd one... I'm going to be dragged to her place again tonight... which unfortunately includes seeing some very talented people singing... and me politely declining... I'm worthless at singing, and usually get asked to stop... So I was thinking, has anyone had a voice...
  6. KillerHERTZ

    2012 A-Class - Spy Shots

    Mercedes A-Class revealed in patent filing Our friends at the European Patent Office have leaked the first pictures of the 2012 Mercedes A-Class. Previewed by the A-Class concept, the production model is a five-door hatchback with subdued styling. The overall design seems to mimic the...
  7. I

    Viseeo and voice recognition

    I can get at my phone's voice recognition by pressing the button on the Viseeo unit but that's a bit dangerous when I'm driving (being in the armrest). Is there a way to access the same functionality in the dash? I'm driving an '05 CL500. Thanks Ian
  8. S

    how to turn off voice directions

    I have a Nav50 in my W212 E250 and want to be able to turn off the voice guidance but leave the on-screen directions. I have been through all menus and sub-menus, but can't find a way to do it. Does anyone know if this is possible and if so, how??
  9. D

    Voice Control and Phone on W203

    Hello everyone, Sorry if this has been asked before, I have done some searches for this but came up blank. How easy is it to fit voice control to a 2005 W203? What parts do I need and do I need Comand? I have most of the Phone parts I now need so am thinking about installing them both at...
  10. WLeg

    Google Voice

    anyone got an invite they don't want/need ? Pretty please with pink flowers on..... https://www.google.com/voice/about
  11. eGuru

    Distorted voice on nav

    Does any one know if the voice guidance on my comand has a dedicated speaker? The lady has developed a sore throat suddenly, voice seems distorted. No problems with CD or the radio. Thanks
  12. grober

    Another Voice of the 20th Century silenced.

    Another voice of the 20th century has died. Sir Charles Wheeler whose journalistic career spanned such historic events as the D day landings,the Hungarian uprising,the invasion of Tibet by China,the race riots of the sixties in America, the assassination of Martin Luther King, the anti Vietnam...
  13. ckember

    muting voice directions

    :crazy:I am having problems cancelling in the voice commands on my W211 command APS with DVD version 7. If I press and hold the mute button during a direction announcement, The command will beep but no message pops up to say the voice is muted, as stated in the manual and I get the next voice...
  14. timwood2000

    Command - switching off the voice

    Is it possible to permanently disbale/mute the voice that gives directions on the Nav system? At the moment, I have to push the mute button each time I enter a destination. Thanks v much
  15. R

    Voice Activation

    Hi, question regarding linguatronic: How do I 'train' the system to recognise certain commands? I have a C320 (2001) which has linguatronic however it didn't come with the original manual. I have since got MB Brooklands to provide a photocopied version which seems very basic and no mention...
  16. kikkthecat

    Nokia 6230i voice activation

    I'm a bit new to this technology game and need to ask questions My Nokia 6230i has voice tags and my Viano has prewire telephone and multi function steering wheel. I can scroll through the phone book or scroll through numbers dialled both of which seem a bit long winded. Is it possible to...
  17. Bobby Dazzler

    Synthesising a voice - how can I do it?

    I want to create a light-hearted voicemail greeting message for my mobile, and want to somehow synthesise a human voice, to give a sort of 'robot' affect. Anyone know how I could go about it? :confused: My only idea so far didn't really work :( . My cunning but unsucessful plan was to...
  18. M

    R171 SLK Voice control retrofit

    BEFORE Extremely expensive and fragile electronics removed Careful dismantling of the core elements New switch and lever in place Column back in one piece Trunk resident electronics Navigation control by voice (including house number entry) Radio control...
  19. W

    Voice Control for 2006 CLK 350 US

    I've got this model and just received and installed a UHI phone module for it that I got from Steve. It works great. Now I'm trying to install and activate the voice control module to use Linguatronics but the dealer says its not available for my car, at least in the US models. Steve said he...
  20. S

    W203 Comand 2 - Muting the Nav voice??

    Hi, Just retrofitted COMAND 2.0 to my 2001 C320, all works well etc etc, but is there a way to mute the annoying direction voice, so it just gives a visual indication instead? I know you can turn it down, but it still fades the radio when giving directions, I just want to turn it off...
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