1. Captain Smerc

    Staggered set of Vredestein Wintrac S

    My now surplus set of Verdestein's are up on the Bay . Winters coming :) Look at this on eBay Staggered Vredestien Wintrac Extreme S tyres 255/35 19" & 235/35 19" | eBay
  2. S

    Vredestein Wintrac Xtreme Tyres

    Hey folks, I have for sale the following Vredestein Wintrac Xtreme Tyres Fronts 235/35/19 Rears 265/30/19 Im failry positive that there are more than 7.5mm tread depth left on each of these tyres Im currently offshore at present and due home circa 25th / 26th March> Once i get home...
  3. daveenty

    Vredestein 285/30 R19

    Got a pair of these for sale. Just taken off my car today. They're the Ultrac Vorti and have just over 4mm left on them, evenly worn across the width. I'm looking for around £80 for the pair collection only in North Manchester/Lancashire, or I would possibly deliver to any forum meets which I...
  4. Miss Ellie

    Sweet deal on 205/70 R14 Vredestein's

    Just received 4 Vredestein 205/70 R14 V rated Sprint Classic's for my R107 from Camskill for 85 quid each! A little more than half the price advertised elsewhere as far as I can see ...
  5. D

    Vredestein Winter Tyres used for 6 months

    Hi folks selling my vredestein winter tyres. Sizes are as follows: Vredestein Wintrac xtreme 245/40 R18 97W XL with rim protection ridge (FSL) (Wi) Vredestein Wintrac xtreme 265/35 R18 97W XL with rim protection ridge (FSL) (Wi) Used for around 5 or 6 months before trading car in...
  6. E

    Variation in tyre width - Vredestein - Vredestein

    Had some new Vredestein Vorti fitted recently. Replaced Vredestein Sessanta. Both 265/35/18 Surprised at the difference in width - although these were unmounted. Didn't get a shot of them mounted side by side I guess when they are both fitted they are of a more similar width?!
  7. MB-BTurbo

    Vredestein Ultrac Cento review

    With my Falken FK452s down to 2mm I found myself yet again looking at the limited selection of 215 40 18 tyres available for my B200 Turbo. My usual tyres of choice, the Vredestein Sessantas and Goodyear F1s are unavailable in these sizes so I drew up a shortlist of: Vredestein Ultrac Cento...
  8. c_200k

    19" Vredestein Ultrac Sessanta tyres

    I'v got 4 Brand new 19" Vredestein Ultrac Sessanta tyres 2 x 245/35/19 2 x 275/30/19 all 4 were fitted to wheels then taken straight off so haven't been on a car or used at all they cost me £660 all in so would like something along those lines. Thanks
  9. C

    Advice re. Vredestein Ultrac Vorti tyres

    I am wanting to put a set of new boots on my R230 SL. I was going to go the Continental or Michelin route, but two people whose judgement I trust have suggested the Vredestein Ultrac Vortis. They get superb reviews from what I have read and rank very highly on TyreReview, but although they...
  10. kap02

    vredestein ultrac sessanta

    Anyone running this tyre? Thoughts? I have a w204, looking to replace the rears @ 255/35/18. Thanks.
  11. John757

    Vredestein Wintrac Xtreme review

    Jaffa's Juicy Bits Jaffa's Juicy Bits I found this review...its a comprehensive report on these winter tyres...very very interesting read... and well written. (sadly not by me!):thumb:
  12. alhucoll

    Vredestein Ultrac Vorti

    Gents, Had the Sessantas on the CL55 AMG and was quite impressed with them in both the wet and dry. Prior to that, ran my old SAAB 3ltr V6's on the Vredesteins as well with no complaints. Vredestein are a brand that I have faith in - proven over many years in all conditions. My "new"...
  13. fatdazza

    W203 5-spoke 17” ‘Adharaz’ Wheels incl Vredestein Wintrac Extreme XL tyres

    Is there anyone interested in these? - They are for sale at £500. 5-spoke 17” ‘Adharaz’ Wheels incl Vredestein Wintrac Extreme XL tyres Wheels are in good condition with no nasty scuffs, but a bit of the usual bubbling around the spokes. I will post some pics if there is interest. Good...
  14. Niks

    Vredestein Tyres

    Ive got a set of Vredestein Ultrac Tyres for sale which came off my AMG OZ 3-piece split rims. They are in great condition... 2 x Fronts - 235/45/17 with 7+ mm tread 2 x Rears - 255/40/17 with 7+mm tread eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace £275 Cash on collection please. I need to free up...
  15. C

    vredestein 255/50/19 wintrac 4 xtreme

    i received my new set of winter tyres today.what a good looking huge tyre.i could not get any before xmas only 1 supplier i found had 8 in stock for £150 each,this is the cheapest i have seen.elite.com was the site i found them on the weekend and bought them as no one had stock when i contacted...
  16. S

    vredestein quattracs advice please

    Does anyone know the difference between standard quattracs & the XLs, please. The XLs are available, the standards not. Both are compatible with my car according to Vred website. Their customer service have not replied... Many thanks
  17. W

    Vredestein Tyres, Opinions???

    My E250CDI Sport needs new tyres allround, factory fit are Continental Contisport Contact 3's. Ive been reading up on tyres and the Vredesteins win numerous awards, has anyone had any experience with these tyres good or bad???
  18. M

    Nokian, kumho or vredestein?

    Winter tyre choice. Any views or comments? Have read previous threads.
  19. R

    2 x 225/40/R18 Vredestein Ultrac Sessanta Tyres

    I bought these a month ago but no longer need them. As you can see from the picture, they are brand new and in perfect condition. They come highly recommended as they came 2nd (to the Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric) in the Evo 2007 tyre test. Make me an offer!
  20. SL300-24

    Are these Vredestein tyres any good

    My new E320 CDI Sport needs new tyres. After speaking to the guy at Camskills, he highly recommended the Vredestein ultrac sessanta for the car. He said everyone is raving about these tyres. They come in at about 2/3rds of the price of Michelins/continentals etc. Just wondering if anyone...
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