1. Mr-Goose

    Washing wheels

    I wash my car every week or two and it generally doesn't take very long except for the wheels. I have AMG 6 twin spoke wheels. After I have washed and dried the rest of the car I wash the wheels by hand using a car shampoo and a sponge. I don't care about washing the entire depth of the wheel...
  2. clk320x

    Washing advice

    Just got a used pressure washer and gave car a clean today, looking perfect. Just rinsed it with washer and dried and already looks miles better. Although I know I need to do a lot more haha Was just wondering if you could let me know what cleaning product brands you use, and what polish/wax...
  3. M

    Merc car washing with 360 camera

    Hi, I have got new car merc C220D with 360 camera. Is it okay to do car wash at commercial place (hand car wash/machine car wash)? Any precautions to taken for 360 camera when washing at commercial places? Would highly appreciate your advise and guidance on this. Thanks & Regards Mercabhi
  4. H

    Keyless Car Washing Tips

    My first attempt at jet-washing shows that I need to think about this a little more. I had the key in my pocket, and the doors kept unlocking as I aimed water near the handle. The wing mirrors were folding/unfolding and the hose being dragged under the rear opened the boot mid-wash. I can...
  5. uumode

    Pressure washing - doors open or closed?

    Was pressure washing my car today with doors closed technique http://youtu.be/8cTHmMVnZjs But maybe I should have tried with doors open technique! http://youtu.be/LUgvSdsGy80
  6. brucemillar

    Do the washing up?

    She still moans. What's a bloke got to do. Sent from my iPhone using MBClub UK
  7. markjay

    Washing machine spare part

    I am looking for the following item from a UK supplier: Door Handle for John Lewis Washing Machine JLWM1405 (Electrolux) I believe this is the part I need: WASHING MACHINES :: ELECTROLUX WASHING MACHINE RIGHT PORTHOLE HANDLE PART # 147146400 - The usual places (espares.co.uk etc) do not...
  8. M

    Washing Car with Pressure Washer & Waterbutt

    Hi can anyone recommend a budget pressure washer to use in conjunction with a water butt? I have a 240l Waterbutt and want to make good use. Will the water leave marks on my car or is rainwater better than the tap water (note we get hard water here) Also any recommendation for snow foam liquids?
  9. MercedesDriver

    Bosch washing machine - no lights???

    Guys I need an advise please. My BOSCH VARIO PERFECT washing machine doesn't show any sign of life. :dk: When I want to turn it on no lights come on, nothing. Machine is new but because I bought it from an unofficial dealer as an ex display model it came without Bosch warranty. :wallbash: I...
  10. Scott_F

    Washing and Polishing.....But Not Detailing

    Fastidious washing and polishing of cars isn't my thing but I would like to keep my latest car looking nice. Although I've progressed beyond a bucket, old sponge and some washing up liquid, I only really want to wash the car and give it one coat of polish. I am not interested in spending a...
  11. SL350_SWINDON

    Car washing

    Hi all, when washing car what's the best applicator? Sponge, mitt, cloth? Recommendations please
  12. guydewdney

    This'll make the detailer's hair stand on end.....

    Just washed my car - starting with the wheels. Utterly filthy, black with dust, mud, poo, you name it. Cleaned the spilt veg oil off with Simoniz Alloy Cleaner (black bottle - seems to be an end of line product). OK so far? Yeah - so I tried it on the spilt oil around the filler cap. Wow -...
  13. L

    stargard and jet washing?

    My new MB will come with Stargard (which I know has mixed reviews, but I'm getting it 'free') What about using hand car washing services? are jet washers safe or will it ruin the Stargard?
  14. R

    Detailing, Valeting, Car Washing.....

    I have, as you know spent many happy an hour (day!) cleaning my car and have contemplated how to move to the next level given that whilst most people regard my car "as new" I still know where the micro and indeed less micro scratches are. My local car cleaning place (Sgt Bills!) will wash...
  15. Stratman

    Washing machines

    As this forum is the fount of all knowledge I'll throw myself upon its collective wisdom. Our old Hotpoint washing machine is terminally ill, if the one inch of play in the drum bearing and the accompanying noise is anything to go by. Replacing the bearing would seem to involve a certain...
  16. M

    Car washing!

    Don't know if there is another thread on this, (I couldn't find one) What do you all use for a general wash, wax, etc. including wheels. What is recommended as the so called best product for your money. Leather seat, cloth seats, carpets. Etc. :)
  17. E

    Bear surprises Samsung crew on washing machine shoot

    Bear surprises Samsung crew on washing machine shoot - YouTube
  18. D

    Legionnaires disease and high pressure washing

    Just a note of caution for anyone using a high pressure washer from a water butt supply prompted by the recent Edinburgh outbreak. Normal mains water is quite sterile, however any water collected from outside as in rain butts will obviously not have had any treatment. Warm weather allows the...
  19. Bobby Dazzler

    Are SMEG washing machines any good?

    I would be interested to know.
  20. d w124

    Siemens S14.79 washing machine

    Top of the range with 8kg load and 1400 spin in very good working order.Looking for £250 and pick up from SE23 London
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