1. D

    Website construction

    I need a website for my new venture and know not a great deal about them. I understand that you can build your own using a template from many online suppliers, for not a great deal of cash. However, as I'm not au fait with this method I went and got a quote from a professional. He showed...
  2. BTB 500

    MOT check website - spurious fail shown

    Had a play with the MOT website for the first time today: Earlier in the month I put Mrs BTB's S203 in for MOT and it passed. This is shown on the website, but there's a previous entry (on the same day, and with the same mileage) showing a fail It...
  3. T

    E-Class Cabrio Prices now on MBUK Website...

    I'll have to start saving..... :cool:
  4. AMGeed

    Comparison Websites + renewal

    OK, so this has been covered plenty of times before, but just wanted to post my experience after receiving this years renewal premium from Hastings Direct. Last year, I paid £282 fully comp, missus included with protected NCB on the E55. So I knew that IPT had increased on 1st June, so...
  5. gr1nch

    Forum website slow, has issues ?

    For the past week or so Tapatalk on my phone has been slow when accessing the forum (or worse, not reading or uploading posts at all after timing out). I didn't think it was worth mentioning, but today I was browsing the forum via my work laptop which is very fast and noticed the website is...
  6. developer

    Building A Website

    I can buy an appropriate domain name for peanuts (£1.99 annually) but would like a website to go with it - for a band my lad's in. Two questions: 1). Who would "own" the website allied to the domain I've bought (which I assume I own) - bands fall apart regularly and if the bass player (who...
  7. flowrider

    Mercedes Club website down?

    Is anyone else having issues with connecting to.......... Home - Mercedes Benz Owners Site appears to be dowm. Thanks
  8. G

    Small business website required

    I need a small business website put together, only a few pages and even a smaller store (less than 10 items). Would need it to display nicely on various platforms, including iPhone / iPad, etc. Corp ID (logo, typeface, branding) already in place. Domain is registered with 1&1, but can...
  9. M

    Merc website configurator not working

    Hi, I have been trying to use the Mercedes configurator over the last week to build a c-class coupe, but there is no option. I thought it might be because there are changes to the spec for the new month so the website was updating, but as of now, there is still no option to build a car. Anyone...
  10. trillion

    BEST FREE car check app or website?

    I'm currently using two apps for checking cars for FREE "totalcarcheck" and the "Autotrader" totalcarcheck does old MOT history and tells you if its stolen(the government should really do this) and if you pretend to advertise a car on the Autotrader app it tells you if its been written off.;)...
  11. I

    DVLA Website advising 'Remain'

    Just clicked on a Government Website about Vocational Licences and I got this link at the top of the page!! Is that fair??!! That stinks!!!!
  12. Scooby_Doo

    Mercedes Used Car website

    It looks as if MB have updated their used car search site. It looks as if you can no longer search for a car more than a hundred miles from your location.:mad: The old format was much more user friendly. The old site wouldn't let you search without a postcode,the new one will, so will do a...
  13. BlackC55

    Website feedback from the forum

    Luxury Chauffeur Service Hampshire | Ryan James Chauffeurs Chauffeur  This is the new website for our new business. I would like some feedback from the forum. Good or bad!
  14. merc85

    Speeding website?? real?

    This is not a joke, ive put my reg in and im clear, "not surprised tbh" as the car hasnt moved for a good while due to the weather. But is this genuine???:confused: Have You Been Caught Speeding?
  15. guydewdney

    any app / ebay search website developers about?

    got an idea for a function that we have needed / required several times now, yet doesnt appear to exist. Im sure we are not the only ones. an analogy: you want a car, 2003 to 2006 year. but autotrader makes you search for 2003, or 2004, etc and its listed as 2003, '03, 12 years old, a 53...
  16. grober

    190 sl website

    In the course of answering an 190SL question elsewhere I came across this rather nice 190sl owners forum/club website. Lots of interesting info Tech Info
  17. jimiE55

    MB Parts Number website?

    Can anyone help. I need a website for mb parts number. I need an exhaust clamp for my e55.
  18. SilverSaloon

    beware of scam car parts website....

    hi just thought i would post this on here to warn other MB Club members.... i read this on the moneySavingWebsite: Any parts - Forums seems a car parts website is scamming people....
  19. Palfrem

    Poor performance from DVLA web-site

    Just logged on to tax the E36 for the summer. Entered V5 number, reg number, length of tax, method of payment, etc. and within 60 seconds my car was taxed. Just like that! First time. Can you believe it? No opportunity to whinge and rant. Shame on you DVLA.
  20. Palfrem

    Pension company website down for almost two weeks

    The company that handles the funds in one of my pots' website has been down for two weeks. I've emailed their IT bods but nothing really concrete by way of a date to have it back up. Does it take that long to fix a website or is there a more sinister work afoot bearing in mind the...
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