1. A

    Baby wipe

    Unscented BWipes and Dr Leather works wonders. Ben:thumb: Unreal leather interior works a treat :p
  2. F

    Wipers only working on wash wipe

    Hi The wipers have stopped working on my w211. If i press stalk in to activate wash wipe they work fine. I have checked fuse 56 which is good. Any ideas Thanks
  3. Taipan

    2005 CLK200k A209 Failed wash wipe?

    Hi All, Over the last few months i've noticed that the wash wipe function on my car has been playing up and working intermittently and has now pretty much stopped working altogether. The twist part works fine for the wipers and the indicators and headlamp flash are also all fine. Its just...
  4. W

    Becker Map Pilot - Wipe and Restore Help Please

    Really appreciate anyone's advice/help please I have a Becker Map Pilot in my Mercedes W204 that has suddenly stopped working. When I switch to Nav in the car, the map pilot shows the Becker logo, but continuously loops and wont load anything. I have tried to restore by connecting to my laptop...
  5. brucemillar

    C55 Estate Rear wash wipe

    Folks Do you know if the W203 uses a daul or separate washer pump for the rear screen? I ask because by rear washer is not working. If I remove the nozzle from the spigot and push the washer button a tiny amount of water attempts to drip out the end of the pipe. The nozzle is not blocked or...
  6. D

    Intermittent wipe fail

    95 E280 estate- intermittent wipe very random- also manual rt indication not working but auto right indication normal- any ideas?!
  7. GadgetBoy

    W203 Estate rear wash wipe.

    My rear wash/wipe wipes but don't wash. Further investigation revealed the brass tube that goes up the centre of the wiper spindle has corroded through. Is this part replaceable or is it a new motor assembly?
  8. Koolvin

    Wash Wipe & Wax

    MBClub UK welcomes Gemclean as an official authorised forum sponsor. Michael needs no introduction as many of you are already customers and he has already made lots of contributions with his wealth of detailing posts. If you don't know about Gemclean then read this...
  9. P

    E280 Tail gate and wash wipe

    Seem to be having all the electrical problems at once. Tail gate will not open and rear wiper not working - both failed at the same time? There seems to be a module tucked up in the tail gate from where wires for the wiper and handle mechanism seem to come from. Would you think its more likely...
  10. T

    w124 Headlamp Wash Wipe Question

    on one of my cars neither the wipers nor the jest work now ive been told that that means they are both broken and both need replacing at quite some expense but on my other w124 the wiper stopped working (dead motor) but the jet still worked so im thinking there would have to be 2 broken...
  11. M

    W124 headlamp wash wipe leak

    When I fill the screen wash bottle on my W124, it's entire contents seems to empty over night via the headlamp wash wipe nozzles. I've replaced both nozzles with brand new parts from the dealer and this hasn't cured the problem. All the hoses checked, and are all fine. So, the only remaining...
  12. WDB124066

    Retro-fit W124 Head Light Wash Wipe, HLWW

    Is there a guide somewhere that descirbes how this is done for a 1996 car?? Is it a mission or essentially plug and play, does anyone know........
  13. poormansporsche

    want to wipe out hd and start again !

    But I can't create a msdos start disk (option is ghosted) on vista - how's it done or can Windows delete itself somehow ? Cheers
  14. andreas_t

    CLS Intermittent Wipe Intermittent Problem

    Hello All. - I have seen some posts relating to this topic, but none of them for the CLS, so I thought I'd ask the dumb question. Car is CLS 06 MY, with rain sensing wipers. Looks like original windscreen - but not sure as I bought car 2nd hand. Car is currently under extended warranty by MB...
  15. E

    A160 rear wash wipe problem

    Can anyone tell me how to remove the interior trim at the top of the tailgate opening. This plastic trim conceals the centre seat-belt fitting and it is from this trim that water leaks when the tailgate wash-wipe is used. But how do I get it off to get at the underlying problem?
  16. J

    I dont believe ...rear wash wipe gremlins again!!

    Aaagghh, water feed has come off again (2003 C class estate) , and no doubt I'm going to break some more bits/pieces gettin the trim panel back on again.:devil::devil: O/K, so any hints as to how to stop the bloomin thing coming off agains (zip ties don't work!!) cheers
  17. D

    W124 - Rear Wash wipe issues.

    The rear wash-wipe on my w124 estate only has an intermittent setting, is this a relay fault? If so which one? I have already replaced the N10 and my Haynes manual doesn't give any clues. Happy new Year.
  18. 230K

    How do i wipe a computer for selling??

    Hi The wife has managed to sell her 1 year old laptop to a relative, how do i go about wiping all the data off it, i have put all the photographs etc on our external hard drive but is that enough? Not suspicious of relative at all just want to leave it devoid of all the usual crap that...
  19. W

    How to safely wipe a HD

    I want to wipe a pair of old hard drives before giving them away. I've downloaded: Active@ Kill Disk - Hard Drive Eraser - Free software downloads and software reviews - CNET Download.com but the free version only does a single pass with 0's. Does anyone know of other free software that is...
  20. M

    A-Class Rear Wash Wipe

    Sorry for another query so quickly. My wash wipe is obviously disconnected somewhere in the tailgate - something which is supposed to be a fairly common problem. Water runs down the inside of the tailgate and onto the floor instead of through the nozzle. Can't find any info on t'internet and...
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