Anyone seen any interesting cars

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Well the sun was out today, it was a friday and i travel a nice country route so i guess those things account fof the fact that this morning i saw a lovely pale blue 50's MG a bright red 60's Merc SL (roof down) and this afternoon on the way back a dark blue Bristol saloon and a mint 50's chevy pickup truck. :)
An Enzo Ferrari a couple of years ago. It was in central London, the Gumball Rally or somesuch. The Enzo and assorted Porsches, Astons and Jags was stuck in very heavy traffic immediately behind me coming across Parliament Square and Westminster Bridge -- there was a very big crowd, lots of them taking photographs as the convoy of exotic cars edged across the bridge, all growling and sputtering...behind little old me!
Saw this Matt Black Vantage in London a couple of days ago... not convinced about the paint job...


Probably not paint, more likely to be stick on vinyl, its quite common now as its cheaper than a paint job and its removable.
No, I suspect it is a paint job. Didn't Mercedes produce an SLR in the same colour matt paint?? I think I saw it recently on the US site, but it's not there now.

I still reckon its vinyl wrap, no one is gonna destroy the resal value of an Aston with a paint job like that, its very common now, seen loads of cars like it.

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I saw a yellow/lime green Lotus Europa in Manchester today. first one of those I've seen. not sure I'd go for the colour mind...
Rolls Royce, three of them, all white, in convoy just outside Coventry this morning. The one in front was a convertible with burgundy soft top.
I saw a yellow/lime green Lotus Europa in Manchester today. first one of those I've seen. not sure I'd go for the colour mind...

Saw a burgundy one somewhere near Reading on Thursday - prefer the lime green really.
Edgeware road last night, Black G55 AMG.

Looked and sounded amazing, wasn't keen on them before but had never seen one in the flesh.
In 1970, when I was a student, I was hitchhiking - a car stopped and I had to go into the road to get in. Being as it was lhd the driver wanted a 'lookout' for when he was overtaking - or at least that's what he told me. Anyway it was an exhilerating ride and certainly the best lift I ever got.

The car was a de Tomaso Mangusta (In Italian Mangusta = Mongoose = eats Cobras!), one of only 400 made.

4.7litre V8, 306 horses and a top speed of 155mph. Pretty exceptional for 40 years ago.
Yesterday I saw a Bugatti Veyron and a Lamborghini Reventon in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles.
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Saw this Maserati in Monaco a couple of years ago.

An R8 driving out of Belfast today
I saw 2 nice cars in Skiathos Town this morning. First of all a black S63 AMG and then a Brabus M class, both had Bulgarian plates on so I decided not to take any pics!!

By the way, what do these cars cost?
Seen that R8 on here before. Good tho it is I don't think it really counts - I even see them in this s****y town!
There seem to be no shortage of audi 8's around manchester, which is a shame as there is a major shortage of them in my parking spot!

not a car as such, but yesterday on the M56, I saw 5 motorbikes with sidecars, and 3 of them were pulling trailers...

it's been a long time since I saw a sidecar and then 5 in one day. what's the event?!


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