Anyone seen any interesting cars

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Rarer than any supercar, made in tiny numbers :)

Austin Rover Online
I can't believe that Rover estate has escaped my attention until now. Cannot compute.

Having quickly Googled it, it seems they're the same car - black but resprayed red following an accident - and belong(ed) to Rev Colin Corke, the Vicar of Longbridge!! :D

Seems it's a Honda conversion unless anyone has links that suggest otherwise.

Read more here: Rover 45 Tourer
The one in my orignal post is made from a Rover then: :confused:

Vehicle Make/Model: ROVER 420 DI (TURBO)

Who ever made it, what ever it is, you gotta admit thats a rare find :D
Rare, yes , on so many levels. Good find. More comment than the Merc just before your post.
What about a G63? Here in AD. Why you would spoil a G wagen with that horrible V12 I don't know, but there you go!
No interesting cars down by the road these days. Seeing a chariot on road now that would be interesting lol
No, the horrible M137.

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