BAS and ESP warning light w202, no c/c or brake lights, tried replacing brake switch


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Jul 12, 2010
Scarborough, North Yorshire
1999 C230K estate (sport)
Recently my BAS/ESP warning light started coming on on my 1999 c230k.

The BAS doesn't appear to be working, cruise control isn't working, I won't test the ESP... ABS/ and ASR are working
The brake lights aren't working either. I've tried replacing the brake light switch as the usual culprit, but no change. Brake light bulbs are fine.
Every time the car is started, the light is off until you press the brake pedal, at which point it comes on and remains on throughout the journey.

The warning light for the front brake pad wear is on, new pads are on their way, but I don't see how this could affect it.
As it happens without the vehicle moving, and only comes on after pressing the brake pedal, surely it isn't likely to be a wheel speed sensor?

I don't want to go buying parts for it in the hope of getting it right, after already trying the brake switch, however getting it to a STAR machine isn't a good option for me either, as I work difficult hours.
Any help would be greatly appreciated, I hate having an error on an otherwise fantastic car!

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