1. ngenius1

    mercedes esp control unit 0255456132

    As the title, if you have one or know where to get one please let me know. Thanks. MB no. 025 545 61 32. Made by Bosch.
  2. R

    EBV ESP ABS lights

    Hi all. I have a 2008 C63, yesterday it developed a fault as follows: EBV, ESP, ABS warning lights, Run Flat indicator inoperative. The power steering also stopped working. The car will start with no faults then after driving a few yards (up to 15 mph) the warning messages appear. I...
  3. B

    W211 ESP & ABS error

    I have a 2004 e220cdi with an ESP/ABS problem. Read back the fault codes which indicated a faulty right front speed sensor so replaced that with no improvement. Then replaced the wheel bearing with new seal (abs magnets) and again problem still exists. Upon startup no warning lights but...
  4. W

    Esp and triangle.

    Hi there I'm new to the forum and I'm having a headache with my esp and triangle I was driving as normal then suddenly seemed to lost bit power then these lights came on I drove to work this morning no problems but a little sluggish if I can reset these lights will it rectify my problem and if...
  5. G

    Ebr, abs, esp warning

    Got into my car and pulled out the driveway only for seconds later the EBR ABS and ESP lights to come on , steering has gone heavy and flat tyre indicator inoperable has come on as well, anyone else had this problem. Thanks
  6. Meffy

    Cl500-Run flat inoperative ... esp lights on

    Hi guys, Hope someone here can assist... I've recently cracked my 20" alloy wheel on my cl500 (2010) ... 3rd crack in a year, same wheel. I've been using the space saver which came with the car whilst waiting for a new wheel to arrive. So, it's been on space saver now for 2 days running fine...
  7. R

    Esp yaw rate sensor diagnostics?

    Hi guys, My replacement yaw rate sensor shows the same erratic values via diagnostics as the old one. Can you help me with diagnostic steps before I return it? How do I bench test the sensor? Thanks
  8. B

    ESP and ABS Lights.

    Hi when driving home yesterday my ESP and ABS warning lights came on also the cruise control stopped working, any ideas what could be wrong please. S 320 CDI. 2004 PLATE. Thanks', Bill.
  9. R

    W211 E280 CDI Sport - ESP inoperative

    Started the car on the morning and received ESP inoperative + Tyre monitoring inoperative. After driving a while I tried to engage cruise and received Cruise inoperative. Also no hold when stationary at lights. Switched the engine off. Restart and fault cleared for two days. Came back mid...
  10. astamir

    s211 320cdi ESP ABS message

    Hi guys! Needed a help from the forum members who experienced this kind of problem. Three messages appeared on the dashboard ESP ABS AND BRAKE PERFORMANCE REDUCED with yellow abs sign on dashboard. Plugged Delphi diagnostic tool and it gave me the following codes C2534-hydraulic fault,right...
  11. A

    ESP, ABS, PAS Lights on W204 C220

    Hi MB Club, This is my first post so please, go easy on me. I drive a 2009 C220 AMG Sport 651,911 :thumb: I recently received the almighty ESP light on the dash leading to the ABS, no power steering as i first set off one morning, the fault happens when i reach 15-20 mph from first start up...
  12. D

    ABS & ESP defective

    evening all. i have the abs/esp defective message come up a last week. after doing a few searches everything seemed to point towards either brake switch or low voltage. have checked charging voltage and everything seems fine. have also changed brake light switch but am still getting the message...
  13. 91dm

    W163 ML270 BAS ESP, ETS & ABS Lights, C1100 Fault

    Hello, Hopefully someone might be able to help me on this. My ML developed a fault last week, BAS ESP, ETS and ABS lights came on followed shortly by the EPC light. It's an 04 ML270, 170k miles. New battery few months ago, no other faults before this. After a quick search on the...
  14. S

    Speed tronic and ESP faulty

    Need some advice. I recently had a wiper stalk replaced and after that I am getting 2 messages. 1. Speedtronic visit workshop 2. ESP faulty. Garage I used tried resetting and erasing the messages but he said it is not going. Then he said probably there could be problem with steering angle...
  15. Piff

    ESP &ESP Off warning lights

    Not sure if this is the right place to post this one - Mods, please move if necessary. About 5 miles from home today, on dual carriageway at 65/70mph the yellow ESP warning triangle and ESP Off light came on. HOLD function & ATTENTION ASSIST stopped working and from reading the handbook a...
  16. T

    ESP after Steering Angle Senser move. Can i Recalibrate with MB Stat C4

    First PLEASE read this. it seems long because i have put all the information anyone should need so that we dont have to go back and forth too many times: ESP problem Need to Calibrate with Star 4?: Is anyone VERY familiar with setting up Steering Angle Sensors? I have a 203.046 (C180...
  17. T

    W220 ABS ESP Fault Visit Workshop

    Hi I have a sort of simple question to ask for assistant for please but guess best to start from beginning. I had a ball joint that needed replacing on the front off side suspension (lower outer). I took everything apart making sure the speed sensor was protected and tried to ensure the...
  18. E

    Esp warning visit workshop.e55 w211 amg

    Not used the car for a while.went out one night in the week and when I accelerated the esp malfunction visit workshop popped up? Have searched it and people say maybe battery. Can you charge front aux battery with std 12v charger.gone into menu and car is charging at 13.7v with lights and...
  19. R

    W203 2005/55 ESP Inactive - Visit workshop

    Hi chaps, recently the ESP Inactive light has come on and i've had it plugged in and it's saying that it's the steering angle sensor. Now, I got alot of work done to the car replacing ball joints and a passenger track rod end - since then the light has appeared, the tracking was out slightly and...
  20. M

    C220cdi ESP warning coming up

    Hi just yesterday my ESP warning appeared on the dash what could be the cause of this i cant seem to get rid of it,c220cdi 2003 many thanks.
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