Becker Map Pilot or Comand on W204 ?

Becker Map Pilot with Audio 20 or Comand.

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Jan 13, 2019
It's an old thread but anyway...

I have S204 C220 CDI T Elegance BlueEFFICIENCY, 2013. As we know, there are two versions of display size. A 5.8-inch 400x240 display is standard with Audio 20 and also 7-inch 800x480 Comand APS. There is not much written on the internet about that. A year of manufacture of a car has nothing with this. You can find a car that is 2011 year with bigger screen than 2013...

Here is the link that I found so far:

My question is: Is it possible to replace 5.8-inch with 7-inch display? I want to stay with Becker, what I want is just to replace the current 5.8-inch display with bigger one 7-inch (including plastic mask to fit).

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Yes, you can replace it, but beside 7inch display you need also facial panel. After that, you will have bigger display with bigger resolution and the navigation will be Becker. I've done that before and it works. It's nice upgrade. You won't regret :)

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