CLK Continued Hell & Ownership

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May 25, 2011
Fellow members,

I've finally had enough - just over one year's ownserhip of my CLK 320 CDI and I am going to have to get rid of it - it's just a money pit :-(

Latest problems relate to my posts on SRS & Display warnings - totally intermitent & depressing.

Have just had two days of continuous errors - SRS, Display malfunction & brake fluid - happened on day one of picking the car up and since has plagued the car.

Add in needing a new starter motor and the dreaded valve control unit on the 7 speed box I will never be able to recommend this supposed prestige brand to anyone :crazy:

Just had the AA round who think one of the SAM units are at fault and yet again I'm going to have to fork out a small fortune for the joy of owning this 2006 CLK.

Please can anyone advise of the likely cost of a SAM unit - I just want it fioxed and need to sell the car asap and absorb the no doubt thousands I will have lost in 14 months and 24k miles.

Apologies foir the neagtive tone but I've really had it with MB - such a gorgeous car when running well but depressing to own :-(

Any thoughts appreciated - search my posts for the tales of woe !!
A new one Is £231 plus vat and a 2 year warranty.
Thanks BlackC55 - Can my indie fit and configure or does it need to be MBUK ??
Needs to be coded to thr car.If your indie has star diagnostics he will be able to do it.
if you close to braintree I can diagnose you free
I think you are jumping the gun... if it is just a SAM unit, they are so easy to do and not that expensive really... DO NOT buy second hand, false economy.

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