Help pls Will these 19s fit my clk270 o3

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Oct 7, 2008
I did'nt realise this fantastic forum exsisted until last night and I had already won a ebay auction for some 19" wheels offset 35 no tyres . I then read the guide on this forum and it has confussed me. I emailed the seller before the auction ended and he assured me they would fit is this true ?. If not then I wont complete the sale as the seller promised they would fit.
Whats the width of the wheels ?
Well , it's looking like the offset is slightly wrong .... the wheels you have bought are 35 offset and should be 29 ....

However , sometimes things can be made to work , i'm not 100% on offsets , but there are people on here who understand it properly. One of them will notice this thread pretty soon and will be able to give you a definate answer.

cheers still looking 4 help
I have 8.5x18 and 9.5x18 on my 209 CLK with 245/30 front and 265/35 rear.. no rubbing at all offset is 30 front and 33 rear... but these are the latest SL rims
8.5 X 19' on CLK (209) should be about 28/30 front and 30 rear.

The 35 offsets will make the wheel sit more 'inboard'.
If you ran into clearance issues (calipers/struts), you'd need to fit spacers/longer bolts.

No big deal, but it will add to the cost a little.


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