1. B

    R107 bulkhead / firewall rust. Has anyine repaired it? Need help pls

    Hello I am trying to repair my '73 450SL but it is getting the better if me. If anyone has repaired the firewall rust, please let me know how you did it. I have repairable rust in the plenum chamber and I don't need the bulkhead kit. I do have rust in the 2 layers of metal in front of it...
  2. PhilG

    CLS Windows - AGAIN, pls help!

    My passenger window regulator snapped. I bought a repair kit on eBay, got it all off, replaced the unit, it took a few hours but got it done. Put it back on again today and I can't get the window to behave properly. I've read some instructions about programming the windows and have tried...
  3. S

    Decision made.. Soon to be new owner! Advice pls!

    Hello! Wanted to introduce myself as I am a new member and will be buying my first AMG within the next few weeks. Current cars are a Range Rover Sport and an e46 M3. Both are now for sale to make way for something different! Was torn between the M4 and the C63 AMG (2014 V8 of course)...
  4. G

    viano tyre pressure help pls

    Can someone tell me the correct pressure for Viano w639 with 225/55/17 (front and rear), not run-flat tyres? I checked the plate at the fuel tank lid, but it only shows run-flat tyres.
  5. Frostytel

    ML270 buying advice pls

    Currently own a CL500 and I'm looking to get a ML to carry my fishing gear and the dogs etc any advice on issues to look out for ...... Cheers all Tel
  6. Borys

    CL500 / S500 on w215 and w220 chassis pls

    Got a question to rgds how your v8 engine sound? On start up does it whines/whistles a bit? Checked youtube and with my mates s500 and it seems they whine a bit up to 2000rpm Was thinking about alternator bearing at fault first but like I said compering to other car all seem to sound like this...
  7. Borys

    ABC pump advise pls

    So my cl500 had a leaky pump Had it replaced with new from MB, all fluid was flushed filter replaced. Pump makes kind of a winding, humming noise Also found now a leak from valve block area and the ABC light came back on in red Thought it was a valve block in need of a refurb Further...
  8. Borys

    Window pls

    Any one can recomend some one near Gatwick area? Tint King is a nightmare to get him to even come around and there was another place I asked 169£ for rear off Thanx
  9. R

    W203 C230 2.5 V6 info pls...

    Possibly looking at buying a 2005 C230 2.5 V6 Sport saloon. Does this model suffer with the dreaded balance shaft problem that the C280 and C350 suffer from? It has the 7G auto box on it. Is there anything else on these models that tend to fail? The car has 86k on the clock.
  10. Optimus prime

    Command - Online map help pls

    Hi, Is it possible to find out what year of sat nav maps you have installed if your car is fitted with command online? My local dealer doesn't no but will gladly take £99 to update them even if not needed:confused: If it involves purchasing a scanner to find out I am happy to buy Thanks
  11. I

    Front bumper advice needed pls

    Hi all I have been looking for a replacement bumper for a while now and the options I can see are: 1 £1000 fitted for cks to do inc paint looking at advert AMG C Class W203 C32 Front bumper AMG C Class W203 C32 Front bumper [A203FB-1] - £889.00 : CKS Performance 2 European copy's...
  12. M

    2002 A160 f fault code po758 HELP PLS!

    hi guys my partners a160 2002 100k miles has developed the dredded f fault with auto box i pluged it in and it gave the code po758 which is shift soleniod b fault looked causes up which said ,, low oil level ,, dirty oil ,, solenoid faulty ,, solenoid harness and po758 comes up when ecm...
  13. clarea

    Garage recommendations St Albans/nearby pls

    As title really. Need to find a good indie or mb garage near St Albans or surrounds. My dad would normally fix stuff or find a suitable garage but now he isn't here and I need to find somewhere reliable. As a young female I'm a bit concerned about being ripped off and although I know some basics...
  14. Optimus prime

    looking for E63 help pls

    Hi, My name is Peter and I am looking to move over from BMW to a Merc 63. I am interested in c_200k's car in the classified section but cannot contact him due to being a new member. Can someone pls help me :confused:
  15. Sattani

    E55 AMG Gearbox/Gear change issues!!! Urgent help/advice pls!!

    Hi guys, I drive 2005 E55 AMG. Can anybody pls enlighten me as to why my gears are not staying put in the relevant gears I put them in when driving in Semi automatic or Manual (M) mode. The car seems to drive absolutely normal in (D) drive mode but keeps on automatically changing gears and puts...
  16. T

    Urgent help bleeding brakes pls!

    Hi, went to refit the brake calipers on my c63 after a refurb, all went lovely but I can not bleed the brakes, the two man method does not work. I let the resivour run dry and can't get fluid to the caiplers now. What advise do you guys have to get the fluid back to the calipers as pumping...
  17. Gollom

    Help wanted pls in Telford (Much Wenlock)

    Could someone take a look at this motorhome please? Don't want to trail down there and find it's a wreck. More concerned about mechanicals and tin worm etc. than anything else (apparently it will come with a 12 months MOT which is a good sign I guess) We would almost certainly re-cover seats...
  18. D

    211 E320 Vibration / power loss - Help pls

    Hi all. 2003 W211 E320 CDi 76K FSH I really hope that you can help throw some light onto an issue I'm having Please. I Recently started to notice a vibration at tickover like a misfire and when the gearchange drops the revs below 1000. Starts OK, runs OK cold. When warm it will run smoothly...
  19. Miss Ellie

    Hanstons - pls share your thoughts ref R107 refurb

    After taking my '84 R107 to various places to assess it for future bodywork (some small localized rust issues and a respray) I am leaning towards Hanstons in Altincham. I searched this forum for opinions on Hanstons and notice a couple of Hanstons enthusiasts ... and wondered if others have...
  20. L

    brand new & just a few questions pls

    hi there,just bought my first Mercedes its a 2001 e320 cdi avantgaurd im confused is it a w210 or t210,also does myn have a valeo radiator, & also what is the little adjustable nob on the side of the airbox says 75 or 100 % ? & just any advice on running & servicing thanx in advance:bannana...
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