SLK R171 Audio 20 Display too dark / dim

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Sep 1, 2002
London SW16
I have just bought an 06 SLK (from a non MB dealer) which has an Audio 20 and picked it up yesterday - lovely looking car but the Audio 20 display seems too dark - in sunlight you can hardly see the radio station name - eveything works ok and I have tried adjusting the light via the dashboard dimmer +/- switches and it is on maximum.

The dealer had another SLK there which had the same head unit and that display was definitely much brighter.

I thought perhaps a bulb had gone internally but having had the unit out of the dash I can't see that there is any replaceable parts.

The car is still under MB warranty but I suspect that if i take it into the MB dealer I will get the "...oh, they are all like that" response

Any ideas? - comments? Is this a common/known fault?

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