1. E CLASS

    Moon miles S Class 320cdi

  2. proser

    w210 320cdi intercooler cleaning

    Has anyone taken one out and given it a clean, along with the pipework ?? How easy is it to get the intercooler out ?? did you notice any difference afterwards ??
  3. allias

    Intake mani W210 320CDI removal

    Im about to remove my intake manifold on my W210 320CDI as 3 days ago when I floored it on motorway in front BMW I triggered his automatic driving light with my black smoke.:D:( It looked like he was coming out from flaming spot on a road. I felt like s..t :o:doh: I found that small bar on...
  4. S

    What year did the 320CDI Change to a V6? Fuel Card Implications?

    As per title. I currently receive a fuel card to use on the C240 (just as well lately...) but she's getting a little old, so i'm going to save for a E320CDI for some time in the next year or so. The key question here is due to the limitations of my fuel card being 3L or below i'd have to...
  5. P

    Oil coming out of turbo intake W211 320cdi

    Help -Alternator Mysteries W211 2007 320Cdi Est The van my son had hired brokedown and we sat in my car with the engine running and heater & TV on for about 4 hrs waiting for the AA to come and recover the van. Stupid I know, but it was cold and boring! On the trip home the red battery appeared...
  6. P

    Help -Alternator Mysteries W211 2007 320Cdi Est

    The van my son had hired brokedown and we sat in my car with the engine running and heater & TV on for about 4 hrs waiting for the AA to come and recover the van. Stupid I know, but it was cold and boring! On the trip home the red battery appeared on the display and kept reappearing several...
  7. bpsorrel

    CLS 320cdi V 500?

    Had this thought for a while now. To be honest, I've been convinced that my next MB will be a CLS 320cdi. Never doubted it and have just been waiting for the start of my new financial year to take the plunge. But, I drove a CLS500 over the weekend and that was amazing!! A very, very...
  8. M

    CLK 320cdi Brabus chip for sale

    Boxed with fitting instructions. Taken from my 09 plate car when I sold it. Excellent condition. Offers please
  9. Rorcus

    Fuel Filter change on 320CDI

    So this morning I accell reasonably hard whilst doing a right hand turn and BEEP! EL Power - ECU "Take ya car to a Garage" (not quite like that) and the engine was off and all I could do was coast to a graceful stop with no power steering.. :wallbash: After a few mins and some cranking she...
  10. L

    POWER and Speed differ. w211 320cdi.

    Dear Members, I am somewhat confused,during the past 4 months I bought 2 Mercedes W211 both of them 320 cdi v6 diesel engine and both 7 speed. The first one is 2005 Avangard with 114,000 mls, ( bought from a petrol station) I drove the car overland to home ( 2500 mls to Malta) I was so much...
  11. SL300-24

    W211 320CDI starting problem

    Help please fellows..... I have noticed that my E320CDI V6 is getting harder to start after standing overnight. So far it has always started but when I turn and release the key it cranks about 20 times before firing. Once started it is fine all day, starts first time. Looking on google a few...
  12. allias

    W210 calipers 320CDI vs 300TD

    Last weekend I was tring to change my brakes and found that my front calipers are frozen. I have spare 2 calipers from my old 300TD and I wanted to possibly use them. As I checked them, they are 2 cylinder calipers and mine are single. Funny is as I checked EPC shows that both should have...
  13. S

    CLS 320CDI gives a lot of white smoke more than 5 minutes

    Hi there, my 2006 CLS 320CDI (W219) yesterday gives a very huge WHITE SMOKE from the exhaust. This is the 3rd time happen and this time it lasted more than 5 minutes. It happened when i was driving a few minutes and while accelerating like normal, then i can see from my rear view mirror, there...
  14. A

    Spider Adaptive Tuning box for CLS 320CDi engines

    For sale is my Spider Adaptive tuning box for a 320CDi engines. I bought this for my CLS 320, but never got round to fitting it, and probably wont considering I drive it so little. Its brand new, although probably over a year old. Spider tuning also do a scheme where you can return it...
  15. M

    MB supplied new battery for E211 320cdi - price

    Got a qoute for MB to replace my battery ..£254 fitted :doh: ..Lucky the garage I bought the car from is picking up the tab :bannana:
  16. EDZ649

    W210 320CDi with full AMG kit

    E320 CDI AMG FACTORY FITTED SHOWROOM CONDITION on eBay (end time 29-Jan-11 05:07:43 GMT) Shame it's had a tap up the rear, the boot doesn't line up properly and the position of those badges :doh:
  17. S

    W220 320CDi ECU mapping in NW

    Hi I'm considering using a specialist to re-map my 320Cdi. Has anyone used ProTune in the North West, or can perhaps recommend an alternative - I'm in the South Cheshire region. Thanks steve
  18. T

    W210 320CDI estate with comand and phone, update stereo

    Hello all. As the title says i have a 2002 320CDI estate with comand, phone and cd changer in boot but, I want to replace the comand with a double din chinese navigation radio that i have. Don't get me wrong the comand is great but, the navi section is very outdated and the chinese one is...
  19. M

    W211 320CDI temperature (straight 6) & MPG

    What engine temps should I be seeing on average ? Coming up our lane tonight after a clear 12 mile drive at 60'ish from work the gauge was about a qtr the way up, between 40 and 80. This seems a bit cool to me and I'm wondering if this is also why my fuel consumption has dropped lately ? I was...
  20. allias

    W219 320CDi - need turbo.

    I getting black smoke on heavy acceleration. MAFand EGR fixed so that all done. Turbo is loosing oil thru seal, not a lot but it does. I drove friends 2002 w210 with 320CDI and there is difference in responce. I know I need different turbo. Question: Used, new or rebuild? And if so what way and...
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