1. bob6600

    R.I.P Malcolm aka Television

    Just been posted on the other side, very sad news. Malcolm passed away this afternoon. RIP
  2. Alex225

    My E320 CDI aka The Dad Tank

    So, I was using a Saab 9-3 as my daily car but having caught the Merc bug from my CLS I decided I wanted some daily Mercedes action. I had a bit of a hunt on Autotrader and this example came up fairly local. It’s an early 2003 and had 104k on the clock. Full service history, overall...
  3. John Jones Jr

    Latest on my W202 C230K aka ''Rough Rough''

    This a continuation of a thread http://www.mbclub.co.uk/forums/general-discussion/149423-got-myself-w202-c230-kompressor.html which I started two years ago (!) part of which is a copy & paste job so it's really not too concise so forgive me fellow W202'ers. I haven't updated for a year either...
  4. 24karrat

    West Midlands - AMG Summer cruise AKA Earth day

    Hi Guys, In the up coming summer season, would any fellow members be interested in a Pre-merger AMG cruise, gathering, drink over a mix grill, one of the days in the hot summer sound like something you'd be interested in? As a fellow MB purist & enthusiate I'm also a part time...
  5. KillerHERTZ

    S-Class Cabriolet (aka Ocean Drive) SpyShots/S63 AMG Cabriolet

    2014 S-Class Cabriolet/Softop (aka Ocean Drive) SpyShots
  6. T

    Protecting the A-Class Grenade a.k.a Automatic gearbox

    Guys, I was wondering if there's any voodoo procedure, or even normal maintenance, or anything really, that one can do to make sure the W168 A-Class' automatic gearboxes stay intact. My box has had a recent something-something-something done to it for £2k, and I'm hoping that it would be...
  7. L

    Bag of spanners (aka my 300d engine) sorted!

    My w124 300td engine sounded like a bag of spanners crossed with some angry typists and a nail gun. It smoked quite badly, and it was weeping oil from the head gasket around the chain cover. I did a diesel purge with 1l of "diesel purge" which quietened the engine quite a bit - it sounded great...
  8. Koolvin

    Collection for Mark Stephen Eley aka Mark300SL - RIP

    In honour of Mark, we closed the forums yesterday in his remembrance. We would like to thank everyone who donated. We are making a collection for a funeral wreath and any surplus funds will be donated to Leukemia Research (The family's chosen charity) - If you would like to donate then please...
  9. KillerHERTZ

    CL facelift aka S-Class coupe spyshots

  10. MikeL

    Nikon IT– AKA Muppet’s at large

    Have had a Nikon web account for a number of years – used this to register equipment and for firmware downloads. Tried to login today, no joy….. The history: 1) Account initially set up, standard username (by default an e-mail address) & password. 2) Change username to other than e-mail 3)...
  11. ringway

    Ian Wright (AKA IAN WALKER)124 Works A Service+

    I had a trip to see Ian Walker at 124works earlier this week, around 60 miles from where I live, for an A service. Ian and his apprentice (seems very competant for a "young un") carried out the service which I am pleased with. There is a difference in dealing with these guys as opposed to...
  12. NW_Merc

    For Karl aka KillerHertz

  13. Ian B Walker

    Arwen aka Carol

    Carol has sadly moved on from her Mercedes days. Her beloved 190E has blown its engine big time. The cost of the repair to her is more than the car is worth. So we did a deal. She has moved up in the world and is now the proud owner of a Suzuki Baleno :rolleyes:. Just thought I would share...
  14. robert.saunders

    traffic police shift - aka holding on to grab handle with sweaty palms

    I thought I’d post some ramblings on here about my shift with traffic police yesterday (1300-2300 shift). I’ll try and keep it informative but not too specific for obvious reasons. Arrived at 1300, had a brief hello with the people I didn’t already know, and we had a quick look at cars...
  15. BTB 500

    Set of five M-B Ceginus wheels (aka "Evo II" or "Mille Miglia")

    OK guys & gals, I’m offering the wheels that were on my R129 until very recently These are M-B Ceginus design - often called “Evo II” or “Mille Miglia” after the 190E Evolution II and R129 Mille Miglia special edition, which had them as standard They were also fitted to the...
  16. Spinal

    Rate my Bottle (aka how old is this ale?)

    Howdy! A very off topic one tonight... As some of you know, I work in a very old building full of creepy nooks and crannies... I was crawling in one of the lofts, worrying about the possibility of asbestos and beehives (or asbestos mutated bees...) and I stumbled across this bottle...
  17. Spinal

    It's Swarfega Time! (aka where does the pollen filter go?)

    So it's that time of the year again... the sun is bright, the weather warm, the birds chirp merrily... and I'm stuck under my car, my every pore sweating swarfega through the grease and grim while I try to figure out why I'm doing this... This weekend I managed to change the fuel filter, oil...
  18. M

    UCI - Universal Customer Interface aka SL65 ipod.

    Mercedes Benz has launched the much delayed UCI module. This hardware is designed for the MOST bus which has been used in cars since 2002, with the E-Class as the first variant. This range includes SL R230, CL W215, and S W220 which have seemingly been left out of the iPod craze. In 2008 all...
  19. musketeer

    central locking vacuum unit (aka PSE) for a 1999 SLK

    I'm looking for a control unit / vacuum pump for a 1999-2001 SLK (200 or 230) part numbers: 170 8000 548 or 170 8000 648 It sits in the boot, behind the drivers wheel. Thanks, M
  20. esox

    Rogues Gallery (AKA WTF)

    Please feel free to add your own "favourites"...........
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