1. mmerc

    W204 B7 service and ATF change

    Engine oil and filter change ,ATF changed with all new gasket washer etc,all other checks carried out .£380.00 all mercedes parts and mercedes trained independent.comments ::bannana::bannana:
  2. T

    atf dipstick for level check on a VITO W639 V6 Diesel

    Anyone know whether my ATF dipstick that i used on my 2001 E320CDI (inline 6 ) and 1999 CLK 430 can be used on my W639 2007 VITO 120CDI (Sport X 204 ) I think the its the same 722.6 box as its tiptronic & Rear wheel drive and not the 7 speeder presumably my combination is the same as perhaps the...
  3. exvolvoman

    ATF change

    Hi guys, Need some advice please. About to change the atf and filter, will be ordering a kit from MB of Newcastle, 4lt oil, filter & gasket. Do I need to use new bolts to secure the pan? They are not supplied in the refill kit, but I've read horror stories here of them seizing in place or...
  4. M

    7G Tronic Plus ATF Change & Service - E Class 2013

    I have just completed an Automatic Transmission Service on my 2013 E Class W212 (estate) 7G-Tronic Plus using the ATF 134FE Blue Oil and thought I'd share my experience. As a guide to my skill-set, I am an engineer with experience in the motor vehicle and aircraft industries, although I’ve...
  5. M

    W211 atf change

    Hi, My 2007 W211 (E320 cdi Avantgarde) with 7G Tronic last had fluid change 30/12/2011 @ 41672 miles. Now @ 67500, when should ATF be renewed? Also, Plugs were changed at same service -when do I next replace them ? Thanks. Mike.

    ATF: Flush or Change?

    I read on here that the securing clip on the ATF filler/dip-stick tube is coloured black when it leaves the factory and subsequent ATF checks by services is replaced with a red clip. Today I broke off the BLACK plastic clip, which means my gearbox hasn't been checked since leaving the factory...
  7. M

    when should an ATF be changed on a C220 CDI W204?

    Hi All, I own a C220 CDI W204 (2011) Blue Efficiency and I have a Service Care Plan for 3 years, this would include BAB service. My service was due today (B service), and so this morning I checked the EES Guide and it said an ATF was due. It has not had one done previously. The mileage on the...

    ML55 ATF change.

    I have searched through my owners manual and can't find the specs for ATF so I'm looking at Valvoline Max Life with a shot of Lubeguard Platinum to change the transmission fluid. Does anyone know of a better ATF for my car?

    ML55 ATF and filter change.

    I have searched through my owners manual and can't find the specs for ATF so I'm looking at Valvoline Max Life with a shot of Lubeguard Platinum to change the transmission fluid. Also, I can't find the capacity how much is required to refill. I know I cannot completely drain the system so...
  10. S

    Atf change

    Anyone have any ideas what im looking at for a dealer atf service on my c220 w204 2007 I thought about doing it myself but dont have the level check dipstick Cheers all
  11. T

    E63 AMG 5.5 - November 2013, 45k, £29750 no offers - recent oil, ATF, plugs service

    Here for sale is my 2013 E63. Just had an A service completed at Mercedes. A lot of these cars are getting to the age & mileage where the automatic transmission fluid and filter and spark plug replacements fall due. This work costs £900-1300 at a main dealer and it has all just been...
  12. T


    Had the ATF and filter changed, checked the anti-freeze and renewed the brake fluid, all done at my local indy. not a bad a price £280.49.
  13. S

    w204 722.6 ATF flush

    Hey guys I have read through BlackC55's DIY on doing the 722.6 flush which is great - however I am still a little confused about draining my TC. I have been reading some conflicting advice. I have taken two photos from under my car. The first photo shows the banjo bolt coming back from cooler...
  14. 2

    R107 350sl 1974 correct ATF fluid?

    Hi everybody I have tried looking around on google for correct spec for the auto transmission fluid for a 1974 350sl. It maybe me but cant seem to get details. I can get service parts from local Merc dealer but they say not sure on fluid spec as car is too old. cant seem to find it on EPC...
  15. mmerc

    A3 service plus atf change and filter

    W204 c220cdi 32500 miles a3 service plus atf change and pollen filter air filter and fuel filter oil change and filter £525.00. Comments please reasonable or expensive ?
  16. B

    ATF Flush on a W220

    Has anyone done an ATF flush on their W220?
  17. Yugguy

    Doing my own ATF change

    Been looking at a change on the 5g 722.6 Just the oil pan 4litre, not the torque converter. it seems to me to not be that much more difficult than an engine oil change. So here's my plan. Get the box slightly warm. Drain oil. Remove oil pan. Change filter, magnet, gasket. Clean up and...
  18. sprinterich

    ATF Change on a Vaneo, Fluid?

    Hi I have a 2004 Vaneo automatic. I have no record of an atf change and sometimes feel the fluid is a bit tired, Firstly does anyone know the correct fluid? (I hear you all saying go to the mb dealer but they have tried to sell me the wrong fluid for autos before and frankly don't seem to know...
  19. U

    ATF oil change on w204 garage recommendation?

    Hi guys, long time lurker wanting some advice please. ive just purchased a 2012 22cdi sport coupe...its done 90k but the auto gearbox oil was never changed at 32/40k. I wanting some recommendations from members who have had this by an independent in the west yorkshire area...Elite in...
  20. Trickythemerc

    Fuchs titan 4134 atf fluid

    I have 6 liters (approx) of Fuchs Titan 4134 left over after my gearbox service, I bought 20 liters and pushed about 14 through to ensure all the old stuff had gone. I am in south Manchester if any one wants it for £20.00
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