1. MoAMG

    Is my new car broken?

    I'm hearing, what sounds like, a high frequency belt whine coming from under the bonnet. It seems to be present at idle when the car is warmed up and increase when revved up to circa 2.5k RPM. It then disappears as the revs build... Anyone else notice this noise in their bi-turbo? Maybe I'm...
  2. M

    W163 auto box spring broken?

    Hi I've got an 2005 ml270 and when I put it in drive the car drives great But if I try to use a manual gear the box will "jump it back up to drive/auto" As if there is a spring keeping the shifter permanaly right If I carefully hold the shifter and drop a gear it will stay in that gear But...
  3. Stratman

    Broken spring

    After too many boing boing noises from the rear of my W203 estate I finally got underneath and found the cause, a broken coil spring. Looking at Youtube's finest mechanics I'm happy they can be changed without a spring compressor, by lowering the bottom arm on a trolley jack after removing the...
  4. richard300

    M104 -Broken Valve??

    Hi - I have had a misfire on my Mercedes S280 (M104.944) that i have struggled to resolve. Changed the plugs, leads, bought a new coil and swapped them around.... But its still there. When i changed the plugs i found the front 3 were dirty and the rear 3 were wet. I also had someone think it...
  5. T

    slk 280 drivers side c pillar clip broken

    Hi Just noticed that my c pillar trim does not sit well near the top, roof end (trims either did of rear window) I had a look inside and the clip has broke near top I hear these are a pain to Change and am worried of water getting in Can water get in? Was thinking of getting some...
  6. BTB 500

    OK ... where did this broken spring come from?!

    Found this broken spring on the drive this evening, at the back of the Vito Looks like a broken suspension spring, but it's too small to be off either our Vito or C Class estate! The spring itself is 10cm diameter, and the rod is 10mm diameter. I can't think of anywhere else on either...
  7. MancMike

    My knob is broken

    Hi, All. My spinning knob thing in the centre console has stopped working properly. It works as N.E.S.W directional and push down button, but rotating it no longer scrolls radio stations, etc. It doesn't do anything when rotating. It's not something I'd expected to break to be honest...
  8. P

    W168 2001 - Remote broken

    And I've only got one. Seems to be the bit on the circuit board that contacts the batteries has snapped off. Managed somehow (it half worked for a bit) to get the alarm turned off. Now I'm able to lock the other doors manually from inside then get out and use the key to lock driver door...
  9. C

    w124 broken springs

    I have a 1992 w124 300td which has recently had 2 broken springs near side front. The first time the spring remained in position and was found at mot, the second time the broken spring came out altogether when the car was parked. Both springs came from a Mercedes dealer and were professionally...
  10. S

    Should I fix what's not broken?

    HELP I've got a dilemma do I reseal my cabriolet or do I leave it? I know absolutely nothing about this type of roof as my last soft-top was a Jeep Wrangler and it roof was just a thin bit of fabric/plastic!! Now my problem is I've no idea where the rain/water goes it soaks into the roof but the...
  11. H

    Broken fanbelt

    Hi - new here so appreciate the help - my fanbelt broke - how far can I still drive without damaging the engine? I assume the main problem is the water pump and to some extent the power steering - thanks in advance
  12. O

    broken glow plug vito v6 cdi

    looks like number 5 plug has had the hex part stripped off it. the core is still intact. is it possible to get this out without removing head or engine
  13. 4n0y-merc

    Should I change shocks on a 10 year old CLK because the coil spring is broken

    Hi Guys I wonder if anyone can give me advice on replacing my CLK 2004 front shocks (gas type) I heard a bang whilst going over a dreaded speed bump and on closer examination I notice a broken front coil. Replacing it seems quit easy, however I'm thinking, its an 11 year old car, i had it...
  14. triple h

    w202 parking pedal broken

    hi folks, i've got a 1995 c180, had the handbrake warning light staying on and warning sound when driving, checked the fluid which was fine so went to my local non mb garage and they found near the top of the pedal where the brake switch is located a metal part had broken. just wondered if...
  15. S

    Door check strap broken

    Hi all, Well it happened, gust of wind with the drivers side door open and a loud clunk. Door wouldn't close properly so I forced it, now the door shuts (just about) and the window doesn't work, so I'm guessing I've damaged the window mechanism by forcing the door shut. Anyway I've been looking...
  16. glyn86

    broken wheel bolt

    Well lads.this little beut decided to snap on me the other day.just the head of it.any ideas to get it out
  17. kianok

    Easy broken reverse fix

  18. M

    W163 ML270 Thermostat replacement and broken fuel line

    Hi guy's, Thought I would pass on some info to help someone else in the future. As seems to be common place on ML270's my thermostat was not working correctly and was either fully or more likely slightly stuck open as my engine was constantly running cool around 60 degC. Having done a lot...
  19. grober

    The Internet is Broken!

    I impart grave news for all Microsoft Xboxand Sony PlayStation owners who were unable to use their "alternative reality" boxes yesterday. The internet was broken. Customers will have to make do with reality till its mended. Still there's always Strictly Come Dancing. Downton Abbey or...
  20. M

    Boxing Day - great time for a broken spring

    Looks like my W202 has a broken rear o/s spring. It's 3cm lower on the rear after one of those expensive-sounding metallic 'clangs', post-speed bump. With unerring timing, it's Boxing Day, I'm in Falmouth for Christmas and home is Oxfordshire. And to top it off, we need to be out of our...
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