1. C

    finally found a cls55

    so after a long search, I have finally agreed the purchase of a stunning cls55. all will be revealed after the exchange :+) cant wait! so excited!
  2. J

    CLS55 & MO tires

    Afternoon all! CLS55s and tires... Do the CLS' NEED to have MO approved tires? The cost isn't an issue, it just seems to be more restrictive on what tires are available with the markings. The tires on it are 285/35/18 (not standard CLS wheels but they are AMG) Also, does anyone know what...
  3. C

    cls55 on ph, anyone on here

    cls55 amg

    Just noticed my engine management light is on,the car is running perfect not a sign of trouble,would it be wise to go to my mb centre and have a diagnostic on it,thanks in advance

    cls55 amgFront Bumper

    Hello All, First post so be gentle with me:thumb: Im after a front bumper for my cls55 amg Can anyone help please Kind rgds Colin
  6. V

    Picked up CLS55!

    Picked it up a day early and have enjoyed it so far! Thrust in the back feeling is so good! One question, i'm getting a message saying my tyre pressure is low but they all seem fine?
  7. rossy

    Cls55 amg 2005 55 plate

    So, been without a merc now for a few years and must say I regret selling the CL55 AMG... I'm looking at getting a 55 plate CLS55 needs to be a 55 reg for a few reasons... My Private plate is a 55 reg...and as such can only go on a 55 or newer car. I like the cheaper road tax of £295...
  8. italian_cls55amg

    Lowering cls55 amg options?

    I'm looking into lowering my cls 55 amg . Has anyone here done so and can you point me in the right direction? I've come across this lowering kit as I think it may be the right one but open to your opinions: Lowering kit W219 CLS320CDI, CLS350, CLS500, CLS550, CLS55, CLS6
  9. C

    cls55 hunting #2

    hello, so has anyone viewed this one? Mercedes-Benz CLS 55 AMG -Top Specification -Low Mileage -Full Service History | eBay seems a decent example, but been for sale for a while, too exp possibly?
  10. V

    Bought a CLS55 AMG!

    After looking around for a while, I managed to find a very well maintained silver one! Heres the ad : Mercedes-Benz CLS 5.5 CLS55 AMG 4dr Albeit high mileage, it was in very good condition, no expense spared, all receipts and serviced on time, has a good MOT history too. Got it for £9,400...
  11. V


    Plan on going CLS shopping in a couple of weeks, as bonus comes through this month. Anyone thinking of selling up? Mileage not too much of an issue FSH either dealer or specialist Good condition Not too fussed on colour but prefer black if possible Single slat grill is a bonus Ideally...
  12. KillerHERTZ

    W219 CLS55 AMG Front Lip

    Anyone recommend a decent supplier? loads on eBay.
  13. L

    New Member CLS55

    Hi All, Had my CLS55 for just over 6 months now, sorted out a few niggles (seat control box, ball joints, blocked cats) and slowly getting her in tip top shape. Also did a few mods, Black grill, Black wheels, side badges, Carbon Wrapped pillars, decat and remap. Safe to say though one of...
  14. KillerHERTZ

    CLS55 AMG Front Lip Spoiler

    Anyone got one they would like to sell?
  15. V


    Considering buying one of these to sit alongside my C63 and potentially a future investent.. Do the 5.4 engines suffer any common problems? How reliable is the airmatic suspension and are transmissions reliable or do they suffer any issues? Anything in particular i should be looking out for...
  16. RetiredSlider

    CLS55 Weird Engine Noise (help & video!)

    Hey All, I wondered if you'd be able to help me shed some light on this. I've owned my CLS55AMG for the last 2 years and it's always ran faultlessly. It has however always had this weird whining/grinding noise coming from the underside of the car towards the rear of the engine. It happens...
  17. C

    wanted CLS55 AMG

    hello all, im looking for a nice cls55 amg. Ideally silver. Must have the 19" 5 spoke alloys. Less than 100k, must have excellent maintenance records. Wondering if anyone is thinking of selling shortly? Thanks chris
  18. ChrisCLS55

    Modernising the interior of my 11 year old CLS55

    While I personally feel the interior of my 11 year old CLS55 has aged quite well say in comparison to the E55 and even some of the C63s, I want to make my car look and feel more modern inside as it is still showing its age compared to new Mercs/other cars. Obvious things are the steering wheel...
  19. D

    CLS55 Rear Exhaust Clamp

    i'm looking for an exhaust clamp as mine is breaking up but i'm loathed to pay £24 from Merc, but i can't seem to find one online, it looks like a Mikalor clamp except instead of it having flat clamping surfaces it's kind of curved. Part number is A0004901041 Any suggestions would be great
  20. C

    potential cls55 onwer looking for advice

    hi guys, im considering the purchase if my dream car, the cls55 in a month or two and am looking to start gathering some information on them. id be interested to hear feedback from current owners on typical running costs and what common things to look out for when viewing. cheers
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