1. D

    Are Insurance Companies ripping us off?

    Having gone from a nice but very old C220 CDI estate IRAC insurance around the £400 mark) to an ML (again old but immaculate) which I've yearned for, I found the insurance at £900+ for the year! 10 years plus no claims WTF WHY???
  2. T

    Recommended car wash companies?

    Hi All Was just wondering whether anyone knows any decent car wash companies somewhat near Luton or national chains, I know the result will not be as good as washing at home but I'm hoping there will be some reputable companies out there that do a ok job without any damage. Many thanks
  3. SilverSaloon

    car transportation companies that deal with shipping

    Hi Can anyone recommend any companies that would collect a vehicle from my house in Scotland and transport it (via low-loader/transporter) to Hull and put it on a ferry? I'm selling a car and the purchaser (who is genuine, not a scam, club member etc) lives abroad. I need an easy way of...
  4. MancMike

    If insurance companies were honest - cracked video

    Cracked is a cool satirical channel presented well. Here's a video on insurance, which made me chuckle as it's all very true... zfdSTyAcXfs
  5. Benzmanc

    Delivery companies beware

    If you don't deliver my parcels on time, this will happen.......bye bye van:D
  6. Stratman

    Landlord management companies

    Toe in the water time. We have a house which we rent to one of our sons but he wants to move on. If we sell we'll have lots of money sitting in the bank earning 0.00000001%, so the alternative is to rent it out again. Renting it to our son was easy, but I don't really want to drive three...
  7. toffee-pie

    Insurance companies.......

    Robbing me again. For the third year running I need to change insurer. Quote for CL55 - £1300. A 5 minute search yields < £700. Guess this is standard across the industry.
  8. P

    Lease companies and ConnectMe

    Apologies if this is covered elsewhere but I have not seen anything other than a couple of comments in the huge 350e posts... I have a 350e coming next month from Alphabet, sure I had read they were allowing Connect Me but I have just been told that I won't get it as they are not turning it...
  9. W

    Warranty Companies :(

    Hi All Hoping someone can give me some direction please. I have a 55 plate W211 280CDi Auto(127000 miles, full history) that has suddenly developed a Turbo Fault. The fantastic blokes at Mercanix identified a sudden failure on the electronic actuator. My warranty company are trying to...
  10. P

    55 Kompressor pulleys needed. Anyone know any good companies?

    The pulleys on my 55 Kompressor are knackered and in need of replacement as they're sounding awful. I heard its a common problem with these cars. I need the idler, tensioner and twin guide pulleys. Obviously Ebay has some parts but I'm sceptical incase they're Chinese rubbish. Eurocarparts...
  11. mattmeyler19

    C63 new owner mapping companies query

    So far I've seen eurocharged and MSL seem to be the favourites for remapping, anyone heard of Celtic tuning?
  12. The _Don

    Insurance companies refuse to insure Range Rovers after spate of thefts
  13. T

    Insurance Companies Charges.

    Hi phoned my ins. company yesterday to inform them that I had changed my wheels. The extra cost was £5.00 and the admin fee was £35.00, I won't say who the insurance company was but I was a bit pi**ed off that they charge that amount for something as trivial as that. It is not as though it...
  14. M

    Insurance companies make no sense

    Last year when I bought my C63 I was suprised to find it was cheaper to insure than my e350 convertable it replaced. Aviva were the cheapest by a mile and quoted me around £450. This year this has risen to £1050! A little look around and I can get cover for £335 from Churchill. And this...
  15. Palfrem

    Are there any honest companies in Finance?

    Pensioners are being robbed of their savings by insurance companies - Telegraph Lloyds fined £28m for 'sell or be demoted' incentive plan - Telegraph Another week and yet more evidence of the "Financial Sector" having more crooks in it than Wormwood Scrubs. I understand no senior...
  16. S

    Insurance Companies are a Strange Breed

    I bought my ML270 three days ago, I informed my insurance company LV, of this and they asked for a further £300 pound, this would take my premium on to £700, and that's not even for a full year. The vehicle I was swopping my NCB from was a Mitsubishi L200, not exactly a high performance car :D...
  17. G

    Leasing Companies

    I have seen many offers for SLK at a very low price, how can Mercedes do this? My wife would like (as they all do) an SLK and the lowest price I have seen is £227 on contract hire and leasing. Are these prices real? Thanks Gregg
  18. Spinal

    Umbrella Companies - 90%???

    Question for the contractors out there... I've always been used to 70%/75% take home pay with a LTD; but I've seen some companies which purport to offer 90% take home pay after taxes... There's quite a few of them, I wont bother posting links... but I was curious if this seems legitimate? M.
  19. developer

    The Madness Of Insurance Companies (Home Insurance)

    Renewal quote arrives - £473 (existing customer). I ring them for their best deal - £438 - "the best we can do Sir". Compare the Meerkat, for the same company/same policy criteria - £272. Go figure :crazy:.
  20. D

    Big Brother insurance companies

    I read an article a week or so ago (Cant remember where) re Insurance . When you insure your car sometimes the insurance company asks wether you are a member of motor clubs enabling you to get a degree of discount, in telling the company you are a member of a certain club you give them cause to...
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