1. Cymruambyth

    Cornering lights.

    Is there any way to turn off/disable this useless function? I caught sight of mine in a shop window yesterday as I was waiting to turn left and it just looks like I have a fog light out.....looked awful.
  2. Gbrowncls55

    Cornering lights (curve light)

    Just read on here that CLS55 or any AMG for that matter do not have cornering (curve light) function even with bi xennon. Is this correct? Certainly mine don't seem to work even though listed on data sheet.
  3. D

    Cornering lines

    So on my way home today following a disco down a b road at 60mph. He lines up for a 135° left by half crossing the white line. Pretty poor road positioning I think as the corner is unsighted so not much chance to see anything oncoming. He then moves back to take the corner, but what happens...
  4. C

    Clonking sound from drivers side of dash when cornering sharply 2012 C220 sport est.

    HI, I'm just 2 months into owning my first Mercedes, I love the car (2012, C220 Sport Estate) but have noticed a slightly annoying feature. When cornering sharply I get a "clonk" sound from the drivers side of the dash, sounds like its around the light controls or just below, it almost sounds...
  5. C

    W204 ILS Cornering Light Bulb Replacement

    Hi I have a W204 which has the ILS fitted. One of the cornering bulbs had to be replaced. So I read the trusty Owners Manual and had a go. The old bulb came out easily with a turn anti-clockwise as stated in the Owners Manual. The issue is I can't get the new bulb to go back in. I can get the...
  6. F

    Deactivate cornering lights in Star?

    Hi guys! I have a Mercedes 211 with code 615 (cornering lights), and got a problem with my right headlight. It just stand still when i start the car, and got the fault code "Hdlmp cornering" in the dash. Is it someone here that can tell me how to deactivate this function in star, if it`s...
  7. B

    W212 E350 CDi - Draughty when Cornering...?

    Hi folks, I've now had my late-2009 W212 E350 CDi Avantgarde for a month and am really pleased with it. It's certainly a very honest example. One thing I've noticed - and the only thing I'm struggling to not get a little irritated by now that I've noticed it :rolleyes: - is that, when...
  8. Z

    horrible vibration when cornering

    I'm new to this so I hope i do it ok, when going round left hand corners i get a horrible vibration coming through the car i think it is on the right hand side but not quite sure, it all seems ok when going round right hand corners. I hope someone might know what it is and it's not something...
  9. ckember

    Cornering light function with AMG body kit on CLS

    I Have a 2010 grand edition CLS that came with a factory fitted AMG body kit, it appears from the literature that the cornering light function is not available when the body kit is fitted. Can someone please explain why and if it's possible to have it enabled via STAR? Many thanks Chris
  10. E

    Cool when cornering

    This one's going to sound weird :( When cornering i get a cold breeze on my legs/lower body, i haven't sussed whether its turning left/right or both, i particularly feel it if the cabins warm jurying a journey. Any ideas :confused:
  11. M

    Cornering lights

    Can anyone advice on cornering lights, e250 sport 2011 , it has come up on dash that cornering light are faulty. Is it a dealer job?
  12. B

    W204 Left Cornering Light Message Came on My Screen Briefly!!!!

    Hiya there Was Driving Home tonight and Suddenly the message "Left Cornering Light" came on the Dash of My 2011 C220 Sport, Looked in the Service Section on My OBC and it was showing 1 Message, Stopped at a Shop and when I returned to the Car the Message had disappeared and both Cornering...
  13. O

    W209 CLK blows cold when cornering

    Hi, My 2003 W209 CLK 320 heater blows cold air into the cabin when I go round corners. Any ideas please? I take a route to work with lots of bends and as it's starting to get chilly in the mornings I'd really like to put a stop to it. Thanks Oliver
  14. Alps

    How to repair Active cornering light error

    For over a year i had the "corning headlight deactivated" error, this was being caused by a faulty motor in the headlight unit. I could have deactivated the cornering function on the headlight but i actually liked it so i was about to replace the headlight (£675 from MB), but i read it could...
  15. MWCLS

    Turning off cornering light function

    Quite a useless function IMO, Anyone know how I disable this or would I need to hook up to Star? Regards Michael ** CLS W219
  16. DSB SL AMG

    W211 cornering light malfunction?

    Hi All, W211 (E55) 2004 NSF Malfunction cornering light alert on dash, car has bi-zenon, is it possible to de-activate via star? Thanks for info. Cheers, David.
  17. Y

    Hdlmp cornering probleme W211

    Hi Enyone have eny ideal for this?..... and what the light cornering? Thanks
  18. Mega_Angelic

    Enabling cornering fog lamps, and how easy to fit aftermarket HID's to A class W169.

    Hi, due to changing jobs with a long commute I've traded in my Volvo S80 T6 (18mpg) for a 2006 A Class 3dr Avantgarde SE (55mpg diesel). I have been searching around and there seems to be lots of threads asking how to disable cornering fog lamps. But nobody that I can find has asked how to...
  19. foxy1305

    cornering lights

    Its not really important just would be nice to know if this is right or wrong. On my 58 plate e320cdi, the cornering lights work fine when the main lights are set to auto, but, as this morning with fog, I set the main lights to on. I notice that in this setting the cornering ligts dont work. Is...
  20. flying haggis

    cornering lights activation

    Hi all I have an E280 CDi A/G est with bi xenon lights (option618) and I cant find the part of the menu in the instrument cluster that allows me to activate the cornering light function. Do I need to have it hooked to STAR to activate? Or am I just being thick (answers on the back of a used...
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