1. R

    W220 d2b bus ice upgrade opinions

    I have been unable to find a noob section and can't see any way of searching posts. If I'm doubling up or posting when/where I shouldn't, then apologies. I have a 2002 w220 s class with command 2.5. My boot changer is dodgy, so am looking to update head unit. What do people think is best...
  2. M

    W220 D2B to MOST upgrade required parts

    I have a 07.2003 S-Class with the wide navigation (I believe it's COMAND 2.0 MOPF), and without the BOSE option. I want to upgrade the HU to the 2004/2005 model and retrofit the BOSE amp and speakers. I can get them relatively cheap from a totaled car, so it'll be better than fitting an...
  3. B

    CD changer MC3010 with fibre cable & glovebox bracket. D2B

    CD changer MC3010 with fibre cable & glovebox bracket. D2B. Selling on ebay, see link.. Mercedes C class W203 CD changer MC3010 with fibre cable & glovebox bracket. D2B | eBay
  4. marv53

    2002 W203 command D2B

    For Sale, command unit and CD changer for sale, replaced as I wanted iphone control while driving. No cables. Sat nav out of date and CD not available with sale. Pics to follow. Fair offer will be accepted, I can post if needed. Location Louth Ireland Will go on ebay but offered to MB...
  5. D

    Can you help identify my radio type? W211

    Hi, I have an very early W211, can you help me identify this radio please ? From what I found, it is an Audio-20-Cassette, but I cant figure out whether it is D2B or MOST based. Radio_W211 - Imgur I am trying to get an option how to play my music, AUX / USB / CD Player or something since...
  6. G

    (W209) Aftermarket Headunit Options with D2B Bose System

    Hi everyone, I recently purchased a ’02 CLK (W209) with an Audio 10 Cassette and 6 CD changer in the glove box. I was disappointed, but really not surprised that it couldn’t play MP3’s nor read CD-RWs (I haven’t tried CDRs, but I don’t think it plays those either). As such, I thought I would...
  7. F

    UHI kit cabling for D2B

    HI guys, I bought a UHI D2B kit for my CLK and I was wondering where the separate Orange wire is supposed to be connected. I didn't get any cabling instructions and that is the only cable that I'm wondering where it goes to. Kit is similar than this one: Comand Online Ltd :: Mercedes...
  8. R

    SL Distronic, D2B Linguatronic, MOST CD changer, SL cluster and lots of other parts

    I'm having a clearout :-) MOST 6 CD cartridge CD changer SL BOSE AMP SL/S/CL Distronic sensor, SL/S/CL/C/CLK Distronic control unit SL COMAND 2.0 SL55 etched aluminium trim SL55 200MPH cluster SL phone D2B UHI phone system D2B Linguatronic controller (and SL wiring loom if you want)...
  9. Ted

    D2B, MOST, Canbus

    I hear of these being talked about all of the time, and I really don't know what they are apart from guessing that they are all optical multiplexed busses. So What are they? What do they relate to? - ICE? Signal aquisition? What is the difference? is it by year? Do other cars have them...
  10. marty359

    d2b and star??

    My Audio 10, Bose amp and CD changer have finally given up after months of playing up. Crack! pop! then silence. Id already replaced the Audio 10 with an old one out of my C240 a while back but still the same intermittent fault of no sound. If all 3 items are connected by the d2b ring...
  11. vibesg

    Argos Integration Bluetooth D2b Kit

    After months of research into this kit I finally toook the plunge. My 2003 CLK came with lots of extas but no telephone prewire. It did have a Sony Ericsson hands free kit which muted the speakers but I always hated looking at the Comand screen without being able to use the telephone function...
  12. maxg

    Dension 500 with CL600 d2b

    Does any one know if I install a Dension Gateway 500 into my CL (02 with d2b) and plug in an ipod will is show up on the central screen on the dash what its playing ect.
  13. mb240

    D2B converter? How to remove a fibre optic loop?

    I have a Becker Cascade headunit. I previously posted that it stops working after an hour and doesn't come on or off with ignition like the factory Audio 10 did. It also had a factory CD changer installed and has the D2B fibre optic connection in the dash. The Becker shuts itself off after an...
  14. T

    Installing IPod kit CLK W209 ('02) D2B

    I'm just about to install the ipod dension icelink plus that I bought off one of the guys on here and was after a bit of advice on where to run everything etc. I have already had the coman unit out today and although I don't have a CD changer the fibre port is taken. Initially I assumed that...
  15. W

    Fitting new D2B system into an older car

    Hi everyone, I am contemplating fitting a MB CD changer into an older Mercedes car. I understand that the newer (~Y2K?) MB changers and head units use a fibre optic system (D2B) and a seperate connection for power/wake up? I already have a suitable head unit with the fibre optic connections...
  16. U

    W209 2002 CLK / COMAND Fitted D2B?

    Hi, I fitted a COMAND to my CLK W209 on the weekend using the MB loom. I originally had an Audio 10. Interestingly the C connector for the Audio 10 only had TWO cables wired into it, Brown Brown/Black (CAN Bus) and that's it, nothing else, i.e. no D2B!. I looked in both door sills and foot...
  17. P

    Ultimate w203 d2b ipod integration solution

    Hello everybody, what is the best pre-facelift d2b w203 (2000-2004) ipod integration solution available? I mean for a solution that you can control the ipod from the steering wheel buttons and also charge from the car. Currently I only utilise the AUX IN of my command which is not an integrated...
  18. HughJarse

    D2B Plug - fibre optic

    As per previous thread - does anyone know the part number for the plug on the end of a d2b fibre optic cable - the one for a cd changer. Its the 90 degree on on the end of this picture. Ive tried main dealer but all they could offer was the full cable, which i dont need. Or if anyone can...
  19. HughJarse

    Should my comand have a d2b?

    As the title says - it doesn't as I didnt fit one? Works perfectly though , with dashboard etc... If not how do I install a factory CD changer as all the searches Im doing suggest that it connects via d2b? This is a link Im going off...
  20. A

    W220 MOST and D2B Comand units

    Hi folks, first posting on here, and I'm right in at the deep end!! I am about to collect a 2002 (non-facelift) S320 CDi next weekend, which for some reason has no Comand unit fitted. I am very keen to install it, and would obviously like the widescreen version rather than the smaller screen...
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