1. Group Captain

    Daft question......

    Stupid question of the day......2008 180k saloon....what sort of seat material do i have? They have beige 'leather' edges but the central bits are sort of 'Lloyds loom' woven material. What are they made of, and how do i clean them? :)
  2. C

    HID Downgrade? Another daft question...

    Anyone know if it's easy to "downgrade" from factory HIDs in my W220? It's a '99 model, and has just the dipped beam as HIDs, not a bi-xenon model. What I wanted to investigate - is it possible to retrofit some after-market headlamp assemblies, and either incorporate the factor HIDs into them...
  3. Harrythedog

    Do salesmen think people are daft?

    I've been looking for a >3 year old S212 350, loads of options, for a couple of months now and they seem to be like hens teeth however a call from my local MB dealer assures me they have done new stock in so off I go this morning. Met salesman and told him the requirements and off he sets on his...
  4. Cleggmeister

    Daft question... What colour is my W124

    It's bodywork time soon hence I'm ordering some kurust, filler, primer and paint. It's mainly the front arches though there are a couple of other spots here and there. My plan is to use a dremel to grind out the rust and get down to bare metal, kurust, prime and then paint, however I've no...
  5. developer

    Possibly A Daft Question But...

    ...you don't know until you know... Where is the best place to set a pair of axle stands under the front of my S212, so I can remove both of the front wheels to sort out a painted finish on the disc hubs?
  6. D

    Is this car going to drive me daft

    Went out today 30 or so miles away from home went to put some gear in boot and boot wouldn't shut ,no matter what i did it kept flipping back up .Drove home with boot tied almost shut with a lace from my shoe ,took it to my mechanic son and he sorted it in a couple of minutes the bar that the...
  7. carat 3.6

    A daft snow tyre experiment....

    I've never understood all the fuss about winter tyres, partly because in bucks, we only get bad snow and ice for a week at the most. During the past few winters using carefull driving, I have been able to get around perfectly fine with my all season contis. The only time I have got stuck, is...
  8. Palfrem

    W140 - a daft idea as a daily drive

    Mercedes-Benz S320 (W140) For Sale (1997) on Car And Classic UK When my E36 goes into the garage for the winter I'll be needing some wheels. Just watched Transporter and found myself thinking how good those black S Classes looked. Mind you, his 7 series BMW was nice too. Am I deluded...
  9. cjab98

    Daft wheel bolt question

    I have a set of Brabus Monoblock V (17x8), tried to fit them today but my wheel bolts are too short. Anyone knows what size I need? :D
  10. guydewdney

    disabled hand controls and the daft merc 'handbrake'

    my mrs is a wheelchair user, and has no use of her legs - so we bought an old banger c250td w202 auto. anyway - has anyone fitted hand controls in some way to the foot operated handbrake in this era of vehicle - and if so - how? I dont think a direct push would have the force required - so...
  11. R

    Daft 129 questions....

    1. how do I remove the steering wheel - want to swap over to my SL60 one (swiped from a forum member via ebay) 2. still hunting that bleeding (well my knuckles are) wiring for the speakers.. 3. creaky soft top - is there a guide as to where to lube (oo-er) or not as the case may be? 4...
  12. M

    Daft new-boy question?

    Afternoon I've been lurking on this site a short while, I'm the proud owner of a 10 plate C63 estate and love it, although I have a question that I hope you guys can help me with. On my main speedo display, in the lower half, it shows my speed in kmh and I can't find a way to either...
  13. D

    Polybelt tension (daft question)

    The instructions for removing/replacing the polybelt suggests holding off the tensioner with a 5mm pin or drill but I cannot see a hole. Access to get a good look is not easy. I would be grateful for a clue where to look! Thanks (R129 SL500)
  14. K

    daft question but.

    i have a 2002 c class cdi. where is my sump plug. need to change my oil.:confused:
  15. 50pence

    daft question for you maybe?

    but how do i take off childlocks on back door? ive switched the switch....people can open from the outside but not from the inside?
  16. G

    What a daft way to put an S Class off the road!

    Has anyone ever popped their boot lid with the key ... only to find the key won't then come out? This doesn't seem to be a freezing problem but, nevertheless, I've pumped as much de-icer and WD40 past the key as possible - and warmed it with a hair drier, but the lock just won't give it back...
  17. Arwen

    Ball - this one will drive you daft

    Try this. Not easy..!! http://mazzanet.id.au/ball.php
  18. beaRS

    Daft question about W/S button

    OK, This might seem like a daft question, because I'm sure that mose MB owners know the answer to this already. What does the W/S switch next to the auto shifter on my CLK do. I'm guessing its for switching the shifting program of the auto, but I cannot really feel any difference whether its...
  19. K

    First Time Clk Owner With A Daft ??

    Hi I just purchased my first ever mercedes its 1998 CLK 320 sport and I am over the moon with it, it was not advertised as having the AMG body kit but it looks like it has, can you guys tell me either way looking at it as i aint got a clue just loved the look of the car and drive...
  20. garystu1965

    Daft question on CLK

    Has anyone ever put a star on the bonnet to replace the flat emblem ? :o
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