1. D

    Delay in engaging reverse gear

    Hello everyone. I have a 1998 A160 W168 with an automatic transmission (722.7). Ever since I bought it a year or so ago it has had a problem with the reverse gear. When selected, it will engage fine when the engine is cold, but then it only engages after a delay when the engine is running hot...
  2. C

    GLE delay

    Hi All I'm new to this forum so be patient with me please, I'm getting a new GLE and my one was a car already on order so I was told that the car would be in the country by 16/01/17 which I was happy with but I've now been told that all new GLEs have been delayed and I won't get the car till...
  3. A

    C63 autobox cold ?

    First thing in morning after engaging reverse on my C63 there seems to be a delay before vehicle starts to rhis notmal folks?,dont happen after that ??
  4. P

    delay with accelerator pedal

    Mercedes W204 C 180 CGI 2012 7 speed automatic, had problems with the accelerator pedal causing a delay when pulling away at low speed, mentioned it to Mercedes Benz dealer in York, no help ,so took it to Listers Mercedes at Hull , East Yorkshire, they were really good , diagnosed as the...
  5. jhosk1981

    Gear change delay

    Hey guys, my clk 320 seems to be taking longer than usual to go from Drive to Reverse. It takes about 3/5 seconds then clunk's into gear. Is this normal? Sent from my SM-G800F using Tapatalk
  6. S

    Aircon delay when hot!

    W215 Cl600 Hi, It gets very hot out here and, when returning to the car after e.g lunch, the aircon doesn't come on for between 5-10 minutes ....... just when you need it! It's fine when starting first thing, in the garage, which is open-fronted but covered from the sun. Does this...
  7. S

    CLS 55 (2006) Delay Start Issue (UK) - Videos inside

    CLS 55 (2006) Delay Start Issue (UK) - Videos inside Hi Guys, I'm from the UK I recently purchased a CLS 55 (5 speed) with only 35k miles on the clock. However I'm having a small issue, when I start the car I get the occasional 1-2 second delay until I hear the engine idling straight...
  8. Fergie35X

    Throttle delay on SLK320 (R170)

    Hi, I've recently experienced a problem with the throttle response on my 2001. I've owned the car a couple of months, it's a low mileage (25k) FSH model, and the other day an hour or so into a drive I noticed a delay when pressing the accelerator. It lasted a second or so before there was any...
  9. M

    W124 OM606 diesel - long delay before pre-heat system cuts in

    Hello – can anyone help me with a problem on my newly acquired 1994 W124 300E diesel? The problem is that the glow plug light on the dash does not come on until 30 seconds or so after the ignition has been switched on (and at the same time you hear the “clunk” as the relay kicks in). The car had...
  10. T

    exterior lighting delay not working

    I just noticed, that since having my car, it has had the exterior lighting delay feature activated through the OBC and set to on, but it doesn't work. its supposed to leave the lights on for 15secs (factory default) once ign is switched off and car exited. reading the owners manual, this...
  11. H

    Acceleration 'lag/ delay'.

    C220 CDi SE Auto. 7,000 miles. For example: I'm waiting stationary at a junction or lights. Regardless of whether I have placed the auto box in Park or not, when I depress the accelerator pedal, from standstill, there's a one to two second delay before the car starts to move. Something...
  12. 3

    W124 - Idling Issue, delay in kickdown

    Hi guys, loking for some advice on how i can progress an issue i have got since my car has come back from paint.before the car started starightaway by the first turn, no idling issues, kickdown responded near enough instantlythe car has been sitting idle for nearly 2 months, doing very short...
  13. S

    Internal Light Delay - Boot

    Hi On my W204, the internal light/boot light don't stay on very long. Once the boot is open, the boot light only stays on for 30 sec before turning off. Before this use to stay on unil it was closed. The internal light are doing the same, once I have the door open - after 30 sec the lights...
  14. Meldrew2

    We apologise for the delay to the 1315 from Crewe.....

    At least it wasn't leaves on the line :doh: YouTube video of maniac clinging to railway tracks as train runs over his body | Mail Online
  15. Fizzer

    gearbox delay

    OK,I am sure this will have been covered before, but I havn't been able to find a thread. My CLS has the 7 G-tronic, there is a delay from depressing the throttle, at say coming up to a roundabout or junction, or when starting to overtake. my question is therefore.. why, and has anyone...
  16. S

    Delay before accelerating

    I have got aW212 E250 CDI Sport. This is my first ever diesel and first ever automatic. When I accelerate hard, there seems to be a 1-2 second delay before it decides to go. Is this normal? I though it had 2 turbos to eliminate this kind of thing?
  17. R

    B Service required CLK - any way to delay?

    So, My CLK flashed up "30 days to Service B". Having just recently accepted a pay cut, this was not music to my ears! I've read that the most likely reason is that it's been 2 years since the last service, that could be true, I need to check the books. Just making sure it's not something...
  18. Druk

    w211 gearbox delay

    Friend has a 320CDi 2009 7speed tip. Going from drive to reverse there is a very noticable delay. Easily two seconds before drive takes up. Normal going from reverse to fwd. My 5speed is almost instantaneous. Is the delay normal or any ideas please? (before he complains)
  19. O

    Cracked wheel? - don't delay replacing it

    I thought forum members would like to see photos of a crack in one of my alloy wheels. I originally posted on the wheels and suspension thread in the technical forum but this seems of much wider interest and safety implication that I thought others would like to see it. The first picture is of...
  20. bobby

    Delay in acceleration, intermittent kick-down probs

    Hi all, Thought I'd bring a problem to the panel: Intermittently, I have noticed that kick-down is not working correctly. Instead of dropping down a few gears and galloping away, I hear the engine doing this but do not feel anything happen! Its almost like there's a limiter on - checked...
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