1. P

    Parameter steering gear to replace regular and DIY control

    Hi, A few months recent '02 W210 STW heavy steering in getting annoying enough to consider a reman steering gear (understood the gear usually worns out, not the steering pump). As far as i understand, the Parameter Steering -option offers more power assist than regular steering at low vehicle...
  2. C

    w211/w219 rear subframe bushes DIY?

    hello guys, after the cars been in for a check up today, the garage suggested it could do with its rear subframe bushes replacing. Anyone done this DIY? Id like to have the subframe itself sand blasted and repainted while its off, so wouldnt be suitable to give to a garage to do.... C
  3. aquanaut

    R63 DIY engine rebuild

    Mercedes R63 AMG Owner Completes DIY Engine Rebuild Dealer Said Would Cost $57,000 Interesting article
  4. Abb

    Brake line replacement, DIY Yes or No

    I have recently began restoring a W202 C43 and have carried out all the work myself, although I am no mechanic (am a spark) I am practically minded and not adverse to getting my hands dirty. Its given me a great sense of achievement so far (sad I know), having replaced the springs, shocks, ball...
  5. T

    What can't you do DIY an E class? I know a lot depends on ability, but aside from that, what can't be done?
  6. S

    57 E320CDI dipped headlights pink - what bulbs and whether DIY

    Hi, One of the dipped headlights on my W211 57 E320CDI Saloon turned pink. What is the best bulb to buy - I want it to be as bright as possible and long lastting? Is it a DIY job? What would be the time for the job at a (reasonable) garage? Are the bulbs sensitive to being touched/knocked a...
  7. ChrisEdu

    DIY recommendations?

    Could anyone recommend a good DIY manual for the facelift W211? I'm wanting something that is easy to follow for somebody without mechanical experience and that will cover the basics, such as oil changes, filters, etc... I'm not looking to do an engine rebuild or total restoration! I just...
  8. anfieldassasin

    Why I do my own DIY

    Just finished up doing some cooling system work and fan clutch + belt. Some. Of. It was a frustrating experience because previous owner had new alternator fitted. Only realised when I was doing my work that they had obviously stripped the tensioner rod (probably from lack of loosening the main...
  9. L

    Comand 2.0 and DIY Reversing camera issue

    Hi I have a Panasonic DVD player running perfectly through my Comand 2.0. I bought a £6 reversing camera off ebay. The camera works fine off the cheap and nasty Eonon unit in my C180k but I want to use it on the Comand in my 270ML. When I unplug the Panasonic DVD Video phono and plug in the...
  10. D

    I can't find the write up for DIY - M271 $12 hose replacement

    What happened to the write up can't get to.via here or web pagw Sent from my MotoE2(4G-LTE) using Tapatalk
  11. I

    LHD W124 including DIY seat covers + years supply of BBQ meatículos/mercedes-benz/e/mercedes-benz-e-300-300-turbo-w124---93/806720
  12. D

    SBC Brake fluid change, DIY or not?

    I know this is something that has been talked about a lot on various forums, but I'd just like to pick your collective brains on whether you think doing this DIY is effective enough to make it worthwhile. This is one of the jobs I need to do on my 'new' W211 and I usually do all work myself...
  13. S

    DIY Servicing, 2012 E350 CDI

    I am about to pull the trigger in the next 2 wks on a 2012 eclass 350 cdi. On my current car, I do an in between service at 10k, with oil / filter / pollen / and air filter once a year. Once a year it goes to an indie to do oil / filter via sump, fuel filter and all the other checks that is...
  14. D

    MB DAB receiver retrofit c250 w204 Done it DIY

    hello everyone. I am posted I while ago in general discussion forum. I am getting emails to explain in more details how to do it, so I updated my post with a bit more info how to fit MB DAB radio. maybe my tread will be usefull link here...
  15. F

    DIY How To - Remove Facelift C63 Front/Rear Diffuser Inc Fitting Guide

    Just thought i would contribute on my findings when removing the front and rear diffusers for a facelift C63. Guides across the forums tend to lean more towards the pre-facelift or facelift cars which use slightly different bolt configurations so hopefully this is helpful and relevant. Pictures...
  16. Toobad

    D.I.Y. New Car Detail on my Hyacinth Red GLC

    So I managed to deflect the hard upsell of the £400 Mercedes SupaGard paint protection treatment. It just essentially appears to be an all-over wipedown with Carlack 68 Complete Care coupled with a nicely presented bottle of Carlack Long Life Sealant for later top-ups. Hell, I can buy the...
  17. J

    DIY Alternator lead what gauge wires?

    After months of my 230e playing up not charging the battery I have finally found out why I want to repair this myself but need a little advice and a list of things I need? In short it's my alternator lead,the exciter wire has a break in it causing an open circuit it literally makes or...
  18. S

    Main Dealer, Independent or DIY?

    Hi I've always maintained my own cars once they've reached the end of their warranty but this is the first 'prestige' brand I've owned so was a bit reluctant to not keep up the full MB service history to date. As the car is now 10 years old I suppose most of the depreciation has been taken...
  19. KillerHERTZ

    DIY Wheel Refurb

    Bought a 2nd hand rear alloy recently which was in a less than perfect state, so armed with Halfords 744 Brilliant Silver, Primer and Laquer 400 Wet & Dry & Megs Cutting compound I had a go and refurbing it myself. Not perfect but a great improvement: Apologies for the phone photos, I will take...
  20. A1EK

    DIY alternative front splitters.

    I made a simple lip spoiler from polypropylene to stop it catching on low curbs and for looks ! I then added a rubber trim to finish the look and had it on my car for about 5 years, but the splitter was completely ripped off when we had some flooding back in winter and got washed away sadly. I...
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