1. nick mercedes

    another one bites the dust

    HMV prepares to call in administrators | Business | The Guardian So that's Jessops, and HMV, who's next?
  2. ironsheik

    Aluminium Dust Caps Will Not Move.. HELP.

    Wanted to check air pressure in tyres, dust caps will not budge, tried pliers and still no luck.. As im using the pliers, the actual rubber valve was twisting as well, so had to stop that as I dont want to damage them.. Any ideas? i dont want to fork out for a set of new tyres...
  3. F

    W203 - Rear Axle - Rear Brake Dust Shield - HELP

    Hi everyone. I bought few months ago a W203. This week I decided fix a noise in the rear wheel. What was my surprise when I saw the rear Axle and Rear Brake Dust Shield. They are full of rust:crazy:. So I'll need some help: 1- I was thinking in change all Axle (+- £ 150 on ebay). Anyone...
  4. M

    Another one bites the dust...

    I was saddened to see last week that another piece of London's motoring heritage had disappeared. The elegant, neo-Georgian building (above) that used to house Standard-Triumph's flagship showroom at its north end, has been razed to the ground, to be replaced by a new office/retail block. I...
  5. P

    Ball Joint dust covers

    Now that this is an MOT item since the beginning of the year, my 1983 230E has failed only on the covers being damaged ..DOH! Fair enough, but, although Mercedes do a repair kit, I can't find one in the UK. I could buy the ball joints and swop rubbers but that seems an expensive option. I see...
  6. C

    Internal Dust Cover for SLK 320 (R170)

    If anyone has a dust cover for a R170 SLK for internal use, please let me know.
  7. BlackC55

    Textar E pads. Low dust performance pads.

    I want to do a trial with these pads but I don't currently have a car that I can use a set on. Is there any forum member that would like a FREE st of these E pads to try? I would like to fit them too to check the fitment quality. The advantages of epad: • Abrasion-resistant...
  8. E

    Textar LOW DUST 'E-PADs'

    Hi guys, We have just taken delivery of the full range (don't get too excited its only about 30 different pads at the moment) of the new Textar E-PAD Designed by TMD Friction (one of the worlds leading original brake suppliers) the E-PAD is a new friction material, which will hopefully...
  9. W

    Removing heavy brake dust deposits

    The new 190E has original MB 8-hole alloys. I suspect they've never been refurbed before (18 years old) and have a lot of brake dust build up in the holes. I gave them a quick wash down, then used a little TFR that I had hanging about, pressure washer etc. Doesn't seem to have budged it...
  10. T

    Best way to remove baked on dust from alloys.

    Hi, Read many internet posts on the best way to remove baked on brake dust from alloy wheels. I have some 15 holes that have black baked on brake dust between the spokes - anyone managed to clean this off without damaging the wheel finish? Thanks toby
  11. V

    Brake dust problem

    Hi, just wondering if ok to use Wonder Wheels on black alloys as i can see brake dust building up on alloys and what wax can i use to stop build up please.
  12. brucemillar

    W203 N/S mirror inner dust cover

    Hi Does anybody have the an old W203 N/S mirror. The inner dust cover is missing on my car allowing it to fill up with crud. So if you have a busted mirror that has the inner black plastic cover I would happily relieve you of it. It's the cover that sits inside the mirror housing not on the...
  13. zenman63

    Black Dust!

    Stared to find black dust on the back Bumper on my 115 vito, soot I imagine, is that a problem?
  14. comports

    Dust... Can one..?

    Hi all, After getting my car back from the body shop today to fix some minor cosmetic issues (like it when I bought it) I stood and looked at it on the drive. The paint finish is superb but..... after it had a good polish the dust just seemed to get sucked onto the car. Does anyone if...
  15. SilverSaloon

    removing rear brake dust shield R107 SL

    Hi my ARB link has broken on the rear of my 1985 SL. Unfortunatly the bolts are too rusted to be able to remove in situ, so i need to angle-grind them off. To gain access i need to remove the dust shield. i've removed the caliper and disc but cant see how the sheild is removed.... do i...
  16. R

    what product for cleaning alloy wheels-lots of caked on brake dust

    so i've cleaned the car (pics later) but the wheels were heavily caked with brake dust. i tried turtle wax tyre cleaner, and Mr Muscle Oven Cleaner. Both shifted some dirt but required A LOT of scrubbing. I've heard Wonder Wheels is good for this sort of stuff. But is it something i can...
  17. R

    Two sets of Silver MB Dust (valve) caps

    Hi, I'm after silver MB dust caps. I don't want the lockable kind please. If anyone has a set or can recommend a source, please let me know. Cheers, Ross
  18. pupsi

    Cleaning brake dust off polished lips?

    Brake dust has kinda baked onto the rims and hardened with the icey weather we've had of late. Whats the best stuff to get it off with and polish the rim with? I use autosol and that normally gets the stuff off but i need something stronger this time! Any recommendations?
  19. Howard

    Another one bites the dust ....

    Mercedes CLK 55 AMG Auto '00 Accident Damaged All Parts on eBay (end time 17-Dec-09 11:24:52 GMT)
  20. H

    W220 Gear Selector dust cover

    Hello all Is there a way to buy the ribbed dust cover without buying the whole trip surround? Mine started cracking and when I tried to take it out to superglue it back together, the whole lot fell apart. I have attached a photo of it. If you cannot buy the ribbed dust cover...
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