1. R

    Cabin dust filters

    Hi, Is there anyway I can tell if my 1995 w124 e250 should have been fitted with cabin dust filters, ie: from the vin number. the reason I asked is the Main dealer charged me for replacing them at a major service a few years back. Now I have the time to do my own servicing, I find they are not...
  2. D

    As the dust settles...

    ... on the farewell of the Quattroporte, I thought I'd pen a few thoughts to give an actual owners view and not "a bloke down the pub". The looks. It is achingly beautiful and even more so in the flesh, the rear and front quarters are very muscular though, these touches helping to create...
  3. AMGeed

    Another one bites the dust

  4. ToeKnee

    R230 Rear Suspension Dust boots

    The dust boots on the rear suspension of my '06 SL500 have seen better days, apart from Mercedes is there anywhere else in the uk that sells these parts? The part number is A230 328 00 92, if I cannot find anywhere else then I will have to use the main dealers. Thanks
  5. M

    Dust in headlight unit

    Hi all I changed the main beam bulbs in my car today and upon putting the bulbs back in and cap back on I noticed a bit of dust had gone into the headlight unit, it doesn't rest on the reflector parts thankfully but one piece is fairly big and sitting on the black part. Is there anyway to...
  6. K

    Brown brake dust

    A year ago (13K miles) I had front discs and pads replaced by local Indie. Used genuine MB parts. A few weeks later drove to Italy and straight away noticed brown not black dust on front wheels. Cleaned it off and after 100 miles or so it was back. Also noticed a barely perceptible vibration...
  7. Brian 1

    Nasty dust and bird droppings

    When at my Holliday home in Lincolnshire I get sticky dust, and bird poo on my car, its driving me mad, what's the best way to clean it off so it doesn't scratch, Please don't say cover it as it's not an option.
  8. vijilants

    Yet another one bites the dust - Billy Paul -RIP

    This is now getting silly...almost one a week !!! Billy Paul....RIP !
  9. KevinN

    R129 Drag Link Balljoint dust cover split

    I have just been told by MB that the dust cover (gaiter) on my R129 SL320 steering drop link balljoint is split. It was OK in June when I had the car MOT'd. MB want £419.80 plus VAT because they insist on fitting a new drop link assembly ! I only want a dust cover. Does anyone know where I...
  10. BIG_G_1979

    brake dust

    Hi guys it have noticed that my front brakes produce alot of dust and it's really hard to keep my wheels clean anyone else have this problem? W211 e280 cdi sport thanks Sent from my xperia z3 using MBClub UK
  11. t-dawg1

    Yellow staining on Alloys from Brake dust

    How do I get rid of the yellowish staining on my Alloys left behind after I cleaned the brake dust. To be fair if left my alloys unwashed for about 3 weeks and had gone really dirty especially fronts before I decided to wash them however they aren't shiny silver anymore. Has this happened to...
  12. Levismerc

    W124 brake dust shields

    Hi all, I've posted this over on the W124uk forum so sorry if some of you are reading it twice. Anyway, my W124 is in the workshop at the moment have a new offside wheel bearing fitted. The old one had only just become a bit noisy and this was found to be due to the fact that the dust/dirt...
  13. nickid

    w203 brake dust shield wanted

    I need one of these. two would be better. can contact me on here or my email. [email protected]. 07599202898
  14. nickid

    HELP . w203 rear brake dust plates

    Can someone tell me where I can get rear dust plates for a 2002 c180 coupe. Noone seems to stock them.:doh:
  15. E270 Owner

    Sand Dust levels in London area

    Hi, is it me or are increasing ? It dont seems to matter if its raining or not the sand/dust deposits are getting worse and its really abrasive too. I have 3 black vans out the back of the yard they were cleaned 2 days ago and now there's a thick pile of dust on them. A yellow green and black...
  16. W

    Front suspension ball joint dust cover

    Hi all, I drive W203 C200k wagon 2001 made, and recently failed the MOT test (@Halfords) on the below basis "Offside lower (outer arm) Front suspension ball joint dust cover excessively damaged so that it no longer prevents the ingress of dirt (2.4.G.2)" My question is, do I need to replace...
  17. grumpyoldgit

    Another one bites the dust!

    Uninsured driver's car? I wonder? Probably just a scrap motor. :dk: Oj81PpZ0jys
  18. I

    W203 Rusted rear brake plates (dust cover). Spring problem

    Hello. My first post here :) Recently on my W203 C220 2002 year i started to hear some scratching noise from rear left wheel. I decided to open the wheel and to see what is the problem. If someone writes some working i prefer pictures so here are some from me : I realized that the...
  19. moff

    Piano trim dust!!!

    Okay, so I love the piano trim in my car but my OCD's are driving me to distraction with the build up of dust that happens within minutes of cleaning it. So is there a product or cloth I can use that is anti-static and will limit the build up? Thanks!
  20. tonyc280

    Car covered in brown dust

    Hi i live in south leicestershire and car keeps getting covered in brown dust and looks terrible only after a day after cleaning. Any one else notice this ????? Think it must be dust from some desert somewhere. My friends covered too.
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