1. st13phil

    Tapatalk Emails

    For some reason I can't fathom, I've recently started to receive emails "via Tapatalk" when someone quotes one of my posts. Being neither vain nor needing to know, minute by minute, what's going on at MBClub, this is driving me nuts. Anyone any idea how to put a stop to this irritating...
  2. MD5

    Hotmail emails

    When I stayed with Windows 7 on this laptop, Microsoft disabled the Hotmail function in Windows Livemail. I've inadvertently sent a lengthy reply to an email, using a hotmail address incorrectly. Does anyone have any ideas at to where I might retrieve it from please? It's not in the draft or...
  3. Notwen

    W204 Audio 20 not displaying iPhone emails

    I have done a search and can't find anything similar. Up until recently the Audio 20 in my 2013 C220 would display incoming text messages and emails from my iPhone 5c There have been several IOS updates and while text messages still display on the screen, I can't get emails to show any longer...
  4. Piff

    Saving e-mails

    I have a 1&1 e-mail account (for business use) and my account storage (1.95gb) is nearly full. I've tried deleting some older e-mails but it is time consuming to sort through them and decide which I may need to access in the future. I can't find an option within 1&1 to save the e-mails &...
  5. smillion

    Comand - can it read my emails to me?

    Apologies if this is an old chestnut but I have searched the forum and find no reference. I was in a colleagues 525i BMW today and his in car system will pair the phone and allow him to access emails on screen and then read them out to him. Does the Merc do this? Marc
  6. Stratman

    Outlook is deleting my emails

    Or more precisely it's putting some emails from my safe senders list and from my contacts directly into the deleted emails folders. I have set the Junk email options to automatically trust both the safe senders list and my contacts together with people I email, but some emails from these are...
  7. R

    Getting emails from old laptop to new windows 8 latop

    My daughter has just bought a new Windows 8 laptop and has tasked dad with getting her 1000 emails and settings from her old XP laptop to the new one. The old laptop has Outlook Express the new one Outlook. Any tips more than welcome!!
  8. whitenemesis

    I Need a Notifier for New Emails

    Although I generally have Hotmail open on a tab in Chrome if I get engrossed in something I forget to check for new mail. Is there some little app that would notify me of new mail with a pop-up window or flag of some sort? Bit like one gets with Outlook?
  9. oldcro

    Junk eMails

    Anyone else getting junk mail from "Polisorganization_mail", started yesterday with two then seven so far today. All were deleted without opening obviously.
  10. 230K

    Emails after changing BB supplier

    Hi This may be a silly question but i will ask anyhow. We initially had Rapidial as a broadband supplier (i think) anyway we have a broadband email address Then we had Orange (Wanadoo) as a bb supplier so have a wanadoo address to. Now we have sky as a bb supplier and want to be able...
  11. jonnyboy

    sent emails

    hi all here's a question for all of you far more knowledgeable than me people (doesnt take much!!) :- I have sussed out that the way to have "backups" of my inboxes in windows live mail is to leave the mail on the server. As each machine i use does a send and receive of course it receives a...
  12. Piff

    Junk/spam e-mails

    In the last 2 or 3 weeks my personal e-mail address ([email protected]) has been latched onto. Todays offerings are: Marney MCConkey - BuyCheap\ /IgaraOnIineFromIiceensnedOnIinnePhaarmacies. Margaret Jones - GoodSexualLifeIisTheCornrerStooneOofReIations. Adrienne Andel -...
  13. s88

    Command reads emails in German

    2006 SL 350. I discovered in the Command set up today that it reads the email in German! I clicked the English in settings and appears to have made no difference, am having no joy finding this little gem in the instructions, it just says you can have your emails/sms read to you. Did a full...
  14. Chattonmill

    Moving old emails

    I have just bought the OH a Samsung NC10 to replace her clunky old Laptop. Is there a way to move her old emails from the old Laptop to the new one. Both machines are running Outlook. Thanks! Max
  15. 230K

    Keep getting emails from my email acount

    Hi We are being tortured by emails from my email address, it is a wanadoo account using windows mail. The emails are for the usual member enhancements etc and when you click on the sender it really is our full address. How does this happen, i have added to blocked senders list but still...
  16. Gucci

    iPhone 3G not receiving emails away from home

    I finally treated myself to a shiney 3G 16Gb iPhone and LOVE it. But, away from home, my email will only receive and not send. At home, it obviously hooks up to my ISP via SMTP. Someone suggested mail out server to be set at but that still fails. Bit frustrating :-( Outgoing...
  17. M

    I can't respond to emails today

    I can't respond to emails today, something has crashed on my computer and the mouse is missing. . .
  18. pammy

    Thanks for the emails.............

    Dear All. My thanks to all those who have sent me chain emails this past year........ I must send my thanks to whoever sent me the one about cockroach eggs in the glue on envelopes because I now have to use a wet towel with every envelope that needs sealing. Also, I now have to scrub the top...
  19. R

    Flea bay emails

    Is anyone having trouble recieving emails through ebay regarding Listing/bidding/won items/outbid notices.? :devil:
  20. W

    AOL emails - Can these be transfered?

    I am trying to sort out a problem where a friend has used AOL for the last few years and now wishes to change to Outlook. The problem seems to be that the emails have been downloaded on the PC via AOL's program. Can these be imported into Outlook?
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