1. K

    C203 EML and lumpy idle/revving

    Hi All, New MB owner and first time poster so please bear with me whilst I get used to a new car and another forum. I am not new to car forums so before cluttering up the board and not being lazy I have already searched but cannot find the answer......wondering if someone can point me in the...
  2. G

    Looking at a W221 S500L ('56 plate) with EML some advice

    Hello guys, I am looking to get an S500L '56 it has 127k miles and it is at an auction. I will ask tomorrow if I can see the car prior to the auction. It has an EML light on, but all in all it looks in a great condition. I have checked online on various sources and apparently the models with...
  3. D

    eml light with code P20E8

    Good evening, Yesterday morning my eml came on, I read the code P20E8 "reductant pressure too low" the car seemed to be running as normal, I erased the code but then it came back again this morning. Has anyone any experience with this code or have any suggestions I can try to diagnose...
  4. fabes

    Self adaptation EML

    So, the car went in for its MOT and passed last month, but apparently threw an EML on Carlos at MBS (who look after the car for me) applied some software changes and it went away, citing it as an Self adaptation error. Its come back on, the car now hunts a little when cold or on idle but...
  5. Richard1973

    S210 320cdi no EML light

    As above, the light does not illuminate when you turn on the ignition neither does the seat belt warning. I have had the cluster out and replaced the bulbs but still nothing. Any suggestions or common faults? Sent from my SM-T365 using Tapatalk
  6. N

    No EML but bulb Ok

    When I took my binnacle out today to change the rear illumination bulbs I also expected to see the EML missing or blown as it never illuminates. Anyone know if the EML has a separate fuse? The bulb is ok when tested with a meter and it seems to be seated correctly so I'm guessing it's not...
  7. K

    W204 C320 CDI EML + Engine surges

    Hi, I'd appreciate any ideas on a problem with my 2008 W204 C320 CDI with 110,000 miles on the clock. At the last service I was advised by the Mercedes specialist I have been using for the last couple of years that the Engine Management light was due to a faulty glow plug control unit and...
  8. JoeyM88

    EML and limp 2010 w204

    Hi So today drove to work as normal all good. Got in the car to go home and noticed that it seemed a bit sluggish however as I had only nipped round the corner to pick something up I didnt really get a chance to actually take notice. Anyway got back in to go home and it basically is in some...
  9. A

    EML on

    car is a W203 with a 646 engine. fault codes are P2355 P2078 P0100 P2024 P2025 car isn't in limp mode. any ideas please?
  10. L

    2010 E350 CDI EML on and erratic gear change

    Hi Guys New to the forum had my estate for a month 110k 1 previous owner. Got it serviced as soon as I bought it and then had gearbox oil done Friday. Did Basingstoke to Swansea today fine then drive about 5 miles to the beach and since had EML on dash on eve counter and gear change doesn't...
  11. M

    E280 CDI 2007- Constant Limp Mode - No EML

    e280 cdi 2007 sport 7g tronic I had posted recently about how my car was jerky at accelerating sometimes, then i had no kickdown as it was in limp mode. I had cleaned my 2 Maf sensors and it has been fine for a couple of weeks. 2 weeks ago my car was in at Mercland for a suspension repair...
  12. CowleyStJames

    EML light, not revving past 3000rpm

    Got the following error code on my 2010 W204 Cdi 2.1: P2454 - Diesel Particulate Filter Pressure Sensor 'A' Circuit Low. Cleared the fault and went for an Italian tune up, about ten miles at 3000rpm. All good, for about fifty miles but it's come back again. I guess I was hoping it was a DPF that...
  13. E

    EML light re-set.

    Hi Guys and Girls I'm hoping this is in the right place, if not let me know and I'll move it. This is on a 2004 C220 cdi. My question is.... Does the EML light re-set itself after a while for certain items? I had a lost of power issue but no light came on. this was traced to a faulty EGR valve...
  14. D

    EML Light

    Was driving to work this morning and stopped over to get some lunch at a petrol station. Started the car and EML was on ?? recently serviced car on the weekend , i drive about 10 mile to work and back . Can anyone help or have better knowledge as i can only take it to get checked on weekend ...
  15. F

    EML engine problem

    My Vito 115 (w639) went into limp mode, and then EML came on. Ran diagnostic, codes p2514 inline vent heater and another code for the pressure sensor boost came up. Cleaned up the sensors checked connections etc.. cleared fault. all ok for a week, then same problem again. same codes on...
  16. Ttstang

    eml and less power

    Hi i hope someone can help :) i drove down to cornwall from Cambridge and did not use my 2010 e250 cdi manual for a week! so on my return home. a few miles down the road the eml comes on with resulting low power. seems like turbo doesn't kick in! but is driveable, at one point the cruise...
  17. C

    repeat p2080 eml warning light

    Hello, My car is giving me and local indie a nightmare. Car keeps giving P2080 code and we have changed both temp sensors to no avail dpf was very clogged so a few tanks of super duper esso a few blasts around in 3rd gear and dpf is now empty so says STAR yet got eml again after about another...
  18. D

    EML on, Error code PO401

    Hi All, My CLK270's EML light came on last night and is still on today, I plugged in my eBay special OBD reader and its thrown up a PO401 code which comea up as a EGR error - Insufficient Flow. What does that mean and how serious is it? I cleaned the EGR about 2 or 3 weeks ago and haven't...
  19. H

    2002 C240 No EML or ESP Dash lights

    Morning, Not sure if anyone will be able to help on this but, I went to switch my ESP off last night and noticed that no light came on on the dash, then I noticed that once the ignition is on the EML light etc doesn't show either. I plugged my code reader and found 3 logged fault codes all...
  20. S

    Looking to buy E55k - EML on, seller says remap is the cause. Advice please

    Hi I am new on here but intend to purchase an E55k. One that I am viewing tomorrow has the engine light on and the seller, whom I spoke to on the phone, states that it's apparently due to a remap and de-limit. I find this hard to believe but happy to be corrected. If I do go and view what...
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