1. E350Matty

    PCP coming to an end....

    So my PCP is coming to an end. 2014 E350 Coupe. I'm almost certain that I'm going to purchase the car out right. The latest E class coupe in the 350 variant is just way out of my price range also in my opinion the front and rear end im not to sure about. I'm just not ready to part away...
  2. C

    CLS 320 (C219) metallic front end sound

    Hello, Can you help me with the following matter. Recently a metallic knock sound started every now and than on my 55 Reg cls 320. It sound like a mechanical sound, metallic knock. Could be the mechanics but tested them and no issues there.(front end mechanics changes 8 months ago)...
  3. wu56Shoozz

    Vito Bumper End Caps (Corners)

    Does anyone know if they come colour coded direct from the factory or do you have to get them painted, something like the attached: Mercedes Vito Viano W639 Long Long Bumper Rear Corner Left Yellow | eBay
  4. zoros

    The end of fossil fuel

    No more all petrol / diesel engines from Volvo as of 2019. No more sale of petrol or diesel in France as of 2040. Britain to follow suit. Does this mean the end of Classic Cars use? If you have a newish AMG today, it will be 25 ish years old in 2040. Not exactly classic car territory is it ...

    Is this the beginning of the end of the petrol engine.

    I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: Volvo to phase out traditional engines - Volvo to phase out traditional engines - BBC News
  6. T

    W211 estate rear end sinking

    I think mine has air suspension at the rear end. I've noticed that it sinks when parked up. Is this normal or a sign of trouble to come?
  7. T

    Track rod end.

    Can anyone please tell me the thread size and pitch for the track rod end lock nut, on a 2006 w203? Thanks.
  8. RyanMuller

    Ever so slight oil leak from rear end?

    Hi guys, Yesterday after the car had been standing for about 2 weeks, I noticed a small oil patch about the size of a pea what appeared to have come from the rear diff. It's ever so slight but it looks like I have a weep. Now I have bought 2 litres of gear oil for the diff (Mobil 1), but is...
  9. D

    Big End Bearing Replacement SLK 320

    I'm considering replacing the big end and main bearings on my SLK320. I'm well aware that it would be better to do a full engine out bottom end rebuild with reground crank, new oil pump etc but I'm on a budget and the rest of the car isn't that special to warrant the cost, it also has 135k...
  10. JohnDavies

    Is this the end of diesel?

    Is this the end of the road for diesel? RAY MASSEY: Is this the end of the road for diesel? | This is Money Phillip Hammond to make a statement in his Autumn budget.
  11. mat8n

    Slight vibration from front end.

    My s class has a very slight vibration through the steering wheel and I can sort of here it. I've had the wheels balanced and it doesn't seem any better. It's from 55mphish, I don't really go over 70mph so don't know if it settles down. It seems to get worse when braking harder, so I'm...
  12. V

    Light end C63

    So went for a quick drive today and noticed when accelerating hard in 4th gear near the limiter so circa 100mph the steering started to feel light and the steering started to lose some feedback. Cars recently had front inner tie rods and track rod ends, both side and OE Mercedes parts, new OE...
  13. bob6600

    End of an era

    Ross Brawn back in F1 As expected, in senior role for Liberty Ross Brawn back in F1 as part of new-look management team | F1 News
  14. M

    Hit n run = end of our CLC. CLK anyone ?

    Seething..... Girlfriend driving our CLC early December and was hit by a scumbag in a white van who didnt stop, with the result that the car has just been written off and an unsatisfactory cheque sent by the insurers. Handy hint: dont buy cheaper insurance without courtesy car - fortunately...
  15. Mo2312

    clk350 ticking noise from rear end

    Hi All My car is making this annoying ticking noise from the rear drivers side, sounds like it's coming from the driveshaft area. Sounds like something is lose and hitting the drive shaft. The noise is only heard when parked up or driving very slowly. When idle if engine is revved then ticking...
  16. grober

    Ignominious End to a distinguished service record

    Slightly sad end for a warship with a distinguished service record. First saw action in the Falklands war and now on her last voyage to be scrapped in a Turkish Yard . HMS Illustrious a light aircraft carrier of the Royal Navy and the second of three Invincible-class ships constructed in...
  17. sssammm

    East End Merc?

    Must be
  18. thebig1

    Cold Steering Front End

    Hi Guys, Do you have the same sensation as I have on my C63s, guessing its the diff causing it. When cold and steering with full steering lock on, the front tyres feel like they are being pushed forward rther than steering? I had the same on an Audi S5 due to the 4wd system. As weather warmed...
  19. The _Don

    An end to an era with the Mercedes AMG C63 Black Series

  20. Felstmiester

    C63 front end clean up

    I've been toying with the idea to get the front end of my pre facelift looking a bit better. It's been said on here before about the pros and cons between the pre and the facelift front end. I like both! I like the facelift because it hasn't got the disco ball driving lights but at the same time...
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