1. E

    Ask The Expert - ENGINE OIL

    After the success of our last session, we have decided to give you another chance to bring forward your oil related queries - this time the experts from Mobil will be at hand to answer all things oil! Simply post your question below anytime up till 30.6.12 - it doesn’t matter how simple or...
  2. englishdas

    W124 Expert required... Hydraulic Leak - Big job?

    Well, it took a while, but finally I've got a job to do on the car. the problem is described here - M104 SLS Reservoir Leak However, the solution, not so much. Since that three year old thread, has anyone got experience of this? If it's a case of changing a few hoses, is that it, therefore an...
  3. developer

    The Watchdog Expert Surveyor

    Doing the roofing feature on Watchdog now, Barry Cross, does all my surveys for me :thumb:. Boring but true.
  4. jonnyboy

    commercial/site lighting expert?

    Two lighting threads tonight ! I am in the middle of a floodlit winter training trial down at the kids footie. We bought a couple of 6kva generators and four semi commercial 5m tripods, each 110volt with 4 x 500w halogen floodlights. All is well except we are going through bulbs quicker than...
  5. E

    Ask The Expert - BRAKES

    Hi Guys, Since we don't have a specific forum, i dont think theres any harm in posting here (as we're not trying to sell stuff :p ) We are going to trial a new service called 'ASK THE EXPERT' - Each Week will have a different Subject, answered by a different expert. To kick...
  6. M

    Becker GAL expert needed

    Good afternoon , I have a Becker Indianapolis ( which I may sell soon ) it works fine with the GAL system - speed sensor . I have just removed it and installed a Becker Cascade :) but I cannot get the GAL to work . It is just plug and play so there should be no issue . I am going to...
  7. C

    Bodywork/Paint expert in Scotland

    Hi all, I've just gotten hold of a lovely W123 280CE, and it needs a bit of rust treatment/bodywork to the usual areas (jacking points, front and rear valances). I'm looking to find out if anyone can fully recommend a very good garage that can complete the work in Edinburgh? I'm looking to fully...
  8. whitenemesis

    As bomb expert inspects ....

    The bomb squad member was wounded when the device exploded, police said. :eek: PhotoBlog - As bomb expert inspects, explosion rips car apart in Thailand
  9. DSLiverpool

    CL Expert Please

    Someone on here mentioned a CL55 last week and my "car antennae" have been twitching ever since. SEARCH has told me of pitfalls but can someone sum up the models above CL500 as I'm confuse, I see a 55,600,65 anything else ? 3 miles from me is a 30,000 mile 2002 CL600 for £11k although it would...
  10. SPX

    190e expert advice needed

    Instead of buying an S211 E55 AMG, I will more than likely end up getting a E320 CDI as my daily driver. So that would leave me a couple of grand for a weekend car/ project. Trawling the internet I came across this and was wondering does it need a new tailgate if I took that spoiler off...
  11. F

    aircon expert needed

    Ok so have a problem with my w211 aircon! hadnt been regassed for a while and was getting to the point of only just working, tried a diy regas kit but didnt really work ! Whilst doing this and with help from guy who sold kit to me discoveredthe following , pressure at low point too high ( 60 -...
  12. Horrgakx

    DIY expert? Shower re-grout advice

    The time has come to re-grout my shower. It's a double size rectangular. I have no idea where to start or what materials I need. Also I need to take off the shower control thing which doesn't look easy :/ All advice taken with thanks :) Dave
  13. bennesspipers

    HELP ! I need an electronics/electrical expert please

    I have a Parvalux electric motor (inc gearbox its 9" long), its 240volt DC, & i need some form of gadgetry to make it work from 240 volt AC , & needs to be controlled, can anyone either tell me what to buy,& where from, OR, build & supply me it ??? Really struggling with this, please help if you...
  14. Tan

    Inheritance Tax Expert

    Hi Sadly my Mum passed away a few months ago and we need some help with some Inheritance Tax advice. Can anyone recommend an expert to help us understand the mine field of this all. Many thanks Tan
  15. F

    EXPERT ! non mb advise please.

    ok , simply put my gf car ( 2001 vectra 1.8) only 65K mls on clock , pulled up at traffic lights and engine stopped and warning lights came on. when i got there tried to start engine turning over ok but no go! when checked by recovery , oil filler off, no movement at top so obviously cambelt...
  16. jaymanek

    Anyone a laminate flooring expert?

    We are having the bedrooms done and today I cam home to the main bedroom and Im not really that happy with it. Im not happy with the way in which the grains of wood match up? Im sure he could have planned it better when fitting. Or is this normal? I have fitted a cheap laminate floor...
  17. J

    Calling Intel Processor expert

    Is the new i3 core equivalent to Celeron or is it the i5 core? Is the i5 or i7 equivalent to Pentium Duo Core? Thanks.
  18. J

    Expert advice needed please: 1986 500 distributor

    Hi Today I replaced the distributor cap and rotor arm on my 500SEL. This is the view inside the distributor: I'm inexperienced with MB's but it seems to me that a spring MIGHT be missing. EDIT: looking at the central circular part of the distributor, in the middle of the photo...
  19. A

    Expert valuer

    Hi guys As part of a Court case I have on against a dealer, I need to get some "expert" valuation of how much my SL should have been worth a few years ago. None of the dealers are interested in helping. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks Andrew
  20. J

    Any RAID expert here?

    I am looking for solution to migrate a non-RAID to a RAID 1. I am not interested in creating a RAID 1 afresh using Intel ROM Option Utility, I know how to do that with two disks. I am talking about using Intel Matrix Storage Manager to migrate a non-RAID to RAID 1 using two new disks...
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