1. gr1nch

    Market Towns : the true heart and mind of the country?

    Catching up on current affairs today, I found this remarkable article for it's description of the French election bellwether town of Donzy. Dozny is indeed a small market town which has, like most French towns, weekly fresh food markets, there twice a week. Marchés - Mairie de DONZY But what a...
  2. D

    donations booked and collected from home by british heart foundation

    this includes furniture clothing cars electrical goods for sale in the shops and they collect from home direct to book a collection https://www.bhf.org.uk/shop/donating-goods/f-and-e-collection
  3. A

    I think my heart stopped when I saw this ...

    Can I possibly ask for owners / past owners review on this car? What do you think? Future classic?
  4. tonyc280

    heart attack

    JUst out of hospital after severe heart attack. aLL THE nhs STAFF WERE WONDERFUL AND MY Consultant Fabulous. Who says the NHS are crap ?
  5. John

    Complications of heart surgery.

    After the recent death of an actor after 'complications during heart surgery' - is there any kind of investigation afterwards to find out what went wrong or is it just treated as 'one of those things'? In the police, should someone die the IPCC are involved and I wondered if there was...
  6. WDB124066

    A Story To Warm Your Heart......... :)

    Stolen $70k Cortina back home soon - Cars - NZ Herald News
  7. Sp!ke

    Danny MacAskill eat your heart out

    Freestyle on a 20 year old womens shopper bicycle :eek::D:eek: Backflip und Trialaction mit Damenrad - freeride magazin tv
  8. ringway

    My Good Deed for the day. (Eat your heart out, Wanco).

    Last week we had an injured Collared Dove in our garden. I decided to take the bird to a local, one-man wildlife rescue centre, who operates from home and will take on just about anything with a pulse. The Collared Dove. We arrived at the house of "Wildlife Martin" to hand over...
  9. buccal

    Heart stopping car control

    I hope this is not a repost but i've just watched this on Pistonheads. My mouth is still dry: YouTube - ‪POV Rally Champion Mark Higgins Near Crash at 150 mph @ 2011 Isle of Man TT‬‏ :eek:
  10. verytalldave

    Self-help during a heart attack

    I would have posted this elsewhere, but feel its own thread might be perhaps best. Due to recent, very tragic and sad events, I feel its worth reminding members of this simple yet effective method of self-help in dealing with a minor heart attack. Unfortunately, statistically, you are likely to...
  11. JumboBeef

    Heart attack: what would you do?

    Someone collapses in front of you (or you find them already on the floor). How many of you would know what to do? (without the aid of Google ;) ) Come on, come on, every second counts...... (As I've said before, I work for the ambulance service. Something happened to me last night whilst...
  12. A

    Pouring your heart out

    The title is a bit funny, but it expresses exactly what i just did. There was a thread on a bmw forum about a guy asking 'Should i buy a BMW?' and i starting typing away a reply without really thinking, just saying what i really thought.... and... "This is going to sound funny but i've had...
  13. Godot

    To Warm the Cockles of Your Heart, Mouthy Chav Taunts ex Soldier

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ow3dByonr5w&feature=player_embedded One blow, struck for everyone of us!:thumb::bannana: Don't normally refer to the Sun for anything..but here I make an exception. Buy that man a drink.:p http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/new....-RSS&A TTR=News See the...
  14. japimport

    w202 breaking my heart as usual

    my car is really breaking my heart im starting to hate it my problem is sometimes while driving the car would lose power and the needle on the rev counter would bounce all over the place and the car would feel like its going to stall and when i pull over on the side of the road and turn ignition...
  15. petermansell

    I’ve had a heart sink moment reading the thread “Juddering Problem (53reg S320CDI Aut

    I’ve just read the thread mentioned above and my heart sunk. I have a CLK55 AMG 2003 model and last week began to get the exact same symptoms as described. When the car is changing gear it very softly judders before picking up revs and accelerating. Now the car is booked into Olly’s for next...
  16. A

    ML55... heart over head??

    A little while ago I was half considering a C55 or CLK55... Well I've recently been driving my wifes runaround which is a 'SUV' style car and have grown to really enjoy the lofty position. That coupled with the point and squit-ness of the AMG lump has led me to the ML55. I know dynamically its...
  17. N

    Help me buy with my head not my heart

    Been looking for a C36 AMG for a few months, seriously for a few weeks. One which i really liked sold while i ummed and aaahed about it, however its now up for sale with another dealer for £1k more. I'm reluctant to line someone elses pocket for more money than whats need but i understand how...
  18. culpano

    With a heavy heart it's bye bye

    I've ordered a 2008 Lexus IS250 SE-L (Multimedia) so the baby is going :( My missus tried and tried to convince me to keep it but I fancied a change after just over 3 years of trouble-free motoring. I decided on the Lexus after test driving it on the same day as test driving the Jaguar XF...
  19. Dieselman

    Westwood, eat your heart out.

    Saw this on Detailing World and thought you might appreciate it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B56Q3E0g2bM&mode=related&search=
  20. Howard

    Oh dear ....... my heart bleeds

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