1. C

    whos got star at home

    hello, was wondering how many of you have bought some version of star for DIY use? I think KilleHertz has? assuming people are buying second hand set ups? what exactly would I need for the CLS?
  2. 6

    CEL and limp home mode :crazy:

    Have a 2009 CSL 320 CDI. Bought it 3 weeks ago. Got the Service A, gearbox and brake fluids changed too. A few days ago, CEL lit up followed by a lack of power. Other than that, gearbox changes were smooth and acceleration was smooth, but limited. Was 60 miles from home. Switched off and on...
  3. BTB 500

    Satnav shootout ... who will get home quicker?

    Late Sunday afternoon. Pouring rain. A field near the New Forest. An S203 with COMAND sets off for the 60 mile drive home with Mrs BTB at the controls. Five minutes later I leave in the Vito, guidance courtesy of TomTom. I got back 30 mins before she did :thumb: :bannana:
  4. daveenty

    My New Toy Arrived Home

    It's a 1989 190E 2.5-16 auto, in Almandine Red and with a genuine 87,000 miles on it (nearly). I've been after something older to play about with for quite some time now, though have struggled to find something that ticked the right boxes for me. I've looked at early British stuff, lots of...
  5. Druk

    Care Home financial advice reqd.

    The story so far... Mother is in a care home (in England...so their rules apply) and is currently 'fully funded'. This situation may/is likely to change come the next revue in Sept. Her current financial state is that all her assets are in cash, over which I have LPOA. There are insufficient...
  6. B

    Coming back Home

    I have been a member for several years since I had a W202 of 1995 vintage Great car but cost me so moved away. However I am back. Kept putting it off but recently bought a 2009 B200 (W245) petrol with CVT transmission. I am probably going to need some help in the future. It has covered 45000...
  7. Palfrem

    My experience of a Home / Travel insurance claim

    Unfortunately, on holiday in Portugal a few weeks back my wallet was stolen by pickpockets. It rather took the shine off our holiday as you can imagine. Reported theft to (very helpful) local Police who didn't pussyfoot about regarding the countries of origin of the scrotes by the way. I...
  8. Red C220

    Genuine MB Bootliner for 212 E class Estate Free to a good home

    I've put this in "interiors" as opposed to classifieds, as firstly I'm not selling it and secondly so people can reply to the thread. So the picture below shows the liner that has been in the boot of our 2014 E Class estate for the last three years. With the car gone yesterday it's now surplus...
  9. J

    Feels like I'm home

    Hi everyone, Having had various Mercedes C and E class cars for years I had a five year dalliance with another make of car. That was good and latterly turned bad so last week I have returned to what I know and love and got a used 63 reg E220 CDI, W212 facelift I believe it's also know as. I...
  10. AndrewOl

    X164 GL420 Home Service

    Hi, Just bought my first Mercedes and thought I should carry out a baseline service. Car is 2006 with 145K on it. I had a local MB non franchise garage change the gearbox fluid as this was a bit much for me. Looked at filters etc from GSF and ECP and it all seemed a bit vague and not much...
  11. Abb

    CLS 55 gone....to a new home

    As the title suggests my CLS has been sold (and it wasn't even for sale :dk:) as I knew it was going to a very very good home! It's not just a load of blurb now its gone, but it truely was THE best all round car I have ever had the pleasure of owning. Taking into account the comfort factor...
  12. F

    T1N sprinter motor home

    Hi guys, 1st post. I have a T1N 1996 sprinter motor home. I have had intermittent starting problems and recently it just cut out and rolled to a halt. It started immediately so quickly got it home. It cranks over fine but the glow plug light does not operate and it will not start. Checking...
  13. Headhurts

    Home heating oil

    Hi to all, I wondered if any members have any inside knowledge for the trend in heating oil? I had an email from Boiler Juice indicating there could be a leap in prices. I normally try to buy in spring/summer as prices normally drop, I have between 800 to 1000 litres left and this time of...
  14. JeffT

    CLS Parts Free to Good Home

    As I have now sold my beloved CLS500 (2005) I have the following parts if anyone interested. Got them on e-bay at low price but no bites so best to go to someone who can make use of them. Drivers side window regulator repair kit. Bought as a precaution but never fitted. Got the cable and...
  15. Tan

    Home Cinema

    Hi I am looking to upgrade my home-cinema set up. I currently have KEF Egg speakers, Rel Sub and Yamaha Receiver. I am a big fan of B&W speakers so am looking at the 686 S2 speakers for the fronts and rears and a HTM62 S2 for the centre, though am yet to go and listen to them. What...
  16. 1

    R129 600 limp home after charging flat battery?

    I have a 1996 R129 SL600 and I wonder if anyone has experience of the following problem. The car was garaged for about 2 months the battery was totally flat, not even a warning lamp. I could not open the boot but manage to find the main power cable up in the drivers foot well (RHD car), I...
  17. S

    LWB Sprinter mixed symptoms. 350 miles away from home. Please help!!

    Hey folks, So, I've a Mercedes Sprinter lwb 2003, 2151cc, 3.5ton. It's a few odd symptoms that don't seem to make sense to me. Bought in Sept / Oct 2016 - Power was low, replaced the glowplugs and had a reconditioned turbo fitted in Dec. New oil & filter. loads of power. Drove 300 miles...
  18. B

    Long way home to Sydney Australia

    Hi, this is my first post here. I live and work in Denmark since 2013 and drive a 1991 w124 250d 5 speed manual with just over 400,000km and still going strong. I'm going to retire in mid 2017 and intend to drive around Europe and the UK before heading home to my family in Australia. Any advise...
  19. BTB 500

    BT Infinity Smart Hub (Home Hub 6)

    Anybody using one of these successfully? I have a Hub 4 at the moment which works OK apart from the wifi sometimes struggling to cope with the endless tablets/phones that the kids and wife use. BT sent me a new Smart Hub (Hub 6) but from a quick Google there seem to have been a steady...
  20. D

    Home AV questions

    I'm no great audiophile but I quite like the surround sound experience on the odd occasion I get to watch a film. My old speakers were quite useable but not very in keeping with our old cottage so I kept an eye out for some more and bought a whole bundle of monitor audio rosewood speakers which...
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