1. Satch


    Pretty grim right now: rain/wet snow which is now producing some very, very dangerous conditions on untreated road. Just taken Mrs S two hours to travel 5 miles. Some roads blocked by stranded/pranged vehicles, finest moment she had watching a twerp in a Punto trying to overtake a delivery...
  2. H

    Mini Ice Age on the Way? Time to buy that ML500 it seems.
  3. W

    E280 Cdi Sport jan 08- ICE!!!!!!!

    Hi- in about 10 days I will be the proud owner of the above- I have however been spooked a bit by seeing some Mercs nr me really struggle on the ice in recent days- this prompted me to probe more and some owners apparently don't even take theirs out the garage in those conditions! Seems...
  4. M

    Winter Tyres are a must on a rear drive Merc

    The E Class 350 is my first Merc. When I bought the car in the back of my mind I was worried about the snow in winter because of the rear wheel drive. When the first snow hit last week I decided to drive the car with standard tyres and found that they were far from ideal (spinning at every...
  5. Benjy

    Clearing Snow and Ice

    Guys I ended up clearing the ice and snow off my car today but dont know if this was such a good thing or idea as I am worried about scratching her and if I have now by doing this left tiny sratches on the surface of the paintwork. I used my hands to do the majority and the rest from the heat...
  6. P

    w208 ICE install! Where to run RCA and remote wires?

    Hey guys, Need your help. Whats the best method or preferred location for running RCA and REMOTE leads from an aftermarket headunit to the boot of the car? I'm attempting this tomorrow and was going to try and tuck them under the trim panels on the passenger side but was just wondering if...
  7. Spinal

    Dry Ice Sublimation Rate

    I got some dry ice ordered... but I wont be able to get it later than 2:30pm... This worries me as I will need it around 6:00/7:00 pm... Does anyone know the sublimation rate of dry ice pellets (not blocks). I know blocks are about 5kg every 24 hours... but pellets I have no idea! I...
  8. Horrgakx

    Help with ICE amplifier installation - where to put the damn things?

    Hi all - I have two Alpine amps to go into the car. Its a 1999 E55 AMG. The smaller amp is 2 channel, the larger is a V12 4-channel. They are both mounted on boards at the moment with the cables disappearing behind the boards so it's nice & neat. I'm wanting ideas from people who've...
  9. tpwuk

    W209 CLK55 AMG - Ice Blue

    Mercedes : Mercedes CLK55 AMG Looks like a great spec and rather cheap(ish).
  10. D

    ICE "pauses" briefly after approx 40 mins?

    Hi everyone, fairly new here...however I have searched and cannot see find a similar issue, so here goes..its a small issue but driving me nuts! I have a 04 CLK500. It has the in-biult satnav, tv, etc. Without fail, every day, the radio or cd or whatever I am listening to, has a very quick...
  11. F

    COMAND upgrade and ICE questions

    have a 56 plate S211. I am looking to upgrade my Audio-20 to a COMAND NTG2.5. At the same time I would like to do a couple of ICE mods as well but I'm not sure if I can do everything I want. As well as the COMAND upgrade I would like to install new headrests with built-in DVD players and a TV...
  12. Alps

    w202 False floor for stealth ICE install

    ok guys im selling my false floor install that i had made up for the C36, it raises the floor by 3 inch`s enough to give clearance for compartments for amps on either side, I had it designed so that you can still take out the spare wheel and when its in it look pretty stealth. its all carpet`d...
  13. stevieb15

    R129 ice

    The whole system in my SL is on its last legs. As far as I can see its the original Blaupunkt stereo with 12 cd changer in the boot. Radio reception is crackly but improves with a finger pressed into the lift out face, the cd changer doesn't work and the ariel shaft needs relacing. So, I have...
  14. G

    Weird sound? after ICE? Possibly alternator?

    After i got my ICE installed, i hear a weird sound, kind of sounds like a supercharger compressor or something? its a really annoying whine.. can it possibly be the alternator?
  15. crockers

    Winter tip for walking in the ice / snow

    If you have a pair of golf shoes you will find they give you extra grip in the ice. Just got that tip from Point West. :thumb:
  16. Noodle-Pulp

    Driving on Ice

    I'm sure some of you will have seen this - but I find it incredible that no-one is leaving enough braking distance, ice or no ice.. YouTube - Driving on ice
  17. Lugy

    Dancing on ice

    Quite topical just now :D YouTube - Group4 rs1800's playing in the snow. YouTube - Audi Quattro and Lancia 037 Snow Dance
  18. CE230

    Garden Pond and ice

    I've been traipsing down the garden to make a hole, using a saucepan of hot water, in the 1" thick ice on the pond in order to ensure there are no trapped gases that may harm the fish. I've tried a ball in the past but that didn't work, can't use a heater as I have an electrical fault in the...
  19. crankiejohn

    ice warning

    i have a 2002 c180 elegance,should the car have a ice warning alert,i know it has outside temp reading but my volvo and vectra used to alert you when the temp dropped to 3c
  20. Chrishazle

    Recommended ICE Fitter Near Ashford, Kent

    I've just aquired a MC3010 CD Changer for my 2001 S203 C270 fitted with Audio 10 Radio/Casette. Have not checked yet to see if there's any pre-wiring in/behind the glove box, but suspect that I will need to buy A2035403408 fibre optic and A2035400809 D2B cable - and presumably a power supply...
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