1. gunning

    Job seeking.

    Sorry if I'm not allowed to do this please remove if it breaks the forum rules. This isn't the first time I have got a job via a car forum. I'm about to sadly be medically discharged from the Army. My previous fields prior to the army were car sales for main franchise such as BMW and Volvo...
  2. L

    URGANT - possible to replace R230 SL side door pocket armrest? job in progress...

    Hi all, so this morning I just started the job to replace a stained side armrest on my SL 55 with a new one supplied by merc, door came off fine, but I'm stumped at to how to actually acsess the long pin that holds the armrest onto the pocket, i must admit I'm in a bit of a rush now so any help...
  3. C

    Best MB dealer for this little job

    I have an R230 SL that last year had a new rear window after vandal damage. The work done was pretty major as the entire rear of the car was stripped out in order to remove all the glass and a new rear window installed with new seals etc. At first the roof was fine, but now it has 'settled'...
  4. Danny DeVito

    Job offers how long can it take ?

    Last of my complaints for this evening ( not likely ) But i applied for a job. Its a job i did before as a sub contractor. Now the main company want to employ directly. It took about 3 weeks before i got a call for interview. The interview turned out to be the manager i reported to before. He...
  5. BTB 500

    When your 4WD Sprinter isn't up to the job ...

    You need a 6x6 one :) Mercedes Benz Vans and Trucks | 6x6 Oberaigner Sprinter Hopefully costs a bit less than the AMG 6x6 G-Wagen :D
  6. M

    Hey good news for touch up paint job

    Just got through an email from the AA 15% off on Chips away.
  7. D

    job lot of glow plugs

    got about 18 sets of halfords glow plugs dont know what car there for selling as a job lot £80 free P&P
  8. The _Don

    Job fears and abuse take toll on bankers' health- study

    Fears of job cuts and "banker bashing" are taking a toll on the health of bank workers of all levels, according to an international study published on Wednesday that follows a trail of burnouts and tragedies in the world of finance. The study by Swiss-based UNI Global Union found more than 80...
  9. G

    Not the best job for an arachnophobe

    Free insulation on offer again and having a stupidly large pad with commensurately large Council Tax bill thought it time to get something back from the Council (who fund it) so three weeks ago made appointment with approved contractor to visit for measure up. Bloke turns up late and one hour...
  10. jontyash

    Bodywork job

    So, back into MB ownership once more and back on the forum! :thumb: Just bought myself a lovely CLK320 although it is an x reg 2000 with a few rust bubbles poking through. It has full MBSH, no gaps - I might and try and get them to fix it for free... Wish me luck! What do you think...
  11. R

    SL back from having it's nose job..

    Got my SL back from TMS after some nose surgery.... bumper bonnet, wings and hardtop have been painted and blended into the doors.. It is looking fantastic in my opinion and I wouldn't hesistate to use Ians's paint guy again. :thumb:
  12. WLeg

    Rather Cool Job Ad....

    Pity I don't have US citizenship.... Here
  13. J

    Redundancy of my job

    unfortunately my 17 years long service doesnt mean much to the new investors after the MBO and I feel that I am been "escorted" out. had my first redundancy letter last thursday emailed to me at 9:01 and then my first meeting at 10:45. I have gathered quite some evidence that can show they are...
  14. ricardo62

    applying for a job vacancy

    Hi all im posting this thread to let you people know of my annoyance and frustration in applying for a car sales vacancy with a main dealership. Last week I applied on the careers section on there webpage ,unfortunately for some reason it would not let me send my c/v with my short covering...
  15. O

    1991 190E 2.6 Fresh Head Job but now new problems!! Please Help!

    So I bought a 1991 190E 2.6 with 151,000 miles and it was overheating. I put a new head gasket in and got the head shaved. I got it all back together today and now it has the hardest time starting cold! And then once its running and warmed up it seems to limp along. Doesn't run smooth, seems...
  16. GRAV888

    World supersport job

    Not been on the forum much lately, as I landed my dream job at the end of July last year. I was marshalling the world superbikes at Silverstone and was contacted by a new team, to take their truck to Russia, due to the many years continental experience I have. Well, Russia is definitely an eye...
  17. carat 3.6

    C126 with an intresting paint job...

    Mercedes 560 sec 1990 | eBay :confused:
  18. R

    Clay bars do a really good job.

    My recently acquired 2007, 211, travelled from Germany to here in Kyrgyzstan on the train. It also stood 4 weeks in a train distribution yard in Lithuania. Since I got the car it looked ok but the paint never felt silky smooth it always felt slightly rough. My 210 is clayed maybe twice a year &...
  19. 300CE

    Mercedes Benz W124 (300TE) Spare Parts, job lot

    Mercedes Benz W124 Spare Parts, job lot | eBay
  20. W

    Please help me find the right tool for the job

    Some assistance please :) I'm after a Phillips screwdriver that will work through 90 degrees. Access is tight, maybe 50mm, so nothing too deep. Also the screws might be quite tight, so it needs to be rigid. I don't know the exact size, so the head needs to be changeable. Does anyone know of...
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