1. M

    Judder Rear Brakes - W210

    I'm getting judder from the rear brakes under heavy braking . The anti-chatter springs don't look great. Will new ones likely do the trick or should I be fitting new discs?
  2. M

    W203 Brake Judder

    After Stealers says change both front and rear brakes disc and pad Took to car to ATS for a full Brake inpection, They said no disc warps and still have about 5000miles to change disc and pads. Not sure it is the front discs and pad. But should i change the fronts first and see what happens...
  3. K

    Steering Wheel / Tyre judder when turning at low speed

    99 E320 Issue has just come up. Car was fine, after parking lots of opposite lock to get into the space. Upon return and drive home - car has developed a squeal/ vibration only when turning at low speeds only. My questions : Help Help..steering wheel is whining - Page 4 - Benzworld.org...
  4. I

    Stearing judder at about 65 Mph

    Hi all i need help, i have just replaced the brake pads (front) on my 97 w202 estate, (left hooker) it feels just like the tyres are out of ballance, but i had the wheels balanced the day before i changed the pads. now when the wheel is off the bround i have tried rocking the wheel verticaly and...
  5. I

    clutch judder

    hi i have a 1994 c180 i have had a clutch judder for some time now only when i pull away in first could this be caused by a leaky crankshaft oil seal or is it just wear and tear and need a new one had a 190 a few years back and it to also did this both manuel gear boxes
  6. U

    E200K - Judder / hesitant acceleration

    Hi all, My 2004 E200k has developed a judder/thump and hesitant to accelerate in the lower revs. This is much prominent in the mornings when cold. Seems to be ok when it reaches normal temp. The gear changes are smooth - etc. Also the car has started doing really bad on Fuel - i'm averaging...
  7. K

    E55 Front Brake Judder??

    Hello all, I have been a lurker of the forum for quite a while but not posted for a while. I have an early E55 (99, S) and the brakes have recently developed a judder. You can hear it, feel it through the car and also feel the pedal hitting back. The symptons are very much like warped...
  8. R

    7G Transmission judder

    Hi all I have a 2005 E280CDi Saloon with 115k miles and FMBSH,Ive owned this since 2008/29k miles,I have had the ATF changed at 35k miles and recently at 114k miles,since about 100k-ish miles Ive noticed a slight judder when its in 2nd and climbing a slope,at first I put it down to needing an...
  9. S

    Transmission judder E270 CDI

    New to the forum.... E270 CDI with 130K, most on M4 at steady cruise. at 1600-1800 revs, most noticeable when auto is in 2nd or 3rd, a noticeable judder occurs, which disappears at revs outside this range. Is this a sign of a) impending disaster and/or b) a very expensive problem to fix...
  10. P

    lowered my c180. now have bad judder?

    I got some 17" wheels for my w202 c180 merc but when i fitted them it looked like it was on stilts so decided to get some lowering springs. after fitting them theres a juddering and knocking noise when its on full lock left. its getting quite allarming. had a look on a ramp and every thing...
  11. F

    Braking Judder

    :eek:I have an issue with serious brake judder when braking from speeds over 50MPH. Normally I do a lot of local journeys and have never noticed this before but I did a long run up the motorway yesterday and the brakes were fine for the first 10 miles or so, but then I could hardly hold on to...
  12. CE230

    Brake judder

    I've noticed a judder from my brakes recently when applying them firmly, new pads fitted and discs not warped, and definitely worse in the snow. Is it possible that there is a fault with the ABS? 1989 230CE. TIA
  13. S


    Hi All, Any experts out there? Just this morning whilst driving I noticed the car juddering between 30-40mph at around 1500-2000rpm, any ideas what could be wrong? Its a C32 AMG. Sanj
  14. E

    2004 Viano W639 3.0 L petrol / automatic drive train judder - opinions please

    I just bought a 2004 Viano 3.0 petrol Trend long with 85km on the clock. When going up hills there is quite a bit of drive train vibration / juddering. It judders a bit less if I select a lower gear. When driving on level roads, the drive train seems normal with just a bit of whine Any...
  15. D

    gearbox judder passing 40mph

    I have a 2003 e320cdi with 100,000 miles. When I am accelerating gently through 40mph the car judders and then smooths out as I get faster. The problem feels drivetrain related rather than engine or wheels. It is not the end of the world, but is irritating. Has anyone come across this before and...
  16. Geff

    W211 estate judder.

    I have a 53 plate w211 320 cdi estate that has always had a slight judder when accelerating hard or under load. This has not been a problem as my car is much loved and has a pretty easy life. A couple of weeks ago. (the day of the Eurotunnel fire). I towed a trailer to France to pick up some...
  17. G

    Gearbox / Brakes Judder

    Hi all Just wondering if anyone else had had a similar problem with a mysterious judder on my c250 td estate auto I've noticed recently when the car is warming up, that when I pull up at lights etc and keep my foot on the brake when in Drive, that a judder / vibration develops, stops if I...
  18. 230K

    Brake Judder 210 Estate E300td

    Hi When i brake i get a vibration through the car (not the wheel) and and can feel it very slightly through the pedal. This seemed to atart after i changed the rear pads and discs about 2 months ago. Because they were genuine parts i took car to MB to check it out and they changed rear pads...
  19. R

    A class clutch judder

    I've noticed a problem that has seemed to have developed recently since the A class (W169) service. On damp/wet days the first few times you pull away from stationary there is a quite a bit of clutch judder, it was pretty bad this morning with a knocking noise coming from (presumably) the...
  20. M

    w208 clk 230k on a judder with a shiver

    Hi All Just pulled away from a junction and had to put my foot down. Car kick down and proceeded as normal. Then it started running like as if it was on 2 cylinders. On idle the car was shaking like a shiver. After rebooting (okay I am into IT!), After restarting the car it was fine. One...
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