1. E

    CLK W209 (2007) Brake Judder

    Hi all, I've read all the other threads about brake judder and things to check but I though I would ask about my specific issue... The car is a 2007 CLK220 CDI Sport. I commute 100 miles in total per day, all of it motorway except about 5 miles. Partly because of the brake judder and...
  2. S

    W203 C220 CDI Brake judder

    Hi there. New member to MB Club with 54plate C220 CDI estate. I bought this car before the summer to replace my trusty old 190D which had no air con. The trip to Sicily and a round trip of 5K miles dictated an air-con ! Anyways before the road trip, I had new discs and pads fitted all round by...
  3. J

    A Class W169 2004 Automatic 1.7 Petrol Judder Fault?

    Hi Chaps, I have an A class that has a strange fault. Quite often when I'm stationary it will feel like the car is jumping in to gear for a millisecond. The first time it happened I thought someone had just slightly nudged me from the behind but it is a very small judder, sometimes it happens...
  4. touringmark

    E320 starts fine then ......the judder starts

    so my E320 starts fine but then after a while start to get a bit of a judder from the engine some days its really bad at traffic lights some times have to slip into neutral so i can give the engine a bit of gas . I am assuming this could be fuel injectors as it gets a bit better once the...
  5. Pumas25

    Belt judder and low revs on C220 CDI coupe

    hi, Looking for a little advice on my 2002 C220 CDI COUPE; A few weeks ago my revs dropped a little, didn't think much of it as it was cold weather - ended up the belt snapped. Fitted a new belt and noticed it was flapping around a bit when the engine was running so i changed the tensioner...
  6. M

    Judder in floorpan @ higher speed

    Hi all My 2000 E320CDI has developed a judder which is felt through the floor pan. It appears to be from the passenger side front wheel, however there`s no shaking in the steering wheel. It is only at a certain speed. Is there a steering damper on these cars and could it be this? Thank you in...

    w124 E36 Fuel Sender? Slight judder...

    I drove to work today in the 124 E36 and noticed a few small things that are playing in my mind. Any thoughts/advice you have would be much appreciated as always! 1. Fuel guage didnt quite remain in one place at some points. It seemed to be moving up and down of its own accord a little bit. At...
  8. T

    poss brake judder

    hi all my 53 reg c220 cdi estate , has a judder under braking seems to be coming from the n/s/f , jacked up last week found the lower track control arm ball joint worn , now replaced , judder still there:doh: ok im thinking its the discs , there seems to be two possable size discs for mine , i...
  9. S

    w202 c180 judder

    Hi all this is my first post, got a 98 c180 w202 estate with 175k on it and have a first gear judder ive changed the prop center bearing as that was shot, would it be clutch? ive seen that the crank seal goes and causes clutch judder? wot else could it be??
  10. A

    CLK 240 (w209) JUDDER

    I have a 2002 CLK 240 which has recently developed a severe judder through the car, this only happens at 20mph but this does not feel like a misfire. Possible auto box related??? Grateful for any info many thanks.
  11. Palfrem

    Judder at low speeds on W203

    MB replaced the shock absorbers on my W203 280 2006. At low speeds (20 to 30) there is a judder through the steering. At motorway speeds it's rock solid. Checked tyre pressures and they are spot on, tyres seem fine with plenty of tread. Is still got MB AUC warranty, any ideas please...
  12. P

    W203 Brake Judder at steering wheel

    Car passed the mot. An advisory was brake judder (Not bad at the moment) apparently likely due to warped discs. Naturally they are the larger drilled discs :crazy: My question is : Do the brake pads have to be changed when the discs are done. Are the discs likely to have worn the pads unevenly...
  13. S

    bad judder on acceleration and vibration

    hi my car has bad judder when it accelerates kinda goes a bit when the auto box shifts into second gear but it vibrates in the other gears.before i bought the car i checked on the internet and thought it may be a flexi disk or propshaft thing,cant remember the name but i guess you will know...
  14. F

    Brake judder

    We have just taken delivery of a 2009 A150, it's only done 17000 miles but the brakes seem to judder quite badly. Is this normal and what are the possble causes?
  15. C

    '95 C124 - judder (gasping for breath) when put into Drive..?

    Guys, The C124 judders when placed into D on a cold start...like its almost about to die, but doesnt. It also does this in traffic (intermittently) when coming to a complete stop whilst driving....its like its gasping for air and threatening to cut out, but hasnt...yet. ?
  16. R

    W202 Judder at full lock

    Hi, I have a 97 C Class Estate (C280 Sport Aut0) and get a judder/ knocking at full right hand lock. It's more pronounced in the wet. My local garage has had a look at it and can't see anything. I asked him to check the engine mounts and he said they looked ok, but I'm not sure if he checked...
  17. Piff

    windscreen wiper judder

    Got my truck a few months ago with only 200 miles on the clock. Since new the windscreen wipers have been a pain, juddering in anything other than heavy rain. Bearing in mind that screen is new, blades are new and washer bottle was full of main dealers screen wash - whats the problem...
  18. P

    windscreen wipers Judder

    Hi all Just got back from shopping and notice that at 30mph my windscreen wipers where Juddering really bad. I think my blades are gone, i have cleaned the class and the blades but still as bad, so what are the best blades to put on Thanks Paul
  19. S

    CLK W208 Electric Window Judder

    My 2001 CLk w208 drivers window has decided to Judder when I lower the window, it seems to have smoother action on closing the window back up. Whats the best advice to fix? Is it simply some silicon spray or something more serious? thanks in advance.
  20. S

    CLS500 - transmission problem - shake & judder like cold start

    Hi all - I'm new to this site,, though, hope there's some help out there! My CLS 500 (05) has just started to judder and shake when it's cold like a car 20 years older than it is... Has anyone else encountered this problem and - if so - do they have any help they might offer on a solution...
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