1. BlackC55

    Time keeping.

    Does anyone else have a problem with people keeping appointments for a certain time? It seems that people think that its ok to be late. I find it so frustrating when people are not on time. I have to run a very tight scedule in the workshop so it is very important that people are on time. It...
  2. s88

    Sure he is not keeping it warm?

    Am sure this guy was not trying to keep it warm! And it appeared to be 40 shades of brown, so a sun shade was a bit late. S88
  3. S

    Keeping new leather Matt looking

    What do you guys think the best product for keeping new leather looking matt is? I do not like the leather to go shiny as it can do after a while. All answers appreciated!
  4. The _Don

    Keeping chickens at home

    Hi all just after some advice re the above,just rang the council who say it is legal and the neighbours can only complain because of 1 The noise 2 The smell I own a large detached house ( i will be converting the house to six flats for rental income ) with a approx 60 x 130 foot rear garden i...
  5. trapperjohn

    Selling the C Class and Keeping the 124's

    Not me! Check out whats on the drive behind the C250.
  6. Londonscottish

    Keeping Paint Warranty - Indie Servicing

    Hi All, Looking for some advice. My 211 is due a C service in the next two weeks. I really want to take it to BSG for this and other maintenance as Stuart really knows his stuff. BUT I want to keep the paint warranty going (especially after my second C43 started fizzing every time it...
  7. Tan

    Keeping Sky + recordings

    Hi I am soon to be moving home and have decided that I won't be bothering with sky for the new house. I currently have SKY + and there is one particular recording that I would like to keep as it is from when I appeared on a TV show. Is there a way to get the recording off of the sky box...
  8. A

    Sill covers / trim on sill / keeping clean

    Hello My new car has a light coloured trim, very nice but not great in this weather or with the little one climbing in and out. Is there any sort of extended sill cover that can be bought so its not as easily marked? This is where I mean, but also on the back sills. It's not my car but you...
  9. Godot

    Keeping It Rural

  10. st13phil

    Keeping Up Appearances

    Came back from France on Le Scuttle on Saturday (had a week in the Ardèche on the bike, but that’s another story) and had cause to wander back through a number of carriages to see some friends who we were travelling with who had been caught up in the boarding queue. Now those who have used Le...
  11. whitenemesis

    Keeping it all in Sync

    I have a laptop, desktop and iPhone, what is the best way to keep data, emails, contacts (Hotmail) and calendar all in sync? OTA would be great :confused:
  12. pjs

    New CLK deal via keeping C230k?

    Hi all, could be time to move the 04 C230k on - had it nearly a year, done 22k trouble free miles but costs of extending warranty, tyres and a upcoming service have prompted me to see whats out there. MB dealer has offered brand new 220cdi auto clk sport edition for £1250 deposit, then 23 x...
  13. Gucci

    So, are you keeping the Benz for longer than you thought?

    Given the values of high powered cars are likely to fall in light of the clumsy tax system, will you be keeping hold of your car for longer? I usually change my car every 3-4 years, but reckon I shall keep the ML for much longer now. Don't fancy taking the depreciation hit!! :eek:
  14. M

    W124 - worth keeping or not?

    Hi, My mum has an 88 200T, we originally bought it as a cheap run around whilst we got our main car sorted (290ish with 75 quids tax on it that we got refunded so really twas very cheap). She has now rather decided that she likes the car alot (not surprising really her usual car is a volvo 240...
  15. K

    Keeping W202 in tip top condition

    I have to admit, the last time I was here at the forums the car was giving probs but it has been 1.5 yrs of smooth sailing (touch wood) with the C220. I don't want to push my luck so I've read once about getting the car serviced more frequently when they reach these ages ... what does everyone...
  16. BTB 500

    Keeping the car clean ...

    Old house New house :rock: :rock: :rock: (I've never had a garage before!)
  17. H

    Keeping Battery Charged

    I have a 55 plate E55 and am going away for 3 months does anyone know if these battery conditioners work without the ignition key in place ? I used have a Porsche and you just plugged it in closed the door and it did what it was to do. Thanks
  18. BenzComander

    Keeping Silent After Flash!

    Has anybody got any further information regarding the hearing this week, where human rights people brought a case that we did not have to tell the police who was driving the car when caught on camera??
  19. jdrrco

    How good is Comand at keeping you toll-free in France?

    I'm off to France with the E and will be reliying on Chloe (Comand) to get us around for the next two weeks. Has anyone used Comand in France and, if so, how good is she at keeping you off the toll roads? Is it enough to rely on the "avoid tolls" setting, or is it better to add "avoid...
  20. Doodle

    SL Brakes - nothing quite like keeping you on your toes...

    Came to replace the front discs and pads on the SL500 today, so duly popped off to GSF Heathrow to pick up the requisite parts. Get home, calipers off, old discs off, new discs on, calipers back on. And something clearly isn't right here :confused: The disc is hitting the pad lugs on...
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