1. W

    Clk320 cab key pho central locking and boot opening

    Clk320 cab year 2000, the infa red key phob on both keys still operates ok but It is getting increasingly difficult to open the boot. The batteries have been changed quite recently . Is there a censor in the boot that may need cleaning or something. Can someone tell me where it is?
  2. M

    2004 SLK200 key issue

    Normally in goes the key, turn, start, drive. However recently I've had to start giving it time to think, making each click separate and waiting a moment each time for the car to react and for the whirring and clunking to finish. If I try the direct route the starter motor doesn't turn and...
  3. lordlee

    Updating the key - 02 SL500

    I currently have this key - But it looks a little scratched and I was wondering if it could be easily changed to this style one? Any help or advice is appreciated.
  4. Twistedmind

    Damaged wheel lock nut key

    Hi all Where can I get a replacement wheel lock nut key ? It's stamped 502 Sent from my iPhone using MBClub UK
  5. Merc Owner 2B

    Lost a key / Return your key tags - Returning found keys

    Had a near thing today when SWMBO lost her car keys. Thankfully handed in at supermarket. It has got me thinking about the various firms that you can subscribe to by attaching their tags to your key ring. Some ask the finder to telephone for a reward others ask for them to be placed in the post...
  6. E

    W203 key or ignition problem

    My 2005 W203 recently developed a start-up issue, but I am not sure what's the exact problem. Normally, when I insert the key and turn to position 2, the dash panel should instantly light up. However, sometimes the dash panel doesn't light up at all; or it delays for a few seconds before...
  7. prestige lease

    w208 water in footwell key won't turn alarm not staying on

    Hi , I've got a problem with my 2002 Clk 200k, the doors don't open with fob, when manually open the alarm wont shut down and I can't turn the key in ignition to start it. ive had a key made and its been to the dealers for three weeks but no luck. Dealers want me to keep changing parts...
  8. D

    2006 W639 Viano eating key batteries

    It's the type below. Batteries only seem to last a week or so. I presume it's a short or a dodgy button, I'm just wondering is there a known issue/fix? The lock button on the other key I have doesn't work either, any way of replacing these on the cheap? How much does coding cost?
  9. marty359

    W202 EIS and key problem

    Cleaning the car the other night I managed to get a couple of drips of water near the ignition switch, didn't think any more of it after wiping it off as it was only a tiny amount. A couple of hours later I went into the garage and the engine fan is running :doh: ok so a little water must of...
  10. Feeble

    W202 Smart key

    I am after a key for my C43. I damaged the original key when I tried to remove the batteries. I will pay good money for a three button smart key. The better the condition, the better the price! What have you got? :-)
  11. N

    Key fob

    I have the same dreaded Central Locking problem on my ML 270. I have put new batteries in the fob and tried sync it. It wont sync. Tried both the fob
  12. Amio

    W220 53 Reg key phob issues

    I have recently purchased my s class 430l and am having problems with the key, it will not open or lock the car from any distance, it will only do this by placing they key next to the sensor on the door handle, have had it diagnosed, changed battery but still no joy, any one know of what it may...
  13. T

    Ignition key

    Hi I need new keyless go ignition key (although not working) are these more expensive than a normal Mercedes key, which I believe is about £230.00. Many thanks
  14. M

    Key Fobs...

    W211, I have 2 key fobs, one old black one and a new type chrome one. The range on the chrome one is very bad. Batteries ok, as replaced. Any ideas why the old style has a really good range and the chrome one I have to be next to the car. I like using the chrome one as it's in a lot better...
  15. R

    Key fob wont work and radio has bad reception

    Hi I have a clk w209 my keyfob won't work at all and my radio wont pick up fm frequency I have check no8 fuse in the boot fuse box it has blown and keeps blowing when I replace it why ? And would the fuse being blown stop my key fob working at all or just from a distance thx ray
  16. BruLan

    Lost Key

    I'm sure this has been asked before but I've lost one of the keys for my Car its a C250 2014 model Any idea on the process of ordering one would be appreciated Thanks
  17. J

    SLK Remote Locking Key

    Just got my first Mercedes a 2005 280SLK and am confused over how the remote key works. My key fob seems to be infrared and only operates on the drivers door sensor, the handbook seems to imply that the key fob is a radio remote. So is it IR or is it radio and should it work when pointed at the...
  18. M

    '95 W202 key turns fine, car won't start

    Hi, I have a '95 W202 C220. It was fine all day yesterday when I was running around town visiting friends and shopping. Easily clocked a little over 100KM. Returned home late last night. There were no instances of bad/weak cranking or choking. This morning the car won't start. Here are some...
  19. P

    Nothing Happens When I Turn Ignition Key...

    Hi, Ive not used my 2001 CLK for 6 months or so, it's been on trickle charge to keep battery topped up. Went to start it and battery was flat, so put in boost charge. Now when I get in and put fob in ignition it makes usual sounds, panel warning lights come on, but on turning fob to start...
  20. W

    R129 key remote battery question

    Hi all, The manual shows a different remote to the one that comes with my car. The key has never worked remotely. I opened it up and two batteries fell out but not sure how they go back in given the metal strip that sticks out? I have googled but it's not clear ... Even mercedes pictures...
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