1. brucemillar

    Mad World.

    Warning: Rant approaching. So This morning I drop Mrs M, at the doctors for an appointment. I park my C55 in the middle of a bay that is at the end of a row of empty bays, that are as far from the surgery as one can get, without being in the next County. As myself and my daughter sit there...
  2. Smart320

    Buying an ML420 am I mad

    Am thinking of trading in my 2008 W211 E320 cdi with 42 k on the clock for a one owner 2007 ML 420 with 69 k miles. I need something higher off the ground for easier access and to transport a couple of dogs ( well my wife has told me we do ) I would like to enjoy some decent power again, miss...
  3. S

    Warranty and Service Plan - Am I mad or sensible?

    All I have a 2009 C63 which has a warranty and service pack - I pay about £200pcm - £2400 per annum. Would I be better off just throwing this in a slush fund? I am concerned that a warranty offers peace of mind - a few friends have, in the last year, had eye watering bills due to engine...
  4. R

    USB Media on new E220d W213 Driving me mad!

    Hi not sure if anyone can help but here goes. Put a selection of albums on a USB stick, all tagged correctly (as I thought) with album art etc, connected to USB1 in the car and noticed I had some errors on the MP3 tags that I needed to correct. Made some changes and plugged the USB back in and...
  5. AMGeed

    Parking Ticket = Fuming Mad!

    Just got myself an unwelcome parking ticket in Sainsbury's car park from Poole Council after buying and displaying a ticket! I'm fuming mad. Paid 80p for an hours parking at 10 13am and at 10 24am despite part at the separated ticket being on the dash, I was given a ticket for "Not...
  6. MOR8A

    Car values gone mad?

    Sorry if this has already been covered....what the hell is going on with these prices? There are going to be a fair few people who could potentially catch a very big cold on these at some point. RM Sotheby's London results | PistonHeads
  7. Fudger

    Am I mad?

    Thinking of swapping my E250 S212 for this E63 S212! Used Mercedes-Benz E-Class E 63 AMG Estate AMG | Hertfordshire | Mercedes-Benz Retail Group My head says do not do it but is life all about doing the sensible thing?
  8. N

    2004 E270 CDI Loud rattle driving me mad!!!!

    Hey all, Have owned a couple of c class models and just decided to up size to a 2004 E270 CDI saloon (130k) Test drive went fine purchased the car but noticed a loud 'tinny' sounding clang on the drive home. Only happens just after a speed bump or pot hole and sometimes when i take my foot...
  9. kris1981

    2012 to 2013 coo mad nav screen colour upgrade

    Hi ca anyone do the 2013 command silver and red colour scheme upgrade to a w212 thanks
  10. T

    Electrics gone mad

    Hi Guys, Driving my cl 500 year 2005 home with just putting a new battery in, the dash started to go crazy, lights came on ABC active came on, visual dash instrument came on and told me to go to work shop, radio came on and off, etc. Now sat on my drive, any ideas? Sent from my iPad using...
  11. S

    Would I be totally mad?

    And I know I'm going to get a biased answer but... I keep getting strong thoughts about ordering a focus RS :dk:
  12. st13phil

    Mad 788bhp Volvo Amazon

    Built by Mattias Vöcks, a Swedish engineer who works for Koenigsegg, and owned by Guy Martin who described it as "like turning up to a knife fight with an AK-47" :) g7QKxcH4DFw
  13. L

    Am I mad to consider changing my MB for a Tesla S?

    I normally change my daily car at 3 years old, which my C350 Cdi now is. I've been an MB devotee for many years following several Audis and a brief, unfortunate dally with BMW, so now fancy something totally different for the daily. A few months ago, I was offered a test drive in the Tesla...
  14. D

    Maserati Quattroporte - Am I Mad?

    Since starting a family some years ago etc I've always erred on the side of some sort of practically with regards vehicles but I just can't shake this love I have for Quattroportes, and in the flesh they're even more stunning. I'm on the verge of buying one but I'm getting the jitters; these...
  15. IBN

    Help Please - I'm going Mad!

    Hi everyone - I hope somebody can offer me some advice because I'm going round in circles. I own a R129 300 SL (1990 US Spec) which has been stuck in the Mercedes Dealer in Dieppe since 10 August. I won't go into the unhappy saga (I've already posted a thread on the matter) but I'll summarise...
  16. MikeAMG

    Swapping the CL55 for a 911 - Mad??

    Hi all I'm thinking about getting rid of the CL55 for a change to a 911. So my CL is pretty much spotless, no corrosion, no leaks, only 48k miles. I've spent the year covering all the area's that can cause issues with these, and just done a full (all fluids and filters) B Service...
  17. B

    Air gone mad 320 cdi year 2000

    Hi to everybody would welcome some advice.Was driving home weds afternoon it was very warm put the aircon auto on low it did seem to be working very well when I got near home it came on full blast ice cold got home turned ign of but aircon still working tried a few times no joy I had to...
  18. merc85

    Mad Selfie's what is it??

    Even my bloomin dog has a Selfie stick now! caught him with it earlier lol :dk:
  19. HollowPoint

    W204 Constant Bonnet Up Warning! Driving me mad! HELP!

    So, my car went in to MB a couple of weeks back, to have an intermittent fault fixed. Every now and again, always after having just started driving again, after being parked, my bonnet warning would go off. The car would start bonging incessantly for about 30 seconds each time, the dial display...
  20. F

    Help on a couple of things needed please - going mad !!

    Please can someone help me out with a couple of things before I go stark raving mad ?! I have just got a 1999 E240 Elegance and a cope of things are driving me potty - firstly, when I lock it the passenger side rear internal reading light comes on !! The only way of getting it to go off is to...
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