1. bpsorrel

    Mad woman at car wash!

    Jalopnik: Obsessed With The Cult Of Cars
  2. jonnyboy

    am i going mad ?

    Used this weekend b4 my operation to swap engines in the sl. It's a 300-24valve. The replacement was a 300-24 out of a 124. Turned out to be a PITA as the p/s pump/alternator bracketry etc all different. Had to swap sumps as when we'd put the replacement engine in my garage ages ago we holed...
  3. gunning

    I thought the yanks were mad.. cutting springs???

    Ive been looking on and they have an amazing bunch of cars. But most of their low rides dont come from coilovers or even airbags... its by cutting there springs, now on most cars this is damn pikey! So pikey infact i ripped my mates for doing it. as there cars bounce like hell...
  4. jeffwebb

    2001 E55 Gone Mad

    Would appreciate your thoughts on this. Driving along quite happily, suddenly I get ABS SRS ESP warnings, "visit workshop" and car appears to be in limp mode. Pull over to investigate and car will not restart. All normal dash lights on with key turns, cluster says "no malfunction" but no...
  5. D

    Glowplug issue. Glowplug Relay? Going MAD

    Hello all, im new to the forum, and i come seeking help! 2003 w203 c220 cdi when the cold weather started, my car became extremely hard to start. So started to replace the glowplugs. unfortunatly the 3rd one broke (tip is stuck in the head.) Anyway with the other 3 changed it was starting...
  6. T

    Am i going mad, where is my maf?

    Hi there, new to the forum as I just bought a c180 m reg. Love the car to bits but its now in need of some TLC. Its on a 127 thousand miles but drives great. I do have a problem with tick over. When i first bought the car it would stall once in a while, now after using redex it is a lot better...
  7. M

    Mad auto wipers

    I really don't like the auto wipers on my W209. Generally they run one notch higher than I want. ie if I am on single speed and want intermittent they will often stay single - sometimes actually increase to double speed. Somebody earlier suggested cleaning the windscreen and checking wiper...
  8. aircut666

    Am I mad??

    Hello. I've just bought a partially built w123 560TE!! Can anyone out there offer therapy?
  9. scumbag

    Mad Max beyond the Thunderdome, again - F1 News: Mosley hits out at Montezemolo, Ferrari Me me me me me me me......and some more me me me me. You're all wrong and I am right.... over everything. Just like my dad. <rant over> if anyone has access to this man, please ask him nicely to go away and...
  10. jonnyboy

    uk gone mad?

    Had to replace rear brakes on my van yesterday. Bad enough that dealer wanted £267+vat for handbrake shoes (same setup as an MB with rear discs). Managed factor parts £66 plus vat. Noticed the fulcrum lever was a bit battered so went to Citroen for a new one as below:- Ignore the springy...
  11. C

    W208 mad window fault

    Just 3 days to fix this fault! - info posted on here so's no-one else ends up in therapy: (truncated story) at various stages, symptoms included: Driver's window not responding to centre console switch - all other functions e.g. soft closure, fine. Both front windows totally inoperative. Rear...
  12. R

    M Class around £5k, Am I mad? Or should I not be put off by negative reviews

    Hello All, Firstly hello to everyone as this is my first post. :D Basically I am looking at getting either an ML270 or 320 for around £5,000. I have just sold my car and my wifes Alfa GTV is coming off the road to spend a year or so being restored. Having recently got a dog and with...
  13. G

    Mad Man

    Sometimes I post on here and I accept I fall into the trap of being cynical but somethings snapped today, its just been one of those days and I post a picture for you to consider this is according to MB surface corrosion and yes that is in writing from them thats along with all the other bodged...
  14. B

    Barking Mad Contractors

    To paint the scene: We live in a 15 year old development with all the houses (approx 500) in various cul-de-sac's off a main road about 700yds long. This leads down to a reasonably steep hill onto an A-road into the city centre about 8 miles away. This only way in and out of the development...
  15. dougal74

    Am I mad to be thinking about this?

    Linky This E270CDi Avantgarde SE Estate looks amazing in the flesh and has worn the miles (216k) very well. Full MB service history. Tell me I'm mad?
  16. R

    new merc mad man

    ello to all iam a very proud owner of a 2000 year c43 AMG ive had my car for 2 months now and what a great car my first v8 i had a 190e 2.5 16 before for 5 years :thumb:
  17. jaylam

    Help. driving me mad

    Guy's. Last night I took apart the centre console to fix my traction control button which is not working. After taking it apart it started working, i put everything back together then this morning pressing the button does nothing again.... an ides?
  18. PXW

    Am I mad?

    Been contemplating a purchase - have spotted a nicely renovated MGB, early sixties (the added attraction being this car is as old as me!). I've looked at these on and off for years but never taken the plunge. Am feeling the need for a 'comfort' purchase and it seems to me that this might make...
  19. crockers

    Rattle is driving me mad...

    Sorry of posting this here - but not sure if it should be under bodywork or interior. I seem to have a bad rattle emanating from the driver's door. Low speed uneven surfaces seem to be worst - but now I can hear it when it is on idle and in gear. Go into neutral and it goes, as revs rise...
  20. E

    Wipers are driving me mad...

    A few weeks ago I replaced my wiper blades with proper MB ones. I then applied RainX (i know, bad mistake), it says that RainX can be applied to a windscreen, however my new blades have never worked correctly. Im not sure whether this is due to the RainX or not. The are squeaking in all types...
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