1. T

    R129 Audio Wiring...Check this mess out!

    So having purchased an Audio 10 from a fellow forum member I removed the Sony BT 60 Mechless to find the following jumble of wires ! it looks like the previous ahem installer has taken a feed from the blue wire into a whole load of other connectors... Would someone please tell me what iso...
  2. 219

    Don't mess with ....

    ...something that isn't broken . The news has been full of last week's incident where a car left the M9 , killing the driver , a week past on Sunday , and was reported to the police that morning . For some reason , the call wasn't acted on and the seriously injured passenger lay in the car...
  3. grumpyoldgit

    Don't mess with little old ladies.

    A lady was videotaping her son riding a skate board when her attention switched to an old woman trying to cross the street. You can hear the lady who is doing the taping giggling as she records the event. The video is a quick one .... but you'll probably watch it more than once. Aren't air bags...
  4. Gh3382

    this is why this country is the mess that it is

    I cannot believe that this guy believes he is owed a living and all his luxuries. On the Dole Because He Didn’t Want to Get Up For 8:00 a.m. - Guy Fawkes' blog GH3382
  5. thedoc01

    Would a dodgy maf mess up my gears?

    Hi guys ,still cant find 3rd or 4th gear and i was wondering, if the maf was at fault could this airflow sensor thing be messing up the gear changes. Could it be that not enough air means its not time to change up?
  6. W

    Why do I keep making a mess of this junction?

    coventry - Google Maps Twice in the past few weeks I've had close brushes with other cars after taking this exit. Soon after the sharp left the road becomes single carriageway to then filter on to the A45. Me always in the left lane, after the left bend I move towards the middle to then...
  7. AbbieCadabra

    just noticed that my CLK cabrio roof is a right mess after MB 'washed' it!

    i was very happy with the service from Derby last week for the CLK's 4 year service & MOT. until today, just noticed the state of the roof on the passenger side. it's the first time it's rained since i had it back & the roof being damp clearly shows that a jet wash has been used very, very...
  8. Honey Bear

    One cyclist i wouldn't mess with.

    One cyclist I wouldn't mess with. it's certainly odd.
  9. G

    Waxing mess.. yup im stupid but yeah i need your help

    So i read up, and asked around, so if you put a thin layer of wax on your custom headunits or so, it prevents scratches and stuff, it really does work, but me being stupid and lazy, i didn't cover up the buttons or tiny crevices.. so now i have tiny bits of dried up meguiars wax INSIDE the...
  10. MPG

    Never mess with a W126....

    Now why have I never seen these options in the brochure ??? Link here.
  11. lynall

    Seems like an easy mess free way to change atf

    From the benzworld site, you have join to see some pics, not sure why he kept stopping the engine i would say use a big enough container and keep running engine until fluid stops flowing. Here Flushed my tranny - - Mercedes-Benz Discussion Forum Obviously in the uk running...
  12. L

    engine pipe advice green mess!!

    HI all, i have a w208 clk 320, am mid way changing my spark plugs....... just undone a star bolt on the right hand side (as you look into the engine bay) attached to a metal (shiny) thing and all air and green dye blew in my face!!! :mad: ok after you have all finished laughing.... have i...
  13. Howard

    Another lambo-doored mess ....

    An ML55 this time :crazy:
  14. M

    Crikey! What a mess of a CLK!

    This one's from across the pond. It's got more bloody openings than a cheese grater...
  15. vijilants

    Did anybody watch the Amy Winehouse performance at Glastonbury ??? What an mess !!!

    Did anybody watch the Amy Winehouse performances over the last couple of days ? The first was at the Nelson Mandella concert. Whoever got her to sing the lead on the last song must have been out of his mind. Her performance was totally rubbish and to be honest she did not deserve that part of...
  16. F

    What a mess!

    Probably one of the worst engine bays i have seen.
  17. wallingd

    A mess

  18. P

    do wife's mess up our cars on purpose?!?!?!?!

    could'nt believe it yesterday...... got home and my wife told me that she hit the front bumber against a wall in a car park!:mad: had a look at the damage.............front drivers side corner.....................scratched so much that the paint has come off and you can see the...
  19. T

    after many'a mess up....

    ... the c class is arriving today. And about time!! Merc made a big mess up and their computer system showed the car at the dealership and when they went to PDI it... "where the!?" turns out the transporter was meant to have picked it up but it was actually still sat at the port :( so after...
  20. zafarius

    Brake dust mess

    I have just started to notice that I am getting a lot of what seems to be "liquid brake dust" or brake dust mixed with water all over the front and sides of my E300. This is the first time I've seen this in 5 years. I'm not talking about just a bit of dust on the wheels but on the windscreen...
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