1. AngryDog

    E55 engine and gearbox mounts

    How much are they from MB? Is MB the best place to get them? Thanks.
  2. T

    W211 E270 engine mounts.

    Only had it 3,000 miles but the engine sounds and feels a little gruff under load and gives the car a sideways shudder when I switch the engine off. Are the engine mounts a known cause of this? The car has done 181K with FSH.
  3. Ant-toe-knee

    Hit a Deer Broken Headlight mounts

    Hi all I hit a deer on my travels which has pushed back the headlight on my 57 W211. Is there anyway to repair the brackets as MB want £600 for a new one. Thanks
  4. Mr Fixit

    w211 E55 transmission and rear diff mounts

    All Recently acquired my first E55 and generally loving it, had the car checked through my the local merc service centre and all clear however I keep thinking I can hear thuds and bumps in either the transmission the rear diff/sub frame area. :dk: Seems to be on picking up power and...
  5. M

    Cl500 front top suspension mounts

    Hi guys n girls I recently read the post about adding a 10mm rubber spacer under top nut and as my cl500 has same issue I thought I would give it a try While trying to get the top nut off the inside spindle seems to spin also so nut will not come off. the strut is not turning though but I can...
  6. FROGM5

    CLK W209 front anti roll bar mounts shot

    Cut long story short now driving without front anti roll bar. Remains of broken bolt stuck in both sides, local spanner monkeys cannot remove and have advised get new subframe. Anyone have any ideas/options on this???
  7. M

    Vito tailgate hinge mounts

    Hi. Wondering if someone can help me out. I have a Vito W638 and recently bought a tailgate to convert to from barn doors. However I didn't realise that the mounting plates are situated within the rear roof are of the van that has a tailgate as standard and also believe they need cutting out. I...
  8. F

    How to test engine mounts

    Is there a way to check engine mounts? Getting different ways mentioned on Internet. Some say foot on brake take revs to 2k in forward and reverse, though others saying this isn't a good test as the engine torque has to go somewhere. I'm getting slight vibration in drivers seat when engine...
  9. B

    W211 engine and gearbox mounts

    I'm trying to find aftermarket engine and gearbox mounts for my 2007 E280 CDI 4MATIC. There is an aftermarket right engine mount but no company seems to be producing the left one and the gearbox mount is different from the non-4MATIC one so it's also been impossible to find. Maybe I'm searching...
  10. C

    W212 E350 cdi Engine Vibration - Engine Mounts?

    Hi, Has anyone experienced vibration through their steering wheel and seat at idle in an E350 cdi. Can also feel it when travelling slowly running up to junctions. Popped the bonnet open today with the engine running and the plastic cover is vibrating / shaking intermittently as...
  11. N

    cl500 2000 w215 front strut mounts

    Hi all I have a 2000 cl500 with front shock absorbers that might need a new top strut mount, does anyone know if they are available and where from cheers
  12. W

    Engine mounts

    I replaced my engine mounts at the weekend. I6 320 CDi engine. What an unbelievable difference. The n/s one was totally goosed and the dome portion of the top was squashed just below flat. The o/s one was better but not by much. Now the shudder at start and stop is totally gone and things are...
  13. merc85

    s211 e320 cdi OM648.961 2003 Engine Mounts

    On the above car, thinking about changing the engine mounts as they have done 90k, done a little research on here and over on the Usa forum. Some have said when doing the osf engine mount you have to unbolt the bracket from the engine that the mount is bolted to. Other's say you can get...
  14. T

    Are my engine mounts gone?

    Hi, Been doing a bit of googling to try and work out why the car is vibrating first thing in the morning. Here are the symptoms- * Car starts fine * Engage Drive, the car vibrates and I hear a bit of squeaking sound from up front in time with the vibration * Engage Reverse, the...
  15. Awais93

    Om642 engine mounts

    Hi I have just joined the club However I have been using it for a couple of years. I have a Mercedes e class w211 chassis with the om642 engine My engine mounts are worn out so I have purchased some new ones . I was wondering is it a job I can do at home
  16. C

    engine mounts

    Hi can anybody tell me if failed engine mounts would effect ground clearance (does the engine drop at all) I have a 1992 r129 sl500 the ground clearance is supposed to be 6'' but mine is about 3'' Thank's
  17. JeffT

    CLS500 Engine mounts replacement

    Nearly a year in to ownership and quite frankly by far best car I have ever owned. Especially as recently had exhaust resonator removed so now sounds amazing. Only niggle is I feel a vibration when sat at lights in neutral and there has always been a slight feeling of what I can only describe...
  18. Tim203

    W203 engine mounts

    Can anyone please give me some advice on on what is a good brand to buy for my CD220CDi. MB wanted £70 ish a piece and my local motor factor over £80 on account! GSF appear to have two grades, the dearest at around £50 each. I'm very much of the view' buy cheap buy twice' (or again in a years...
  19. D

    W210 CDI E320 : Where To Buy OEM Oil Filled Engine Mounts

    I've fitted Lemforder engine mounts and still feel a bit of vibration. I've read Boge follow the original oil filled design and these eliminate all vibration but cant find them anywhere in the UK. Any know where I can get aftermarket oil filled mounts or is it stealer only in the UK....
  20. alexanderfoti

    DIY: How to faulty/failing ABC Strut top rubber mounts

    Hi all Have done a brief guide on this, shows how to test the ones on your car, and how to sort the problem. How to ? Repair faulty/failing ABC Strut top rubber mounts | ? A Journal of my fixes
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