1. Ady

    Multifunction Telephony retrofit

    Hi, I have a new E class estate on order with the wireless charging option. I will have the external telephone aerial as part of the Remote Parking package but I now see that for the phone to connect to the external aerial I should have ordered the multifunction telephony option and not the...
  2. dad4geer

    Alert in Multifunction Display

    Hello all, need help with this alert I got this evening when I started to drive. It was all good this afternoon but tonight when I set off from home it started giving me a warning tone with that icon on MF display. It appears to be related to bonnet but my bonnet is all securely locked. I even...
  3. dad4geer

    What does it mean - Multifunction Display

    Hey everyone, quick question if you guys can help. I am in learning phase for my new Merc C180 (2012) and was wondering what this sign means in MF display? I did not see this sign when I got the car but for last few days as soon as I start driving it (put in D) this sign pops up in MF display. I...
  4. L

    Trun off multifunction display easily for night driving (w205)?

    Hello folks, I recently got my new W205 C300 hybrid, I used to have a C250 AMG. The new car is a lot more techy and I'd like to know how to EASILY turn off the big multifunction central display. I've managed to do it through certain display pages but it’s very fiddly, it also starts up again...
  5. flowrider

    Multifunction display message?

    Every time i start my W166 ML the multifunction display shows 3 people seated, this goes out after about 20 seconds or so. I have searched the manual but can not find the meaning of the display, can someone tell me what my car is telling me. thanks
  6. P

    C320 2000 multifunction display problem

    Hi all. Just joined as at the weekend I have bought a stunning early C320. As expected, the car comes with a few niggly faults. No doubt I will get around to asking for help with most of them that I can't fix myself by research. Most will seem unimportant to some, but my attitude is, if it is...
  7. C

    W246 Adjusting the permanent multifunction display

    Hello, My first post. Sorry if this is the wrong forum. I have a new W246 B180 CDI Sport. I'll list below the options that are on it's datasheet. Can anyone tell me how to change the permanent multifunction display? i.e. this one: The above photo is not my car (it's one I found on...
  8. D

    W211 Multifunction Display Black on White?

    Hi, I recently bought a second-hand W211 and noticed that the multifunction display has white text on a black background. My father, who has the same model, commented that this is the "night mode" and that during daylight hours the display will be black text on a white background. However...
  9. Y

    Help! W210 Multifunction Steering Wheel Retrofit

    I have a pre facelift W210 E430 1998 model. I was wondering how difficult it would be to retrofit a different steering wheel airbag. I was wanting to retrofit a multifunction steering wheel with control buttons. Does anyone have information on this retrofit such as: diagrams, instructions...
  10. B

    W203 multifunction switch-question?

    Need help to replace my light/mirror switch module. How do i take the original one off? Is it just the two clips or are their screw securing it as well? Thanks to all those that can help
  11. Charles Morgan

    W124 Multifunction stalk

    Or whatever the control stalk for the wipers, indicators and high beam is called. I was fiddling sorting out my headlamps, in another thread, and put the stalk on to high beam (first time in a long time) and no problem. Driving afterwards I was conscious of a troubling click as I operated...
  12. TonyVianoAmbiente

    Swapping W124 multi-function stalk from right to left

    Is it possible to fit my 1995 W124 E300 Diesel with a multi-function stalk from a left hand drive car at reasonable cost? The stalks often come up on German eBay and I wondered if fitting one would be reasonably easy, and what parts I would need apart from the stalk and its wiring harness. The...
  13. EDZ649

    SLK Multi-function control unit wanted

    As the title says, looking for a Multi-function control unit for a 2000 MY SLK320 (R170) MB part no. 170 820 0926 WHY?:)
  14. flat6buster

    Some bits not working W210 multifunction display

    I have a 2000 430te. Last service was the first not done by MB and the service light was not reset by the garage. I've tried the route in the handbook about scrolling through the multifunction display and holding the R button for 3 seconds etc but it never offers me the chance to reset it...
  15. Alps

    W210 multifunction airbag black

    Black multifunction airbag, inc all buttons, good condition, bought it as part of a retrofit i was planning but never got round to. £150
  16. gurpz

    W210 Multifunction Avantgarde Steering Wheel

    Seems in fairly good nick with not too much wear. Would make a nice upgrade for someone with a W210 and wishes to get a matching half avantgarde wood steering wheel...
  17. Howard

    Multifunction Merc Wheel - with Airbag !! No feedback ..... :rolleyes: so be careful .....
  18. V12

    Multifunction steering wheel to control PC in a 190...

    Now you all must think i'm crazy. But i have installed a mini ITX machine in my 190, with a 8" touch screen...all working great. BUT I got hold of a half birds eye maple, half black leather wheel from a facelift 210 with multifunction airbag. Now i have chatted with some more in the...
  19. D

    Multifunction steering wheel

    I have got a C-Class 240 Sport saloon (before 2000 model). Is it possible to fit a multifunction steering wheel on this model, so I can control my audio unit, or am i stuck with the standard one? Thank you!
  20. R

    Multifunction display fading

    Yesterday, I noticed that patches of the multifunction dashboard display were fading after the car was standing in the sun yesterday. Has anyone got any ideas what kind of cost I am looking at for a replacement display? how many hours would the stealer need to do this? Cheers
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